The Best Protective Cups for Baseball Players

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best protective cup for baseball

One of the forefront requirements of the best protective cup for baseball is that it won’t break. When the game is in action and players start running across the field, the last thing you would want is for your equipment to break down.

Aside from durability, protective baseball cups also have to ensure that they do not impede the players’ performance in any way at all. There are certain things you can’t compromise when it comes to your jock cup. Here’s what you’re supposed to look for:

  • Reliability: Of course, the number one thing to watch out for when looking for the best nut cups for baseball is reliability. Make sure you buy from trusted brands with trusted reviews to avoid the baseball catcher cup breaking mid-game.
  • Mobility: Do baseball players wear cups? If so, how can they run the way they run, jump the way they jump, and dive the way they dive. The key to the best athletic cup for baseball is its mobility. Once players are able to move around while wearing cups for baseball players, they should be able to move freely and not feel restricted.
  • Comfortability: The most comfortable cup can still be protective at the same time.. When properly produced, however, the metal protective cup retains its reliability and mobility and becomes comfortable. Just because you’re using a metal protective cup doesn’t mean it can’t be a soft athletic cup on the inside.

The key to picking out the right cup for baseball players is to look for one that checks all three, works within your budget, and perfectly fits in size and shape. For detailed information about other factors, check the buyer’s guide below.

Top 1

Youper Athletic Cup

– 88% polyester and 12% spandex
– Comes with moisture-wicking property
– Equipped with a Foam Protective Cup


Top 2

Comfy Cup Soft Foam

– Great gateway starter to protective cups
– Designed with the youth in mind
– Flexible and soft protective layer


Top 3

Youper Soft Foam

– Equipped with the durable Athletic Cup
– Proven and tested among kids from ages 7-12
– Utilizes soft, moisture-wicking fabric


Best Protective Cup for Baseball Reviews

1. Youper Pad Sliding Shorts

As I have tried this jock cap, I think there were a few notable things about it. First, the material is stretchable, utilizing a four-way stretch fabric, and is a combination of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. This means that the cup is comfortable to use and usually goes along with the athlete.

There virtually isn’t any friction which makes playing baseball a whole lot easier. Oh yeah, since this youth baseball cup protector moves with the athlete, sweat doesn’t tend to build up.

This product specifically features the Foam Protective Cup, wherein it fits the contour of the bodies of the youth. These padded sliding shorts have been tested to effectively absorb impact when in contact with flying baseballs or soccer balls in the games.

It also features the Soft Foam Protective Athletic Cup System for the most comfortable and protective fit even for high-performance activities such as running, skating, and the like.

What is also great about these shorts, in my opinion, is that this is great for boys that are aged between 4-13 years old (most especially for those who want to partake in high-contact sports such as football, field hockey, baseball, and lacrosse). A size chart is also provided when purchasing this item.

 Heads-up:  However, do note that the fitting sizes of the Foam Protective Cup are not the most accurate. I noticed that the small and medium sizes are actually of the same size, which beats the purpose of there being different fitting sizes.

  • Utilizes a four-way stretch fabric: 88% polyester and 12% spandex
  • Comes with moisture-wicking property
  • Equipped with a Foam Protective Cup
  • Great for sporty boys within the age range of 4-13
  • Fits are not the most accurate
 Bottom Line:  The Youper Pad Sliding Shorts is a youth baseball cup protector that promotes comfort, protection, and moisture-wicking properties within the fabric.

2. Comfy Cup Soft Foam Protective Cup

This product was invented by an 8-year-old kid, truly making this a “tried and tested” product by the creator himself. It also makes this quite beneficial to kids his age (between the ages of 7-12) who are only budding sprouts into adolescence.

The inventor’s goal for the Comfy Cup is to help solve the problem of putting on the typical athletic cup made of hard and uncomfortable material.

Because of the kid-friendly nature of this athletic cup, as opposed to many youth protective cups, this nutty buddy cup serves as a gateway to the adjustments of wearing athletic cups. It explores other youth baseball cups to to see which is the best baseball cup for one’s parts.

I like the fact that the Comfy Cup was designed to be for the youth. An extra large athletic cup does not fit around the parts of a growing kid. With the youth in mind when designing this soft athletic cup, the fittings essentially fall into place with their growing bodies.

The flexible and soft protective layer around the male parts gives a cool and comfy feel. Boys who have tried this product have also said that this product is more comfortable than your average kid’s baseball cup.

 Heads-up:  Even so, this depends on the fitting sizes of the athletic cup itself and the groin area of one’s kid. Despite all these, I think it’s important to consider that, although this product is intended for youth bodies, the standard fitting sizes may be a bit too wide for boys who have smaller than average statures and vice versa.

  • Great gateway starter to protective cups
  • Designed with the youth in mind
  • Flexible and soft protective layer gives a cool and comfy feel
  • A kids baseball cup for sporty boys between 7-12 years old
  • Won’t fit kids within that age that have bigger builds
 Bottom Line:  This Comfy Cup product is a great starter (or gateway) to trying out new cups for baseball players, mainly because of the soft material used for a comfy fit and its flexibility.

3. Youper Soft Foam Protective Athletic Cup

Among other things, this product was designed to protect boys from gaining injuries around their parts. As opposed to the standard metal protective cup, this product utilizes soft foam fabric.

Notably, the Soft Foam Athletic Cup is designed to offer protection without sacrificing free movement. Despite being soft, the foam utilized in this product is impact-absorbing; hence, making this catchers cup a comfortable yet durable choice for young boys out there.

This product has been proven and tested by kids who do high-intensive training and sports such as martial arts, football, hockey, and baseball. I can see that this baseball cup for youth does possess impact-absorbing qualities.

Furthermore, its moisture-quicking textiles can reduce the sweat build-up that often irritates players in intense and prolonged games. It allows us to feel cool enough to carry on.

I also like the fact that this product comes in five different colors: yellow, volt green, camo, army camo, and ocean camo. This is great for kids who want different color choices from the standard.

 Heads-up:  A downside to this jock cup, might I add, is its size. It’s not inclusive of the different sizes a growing boy may have, considering how the sizes are made for specific body types for specific ages.

  • Equipped with the durable yet comfortable Soft Foam Athletic Cup
  • Proven and tested among kids from ages 7-12
  • Has five different color and pattern choices
  • Utilizes soft, moisture-wicking fabric for comfort in long games
  • Not inclusive of many youth sizes
 Bottom Line:  Youper’s Protective Athletic Cup for boys is a comfortable choice for growing boys who do not want a hard metal protective cup to hold and safeguard their parts.

4. Shock Doctor Jock Strap Supporter

I love how this product by Shock Doctor was designed to shield the shock that comes with sports balls coming into contact with one’s parts. Shock Doctor advocates for shock absorption; hence, its brand name.

This piece also comes equipped with a four-way stretch fabric, rendering this product quite the flexible choice. The reason behind this product’s breathability is the Core Supporter, which gives wearers a comfortable and secure fit.

The BioFlex Cup is also a distinct feature for this product, wherein the jockstrap supporter itself has a pocket to put the BioFlex Cup in. This, in turn, makes it easy to remove the cup for hand or machine washing.

I also like the fact that there is a provided size chart when acquiring this product. The size chart is inclusive of many body sizes, considering its wide range of various waistline sizes.

Just like every other catcher’s cup, this product is ideal for those who are into sports such as football, baseball, martial arts, lacrosse, and hockey. I noticed that this cup doesn’t fall by any means while in the game.

 Heads-up:  However, what I don’t like about this product is the stitching within the lining of the cup. After wearing it for a few weeks, it started to show signs of wear and tear.

  • Durable and shields external shock
  • Equipped with a four-way stretch mesh for flexibility
  • Features Core Supporter for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Includes the BioFlex Cup for washing by machine
  • Multiple sizes for various waistline measurements
  • Ideal for football, baseball, martial arts, lacrosse, and hockey
  • Lining of the cup may wear out after a while
 Bottom Line:  Shock Doctor’s jockstrap supporter with the BioFlex Cup is, overall, a great protective athletic cup that advocates for shock absorption against external factors.

5. McDavid 3020 FlexCup Protective Athletic Cup


The McDavid 3020 FlexCup Protective Athletic Cup, in my opinion, is the softest and lightest jock cup I’ve ever used (one of the softest, at least). The whole cup weighs 2.5 ounces, giving off a light and airy feel.

In comparison to other products, this one appears to be more lightweight. So, I can run around and not worry about this product grazing over my parts. The edges of this baseball catcher cup have impact-absorbing qualities.

Moreover, because of its lightweight and breathability, this product promotes comfort at its finest. On top of that, there is that cushiony feel to it, too.

A unique feature this athletic cup has is its airflow ports. There are a total of five of them, going around the whole cup in a clockwise pattern. The ports start from the top and go around from there.

These airflow ports serve as cooling areas for one’s parts.

Such a feature ensures wearer breathability and a less restricted range of motion. This is especially useful when using this cup during high-intensive activities and sports such as hockey, lacrosse, baseball, football, and martial arts (MMA).

 Heads-up:  I do think that the downside to this product is its different sizes (or lack thereof). The sizes are not as inclusive to a lot of body sizes, and it makes choosing this product limited to people who can fit into the sizes only.

  • Light weight (2.5 ounces), offering a cool and airy feel
  • Features impact-absorbing quality in its edges
  • 5-way airflow ports for a breathable feel
  • Free movements for high-intensive activities and sports
  • Sizes are not inclusive to all body types
 Bottom Line:  McDavid 3020 FlexCup Protective Athletic Cup is one of the lightest athletic cups one may encounter in their lives, considering its 2.5-ounce weight and its airflow ports.

6. Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector

The Diamond MMA cup has been proven and tested by none other than the Chicago Cubs. Because of its durability, engaging in high-contact sports such as baseball, hockey, lacrosse, mixed martial arts (MMA), and football will be a breeze.

This piece, being a rigid cup, helps in the deflection of hard sports balls and absorbs the impact that comes with it. Although this product is primarily made with tough material, it doesn’t sacrifice the soft, cushiony feel around the groin area.

As expected, this product proves to survive high-impact activities (one being of a 20-pound sledgehammer that repeatedly smashed the Diamond MMA cup).

No-shift technology is also incorporated into this product, from what I can tell. This kind of technology helps put the cup in place while moving around, even when there’s a lot of vigorous movement.

This cup is also recommended by MMA athletes. They advocate for the durable yet comfortable feel this product has. Additionally, medical professionals have also reviewed and studied this product (this kind of credibility making this product a viable choice).

 Heads-up:  I will say, however, that this product needs a lot of readjustments. This is because of the size of this product made for very muscular men; thus, making this product not as inclusive with other body types.

  • Great for high-contact sports: baseball, hockey, lacrosse, mixed martial arts
  • Made from tough material, yet offer the soft, cushiony feel
  • No-shift technology keeps the cup in place
  • Recommended by famous sports teams and MMA athletes
  • Proven and tested with 20 pound sledgehammer smashing
  • Needs some readjustments for different sizes
 Bottom Line:  The Diamond MMA cup is a recommended product by many famous and credible athletes out there because of its durability and rigid nature.

7. Shock Doctor AirCore Protective Cup


Shock Doctor’s AirCore Protective Cup, in my opinion, is quite unique. First off, when purchasing this product, there is the option between the hard and the soft cup. Having this option helps wearers choose what is better and more appropriate for them.

If I were to go and engage in high-intensive sports and martial arts, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, and football, I would choose the hard cup. Otherwise, I would select the soft cup. What’s interesting about the AirCore Hard Cup is that it was designed with fusion technology created with 3 separate layers for maximum protection.

I also noticed that this cup is significantly lighter than the majority of athletic cups. This product utilizes a compressed foam shell; hence, its weight being on the lighter side. This doesn’t, however, negate the amount of comfort, security, and protection one would feel when wearing this.

In terms of protection, this product’s core is co-polymer combined with a foam shell. This material is effective against sudden impact around the parts and essentially helps in mobility.

I love the fact that this product can both be washed by hand or machine. Should I ever be in a pinch, I can just toss the cup inside the laundry machine and do other things.

 Heads-up:  A complication this product may have, unfortunately, is the inaccuracy of sizes. Its large size can still be referred to as small, making the selection of size choices quite limited.

  • Can choose between the AirCore Hard Cup or the soft cup
  • Lightweight due to the compressed foam shell
  • 3-layered fusion technology for maximum protection
  • Impact-resistant and flexible for movements
  • Can be hand or machine washed
  • Might have inaccurate sizes
 Bottom Line:  Shock Doctor’s AirCore Protective Cup offers two cup choices (both hard and soft) for the wearer’s preference and/or activity requirements and is equipped with three-layered fusion technology.

8. Mueller Athletic Supporter with Flex Shield Cup

This athletic supporter by Mueller comes in four separate items: shorts, brief, cup, and supporter. Because of this, it makes this product an all-rounder in terms of protecting one’s parts.

I love the fact that this product by Mueller incorporated soft rubber edges within the Flex Shield Cup for supreme comfort. It also makes the cup bendable, rendering this product flexible while still protecting.

Ventilation is also a plus with this boys baseball cup, giving a cooling effect within the area. This product also utilizes moisture management textiles, which essentially reduces and eliminates sweat buildup within the parts.

There are a few standard sizes to this product separated into four distinct cups: peewee cup, youth cup, teen cup, and adult cup. From there, the waistline sizes are dependent on the cups.

The brief item has separate, breathable panels for the cup to be inserted in. This goes in tandem with the shorts (also equipped with breathable panels).

 Heads-up:  On the flip side, however, there is that possibility that wearers might get allergic reactions from this product because of the rubber latex material used in making the cup. I believe one must be careful when considering this product in regards to the sensitivity of his parts.

  • 4-in-1 product (shorts, brief, cup, and supporter)
  • Equipped with a Flex Shield Cup supreme comfort and flexibility
  • Great ventilation with the cooling effect
  • Has breathable panels for the cup insert
  • Has moisture management textiles
  • Different sizes (specific with age range)
  • Rubber latex material may cause allergic reactions
 Bottom Line:  Mueller Athletic Supporter with Flex Shield Cup is a 4-in-1 product built around the concept of breathability and ventilation.

9. COOLOMG Padded Sliding Shorts

This product by COOLOMG is a 2-in-1 jock cup product, inclusive of sliding shorts and a protective cup called the Flex Cup. When I wear this product, it gives off a light feel. Movement, for me, doesn’t feel restricted because of these shorts.

Additionally, this product has seven airflow ports throughout the whole cup. This garners breathability points into the product. It feels less sweaty down there, and the buildup of moisture is not as much.

The shorts themselves are created and designed with moisture-wicking fabric, which is stretchable at most. Because of this fabric, as stated above as well, it helps in the elimination of sweat.

Moreover, it essentially provides comfort at its finest and secured compression within the area because of the wicking of moisture. This extra-large athletic cup has an ergonomic design that makes getting this product worthwhile.

As with most athletic cups, this is great for wearers who engage in high-contact sports such as mixed martial arts, football, baseball, and the like. Because of the airflow ports mentioned earlier, this will allow more ventilation within the groin area while playing.

 Heads-up:  Although the name did say that these sliding shorts are padded, there wasn’t any padding within the shorts. Fortunately, the COOLOMG helps in this aspect wherein buyers may contact them (should there ever be a problem with the shorts).

  • Equipped with the Flex Cup for a lightweight feel
  • A 2-in-1 jock cup product: sliding shorts and a protective cup
  • Excellent breathability with 7 airflow ports
  • Great for wearers engaging in high-contact sports
  • Utilizes moisture-wicking fabric
  • An extra-large athletic cup with an ergonomic design
  • Shorts are not always padded
 Bottom Line:  These sliding shorts by COOLOMG is a 2-in-1 product (includes sliding shorts and an athletic protective cup) that supports breathability and elasticity.

10. Champion Sports Men’s Protective Cup

As I tried this on, I noticed that the lining inside of this cup has cushioned edges. This makes wearing it quite comfortable, and my parts feel more secure. It doesn’t feel like something’s grazing over my groin area.

Looking at this product, I noticed that Champion Sports created this protective cup to utilize a three-way airflow port system. This design provides breathability and ventilation within the core area.

The contour part of this cup is quite hard. Because of this, it helps with the shock absorption from the external factors that may impact one’s area. In addition to this, it doesn’t feel too tight around my area because of the contour.

Champion Sports recommends that this product be used with their men’s athletic supporters. Because of this, it is apparent that Champion Sports created this cup to act as the perfect fit for their athletic supporters.

Because of its simplicity, I can see that this is a great product for activities that are not high-intensive but ones that would still need protection around the groin area. Moreover, because of its simple nature, it doesn’t complicate the comfort it gives when worn.

 Heads-up:  I do think that, because of its exclusivity within the athletic supporters from Champion Sports themselves, it’ll be quite hard to utilize this product with other kinds and brands of athletic protective cups and its related products.

  • Three-way airflow port system
  • Features lining with cushioned edges for better comfort
  • Contoured cup for a better fit yet reliable shock absorption
  • Used with Champion Sports’s athletic supporters
  • Not good to use with other brands of the related products of protective cups
 Bottom Line:  This product by Champion Sports is a simple steel athletic cup for use with other products within the company, such as athletic supporters.

11. UNSHDUN Compression Shorts Underwear

When I tried this product, I realized that there are so many green flags that this offers. First and foremost, this is a 2-in-1 product inclusive of both shorts and a protective cup.

A unique feature this product has is its usage of double mesh for the core area. With this, it helps with moisture-wicking and drying and makes it soft around the groin area and flexible all around.

There is also a built-in pocket within the shorts, making it easy to remove and insert the cup within it. It also helps in keeping the cup in place while doing high-intensive activities and sports.

Like other cups, this product by UNSHDUN is perfect for guys who engage in high-contact sports such as lacrosse, mixed martial arts (MMA), softball, baseball, and football.

The company is also willing to accept returned products (should there ever be any complications) within the first 30 days of purchasing these shorts underwear. They will also give back their customer’s full amount of money used to purchase the product.

 Heads-up:  However, a downside to this is that the size chart is not the most inclusive of some sizes of the youth. Although they did state that the cup was designed to fit all youth body sizes, it’s not the most accurate still.

  • Utilizes double mesh for the core area for moisture-wicking and drying
  • Built-in pocket to remove and insert the cup and keep it in place
  • Great for high-contact sports (football, baseball, etc.)
  • Offers a full 30-day warranty
  • Might have some inaccurate sizes
 Bottom Line:  This product by UNSHDUN is a great product for people looking for products that utilize a 2-in-1 functionality system, wherein there’s no need to wear other separate items.

12. Shock Doctor Compression Brief

This compression brief is equipped with what is called the Bioflex cup. The Bioflex cup is a device that was created to protect one’s parts from external factors, especially when dealing with high-contact activities or sports such as baseball and football.

This certain cup provides protection and security around the male parts. The build of this athletic cup has a snug fit on the bodily frame of a person, allowing free movement.

The undergarment is made out of cotton/poly fabric that is quite stretchable and provides added support to one’s parts. The cup has a panel within it that is of mesh material, aerating the area surrounding it when worn and supplying more ventilation.

I love that this product exudes convenience and functionality, considering how it exhibits a 2-in-1 functionality system. It is both an undergarment (brief-style) for boys and a metal protective cup, wherein the cup is placed within the pouch so as not to be seen in the exterior part of the briefs.

The fabric used for this 2-in-1 product is created with a moisture-wicking material. It utilizé a four-way stretch fabric to help the body to move freely and heighten ventilation.

 Heads-up:  A downside to this product, in my opinion, is that the cup is a bit too hard and it makes wearing it uncomfortable. I had to switch out the cup with a softer, foam-based athletic cup.

  • Ideal for high-contact activities or sports: baseball and football
  • Fits snugly for free movements
  • Utilizes cotton/poly fabric that is soft to the touch
  • Equipped with a mesh cup panel
  • 2-in-1 functionality system
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Doesn’t really sit well for those not used to wearing briefs
 Bottom Line:  The Shock Doctor Compression Brief with BioFlex Cup is a 2-in-1 protective cup product, making it both an undergarment and a protective cup at the same time.

What to Look for When Buying Protective Cups for Baseball


Choosing the right cup shape

When buying the best youth baseball cup, it is vital to consider the cup’s shape. This will be dependent on someone’s core area.

Although cups naturally have similar shapes, there are ways to differentiate each one. Normally, there are ones that look like curved inverted triangles. Some others would look like a crescent moon that has wings.

One must remember to choose the shape that would suit their area the best. It would be great to note that the airflow ports of a cup are essential to know to achieve the best breathability factor into the cup.

Choosing the right cup material

There are different kinds of materials used in the creation of the best protective cup for baseball. They are steel, polymer, metal, and the like. Choosing the right cup material will pre-determine the amount of protection and level of comfort one would have when wearing the cup.

Metal and steel have the utmost protection but, sometimes, it sacrifices comfort. Other kinds of material that don’t pertain to metal may be comfortable and soft around the groin area. However, that is to say; such youth athletic cups may sacrifice security.

Choosing the right cup size

Choosing the correct cup size will be reliant on the waist size of a wearer. The standard size chart is separated into five categories: pee wee (extra small), youth (small), teen (medium), adult (large), and adult (extra large).

From there, the waist sizes would vary. This is where a buyer must measure their waist size to gauge which cup they should be getting. In addition to this, when a product does not provide a waistline size chart, it is best to use the standard sizes.

It is also best to refer more to the waist sizes instead of the age range. This is because body types may vary, considering how someone of this certain age may have the body size of another age group.

Do Professional Baseball Players Wear Cups


This question is purely based on personal preference and the situation at hand. There are many professional baseball players out there that wear cups, and others don’t. However, this is also dependent on the position someone plays in a baseball game.

Catchers, for instance, usually wear cups. Other positions like the first and third basemen usually wear cups as well. This is because shots that could be aimed at them leave them with a short amount of time to react (thus, making it vital for them to wear protective cups).

Protective cups is an indispensable equipment for every baseball player, they are always subject to impacts that can cause injury at any time. In addition, playing football outdoors with a lot of radiation will adversely affect health, so we have compiled some of the best equipment, such as the most trusted baseball arm sleeves.

How Do You Make a Baseball Cup More Comfortable

Regarding making a baseball cup more comfortable around the parts, it is best to choose a baseball cup made of soft but durable material. With a steel athletic cup, it sometimes gets a bit too uncomfortable wearing it because of the hard material.

However, with soft athletic cups, there could be that case wherein the whole cup itself doesn’t keep one’s parts in place. One must find that balance between soft and durable to achieve the ultimate comfort around the core area. Thus, pay attention to both factors to find the most comfortable athletic cup.


When choosing the best protective cup for baseball, it is of utmost importance to pick the one that fits your parts the best. Although the reviews online may say that this or that may be the best product to use, looking into your one’s opinion and input on what fits best for you is always the way to go.

Additionally, you must also consider the material used for the athletic cups and if they affect your health and well-being in any way. Plus, it helps that the cups are designed to fit your size (considering many different sizes to choose from that pertain to the average size of males).

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