Tater Trot Tracker: July 16

Home Run of the Day: Bengie Molina, Texas Rangers (Trot Time: 25.18 seconds) [video]

Yankees fans would probably like me to highlight Nick Swisher‘s game-tying, eighth-inning home run that helped lead to their come-from-behind win on George Steinbrenner & Bob Sheppard memorial night, but instead I have to go with Bengie Molina‘s big night. His grand slam in the fifth inning put the Rangers up 7-3, but it was his eighth-inning triple that gave him the cycle – that’s right, Bengie Molina hit for the cycle – that makes him really worth highlighting [video]. The triple was about as fluky as most inside-the-park home runs, but that doesn’t make it any less of a triple. Molina ran the triple out in 14.67 seconds, which is actually slower than two inside-the-park home runs already hit this year (on Twitter last night, I said it was slower than three inside-the-parkers, but that was with the unofficial trot time).


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Slowest Trot: Bengie Molina, Texas Rangers – 25.18 seconds [video]

Unsurprisingly, Molina’s grand slam gives him the slowest trot of the day for the second day in a row. The next slowest trot belongs to Cleveland’s Andy Marte, who ran his trot out in 23.55 seconds. Bengie’s brother, Yadier Molina, was next in line, with a 23.38 second trot.


Quickest Trot: Marlon Byrd, Chicago Cubs – 18.86 seconds [video]

I’ve said this many times before, but I always like watching Marlon Byrd run out his home runs. I do wish he would he start and stop his trots faster, though. If he did, he’d easily be in the top five trotters of the year. The only other trot under twenty seconds came from Chase Headley, who ran his homer out in 19.73 seconds.

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