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best pen for baseball autographs

If you want your favorite player’s autograph immortalized in your baseball, you should use the best pen for baseball autographs. Ordinary pens, on the other hand, do not possess the ability to stick in the surface for long.

This can be frustrating, especially when you treasure memories so much. Only the best markers provide you with great signatures and wonderful memories altogether.

Finding the perfect marker can be quite challenging if you do not know what features to expect. There are, in fact, several criteria that determine a high-quality pen.

  • Waterproof Ability: A signature pen’s waterproof ability determines its quality and permanence on the surface. In addition, this ability ensures that the penmanship is not damaged despite being in contact with elements like sweat, saliva, or other water-based forms. Finally, this ability allows it to write on surfaces dry or wet.
  • Tip Size: Signing pens come in two main sizes: narrow and wide. Between these polarities, nib/line size spectrums differ 0.3mm, 0.5mm, o.7mm, and 1.0mm. While baseball signing requires a thicker tip size, it should not go further from these standard sizes to ensure a firmer result.
  • Design: The design comes in two configurations: capped or retractable. Both of these configurations prove helpful depending on the context. If you’re looking for durable, long-lasting, and safe pens, a capped pen would be great.

These top three criteria, if observed diligently, will make an easy, fun, and practical buying experience of the top baseball signature pens in the market today. Moreover, with the help of our product review and best buying guide, you will finally be able to preserve wonderful memories and even create art.


Top 1

Shuttle Permanent Marker

– Comes with certified waterproof quality
– Comes with a fine to medium point
– Has quick-dry ability


Top 2

Sharpie, 30001

– Has super-bold and vibrant mark
– Leaves waterproof and permanent marks
– Fade-resistant and not drying off easily


Top 3

Amazon Basics, PY100200BK

– Waterproof-ink pens featuring cap design
– Works best on all surface types
– ASTM certification for non-toxic formula


Best Pen for Baseball Autographs Reviews

1. Shuttle Art 30-Pack Black Permanent Marker Set

When looking for the best pen to sign a baseball, I was instantly impressed by the Shuttle Art 30-Pack Black. A waterproof set of markers, this product leaves off a rounded, striking, and thick signature on the baseball surface.

All 30 markers exhibit a fine point and a slightly wide and soft tip, leaning between 0.5mm and 0.7mm. As a result, they give off a noticeable penmanship that does not hurt the eye.

Another thing that I love about this set of markers is their sharp edge. This ability allows for quick signing on varied textures. So even when in a hurry, you can always be sure that it doesn’t smear around. Moreso, these pens are all capped!

In terms of tip resilience, the Shuttle Art marker set boasts heavy-duty tip quality. How heavy-duty? We’re talking about 1-2 minutes of uncapped performance.

These pens also perform well as art tools given their quick-dry ability, non-toxic properties (meaning they’re okay to be used by kids), and detailed pigmented colors.

 Heads-up:  I noticed a slight problem with these pens because their gloss wears out over time (around 1-2 months). Other reviewers refer to this phenomenon as the “fading of the black color”. However, I realized that it’s not the blackness that is fading here but the gloss.

  • Comes with certified waterproof quality
  • Comes with a fine to medium point (but closer to 0.5mm)
  • A sharp edge for quick signing without smearing
  • Heavy-duty tips are neatly capped (doesn’t get dry after 2 minutes uncapped)
  • Has quick-dry ability
  • Has non-toxic properties and pigmented colors
  • It tends to lose its gloss overtime (1-2 months)
 Bottom Line:  The Shuttle Art 30-Pack Black Permanent Marker Set boasts a solid, slightly rounded penmanship that lasts as permanent, albeit a faded gloss. Nevertheless, it ranks as my personal favorite because of its quality, convenience, and safety.

2. Amazon Basics, PY100200BK, Fine Point Permanent Markers

If there’s one thing that makes this pen for signing photographs stand out, that would be it’s a neat line. If you look closely into its lines and density (all 24 pieces), you can see these elements exhibiting control in its tip—the lining sort of closes in to avoid the ink from further spreading out of control.

The problem with other wide-tipped markers is that they tend to smudge easily. Fortunately, that’s not the case with them.

This brand of pens impresses with a waterproof ability, a fine (0.5-0.7mm) tip size, and a capped design. All these elements work together to give the pens a distinct and visible black color against a layout.

I would recommend using these on a white surface. But writing them over an off-whitish (like in a baseball) or even grayish background still works wonders, though.

This one is also certified by ASTM standard safety for its non-toxic formula. So, we can sign this pen on baseballs for kids without worrying.

 Heads-up:  The main problem I have with this set of pens is the fact that their tips quickly dry up when not covered. Thus, you have to be conscious when leaving them uncapped for a few seconds.

  • Has neat lining feature with (0.5-0.7mm) tip size
  • Waterproof-ink pens featuring cap design
  • Works best on all surface types (especially the glossiest ones)
  • ASTM certification for non-toxic formula
  • Tip/ink easily dries out when uncapped for a few seconds
 Bottom Line:  The AmazonBasics markers hail as one of the cleanest-functioning pens there are today. While these pens secure tip-top autograph qualities on all surfaces, they require to be capped immediately at all times as they quickly dry up.

3. Sharpie, 1735792, Retractable Permanent Markers

Exhibiting the usual quality of most Sharpie pens, this set of 12 retractable autographing pens overwhelms the eyes with an intense vividness that makes for a perfect artwork!

In terms of tip size, waterproof capacity, and design, these pens guarantee to provide solid permanent marking needed for autographing baseball, photo paper, metal, wood, and various types of exteriors.

The pens’ tip size range from 1.0 to 1.9mm, performing with extra-fine handwriting, drawing, sketching, etc., on all planes. Meanwhile, their bright shade balances this with a noticeable, permanent tone necessary for unstable strokes.

These pens have much to impress in terms of ink power. Quick-dry and fade-proof, their marks can last for months to years. Eventually, their ink can resist damages caused by moisture, humidity, and most weather conditions.

To seal that, this Sharpie product presents an AP certification that proves its safe and non-toxic ink formula.

Although they function on extensively varied uses, I found them to be most apt as coloring materials. All 12 pens glimmer amidst multi-color backdrops! And, they truly stand out even on bright-color contrasts.

These pens aren’t all perfect, however. Sometimes, due to their excessively thin line, they require extra effort from your end in securing a bolder signature on baseball. Fortunately, this problem occurs only on a baseball surface.

 Heads-up:  Lastly, you may have to be careful of the pressure you exert on the tips because they are not as strong as they appear.

  • Permanent ink exhibits intense vividness
  • Has extra-fine tip size for the expansive use
  • Certified high-powered ink that resists fading (waterproof)
  • AP certification for safe and non-toxic quality
  • Best for blending into the multi-colored backdrop
  • Thin line requires much effort to a bold signature on a baseball
  • Tips are not so durable
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the Sharpie Retractable markers can blast the eyes with a powerful black tone!

4. Sakura Pigma, 30062, Pen Set

This paint pen for autographs is all about precision! It hits with a Japanese-like smoothness! For any one who is looking for a technical tool that delivers, they will surely be awed by this brand.

A quick fact: it is the only brand in the list that features a Pigma ink.

What is Pigma ink?

Compared to dye ink that bleeds through, the special ink quality stands out with the extremely large molecule sizes that settle on the top of the surface, not inside of it. With this ability, it can stay marked on the surface forever (100% fade-proof).

These best markers for autograph and illustration empower both technical and artistic degrees of work. Eventually, they strongly qualify as an illustrator’s aid. This is due to the bleed-free and quick-drying formula of this pen.

Ultimately, this set of pens ensures the cleanest and the most intact figures, especially on the baseball exterior. You can thank its superior Pigma brush and capped design for that.

I do find some issues with the pens too. While they’re easiest to hold for signing, they tend to be quite a challenge when it comes to drawing. It seems that these pens, in order to produce a good art work, must be handled with a designated skill.

 Heads-up:  Therefore, unless you are a professional artist/cartoonist, you should stick to using them for autographing.

  • Provides precise, smooth, and clean figure on sheet (technical tool)
  • Features a Pigma ink formula that looks better through time
  • Certified fade-proof quality that lasts forever
  • Features a quick-drying and bleed-free formula
  • Superior Pigma brush and capped design
  • Non-experts may find it challenging to use them for drawing
 Bottom Line:  The Sakura Pigma pens, with their precise performance, stand out as a technical aid for skilled illustrators. So, for getting famous baseball players signatures, this pen is an awesome choice.

5. Tombow, 62038, 2-Pack Brush Pens

The best pens to sign a baseball come in two colors – Black and Blue. Ranking alongside the most professional pens, the Tombow brush pens can do literally anything.

These pens feature a Fudenosuke brush, a soft and hard tip for each pen, a smoothly transitioning fine to the extra-fine line, and of course, a capped design to preserve the ink content.

Also great for painting, they might seem too artistic for office work. But, I have used these pens for years in the office, and they’ve been great.

They don’t require meticulous handling whatsoever. All you have to do is to control the pressure you exert on the brush. Instantly, the nib size adjusts to your liking.

What about signing baseballs, papers, and rough planes?

I think they’re amazing. Their ink has the unique ability to dry quickly and stay blended despite having to bleed through. All-in-all, it is permanent – and that is what matters in the business of autographs and signatures.

The most fantastic characteristic I find with the pens is their ability to leave either opaque or translucent colors on the sheet depending on control.

 Heads-up:  Unfortunately, their tip easily dries when uncovered. As we leave the pen tip exposed for some minutes, we then find it pretty stiff.

  • Each pen has either black or blue color
  • Features a Fudenosuke brush design
  • Fine to extra-fine tip size (smooth transitions between pressures)
  • Comes in a durable and firm capped design
  • Ink is quick-dry and blended permanently (waterproof)
  • Can leave an either opaque or translucent effect on color
  • Their tip easily dries out when left uncovered
 Bottom Line:  The Tombow Brush Pens are professional pens that are flexible but high-maintenance. And, it is my best pen for autographing baseballs.

6. Sharpie, 1735801, Retractable Permanent Markers

This Sharpie pen for baseball card autographs, paper signing, and drawing proved to be the simplest one to use! There are actually 2 of them in one package. Obviously, both pens deliver at their utmost abilities!

These retractable, durable, and light pens let you finish all work without a hassle. They are, so far, the most straightforward pens on the list! Even when we write with a little more force, the tip will not give up under pressure.

But make no mistake of missing out on their ink quality that lasts for years without changing a bit in tone and gloss. They can do this with the help of their ultra-fine point size (around 0.5mm-0.7mm).

As usual, they come with an AP-certified non-toxic formula. So, we can use this pen around kids without worry.

The most common problem that surrounds a retractable pen design is spring damage. One wrong move on the click, and it will already send the spring flying. That tends to be true on most regular retractable pens, but not on the Sharpie pens.

 Heads-up:  Their ink quickly dries out, though. So, we should not leave the cap open for more than five minutes. Forgetful people like me should be careful when utilizing these pens.

  • Pack of 2 pens is flexible enough to do a wide variety of tasks
  • Package is retractable (design), durable, and light
  • Provides a straightforward and comfortable marking performance
  • Has fade-proof/waterproof ink quality
  • Has ultra-fine tip/point size (around 0.5mm-0.7mm)
  • Comes with AP-certified non-toxic formula
  • Their ink easily dries out requiring constant refills
 Bottom Line:  The Sharpie Retractable pens are the most comfortable yet high-maintenance pens to use for autographs and creations.

7. Sakura, 44181, Permanent Marker

I was only able to use this marker once. But, I was already floored by it. In terms of durability, this is the best pen for signing baseballs.

How durable? Well, you can drop it, expose its tip to air for as long as 30 minutes, press it hard on the surface, use it to color an entire baseball’s surface, or just paint it over an entire sheet of rough paper. It will stay new and intact!

Its container/body nevertheless displays an extra-sturdy finish. Hence, we can pack the pens in our pocket or bag everywhere.

Although it is only a package of one, it still works like two pens combined, thanks to its dual tips. One tip embodies a good point size of 0.5mm, while the opposite tip has an extra-fine point size of 0.3 mm.

This pen also works perfectly on outdoor scenarios with its easy-grip, easy-fastening upper cap, and non-leak seal. Aided by its fibrous tip, it promises a non-smear on slippery textures.

In addition, it leaves its quick-dry ink on the surface within seconds of marking.

Besides being 100% waterproof and non-toxic, it features low-odor ink. Thus, using it would mean zero irritation on you and your kid’s noses.

 Heads-up:  The main problem I have with it tends to reject other colors when combined.

  • Satisfies as a super-durable pen (strong pen casing)
  • Comes with a capped dual-tip design
  • Works best for outdoor use (easy-grip and fastening cap)
  • Fibrous tip promises non-smear strokes
  • 100% waterproof and non-toxic, with a low odor
  • Tendency to reject other colors when combined
 Bottom Line:  For kids and adults alike, the Solo Sakura Permanent Marker surprises with dual tips that work perfectly on a baseball!

8. Sharpie, 1927436, Extreme Permanent Markers

Perhaps the most heavy-duty markers on this list: the Sharpie markers of four qualify as a product of action. For that, I consider each one the best pen for autographs on baseball.

Compact and thin with an instant-lock cap, each pen effortlessly moves through the hands in motion. Thus, using them on sports and camping tools like baseball, plastic, rubber, glass, etc. – where mobility is highly expected – deemed most beneficial.

To start off, their tip size can leave off-line widths from 0.9mm to 1.1mm on the exterior. These well-integrated nib differences present in all four pens make for spontaneous writing, autographing, drawing, etc.

Their superior fade-resistant and permanent ink can go through utmost abuse without losing its grain, texture, and gloss. We’re talking about many factors here like heat (UV rays), water, chemicals, you name it…

On the contrary, I have a minor heads-up for users with the product. We need repeated strokes actually to ensure a non-faded result. But a little effort will be worth it when the ink stays gorgeous for a long while.

 Heads-up:  Moreover, the quality of the tip allows them to mark on a wide array of finishes. You can further expect the marks to maintain their boldness after many years.

  • Compact and thin with instant lock-cap
  • Has 0.9mm to 1.1mm fine tip integrated sizes
  • Superior fade-resistant for long-lasting marks
  • Permanent ink against heat (UV rays), water, chemicals, …
  • Designed with a sturdy and flexible tip finesse
  • Requires repeated strokes to actually ensure non-faded result
 Bottom Line:  Overall, these equally compelling Sharpie Permanent markers satisfy a long list of demands only a premium pen can do, albeit being rather a handful at times.

9. Frienda, 4-Pc, Gold and Silver Metallic Marker Pens

This set of four friendly (pun intended) pens are the closest version of the Prismacolor silver paint pens we have on this list!

The shiny colors represented by either gold and metallic pairs birth a number of possibilities – beige, tan, chocolate brown, slate gray, and many more. The results entirely depend on the present colors being mixed on dark and light surfaces.

This product provides a good opportunity for bonding with your kids – painting, doodling, fun drawing, scribbling, graffiti-making, and DIY activities. – with their sealed ink, fun colors, and solid strokes.

Plus, their ink formulas are all non-toxic. So kids as young as four can use them!

In terms of design, the pens’ caps, unfortunately, do not deliver as expected. You see, the caps easily loosen after a few uses. And that worries me since the ink easily dries out.

 Heads-up:  Fortunately, the 1.5mm-sized fine tip ensures a non-smear, fade-proof, and bleed-proof ink performance. These are important features for creating sparkling and neat lines even in a hurry. In addition, it enables the ink to penetrate on varied textures (including baseballs), except black paper.

  • Has shiny and vibrant metallic and gold colors
  • Fun colors pair with several other colors to produce new mixes
  • Great for bonding with kids at drawing, painting, graffiti-making, etc.
  • Works as safe and non-toxic-formulated pens
  • Has 1.5mm tip size for non-smear, fade-proof, and bleed-proof ink
  • Caps easily loosen after a few uses, exposing a tip
 Bottom Line:  The bottom line is, the Frienda Permanent Markers bring a ton of fun while posing slight problems concerning their caps and a low-contrast capacity. Also, it is a good choice for multiple purposes, including calligraphy and baseball autograph.

10. SIPLIV, 77976452, Ballpoint Pens

One can instantly tell that each pen (from a set of 2) qualifies as the best pen to sign baseball based on an opposite circumstance.

Accordingly, two circumstances constitute autographing on baseballs. The first one, which happens to be common, involves a signature from one baseball MVP. The second one pertains to signatures from multiple celebrities.

With this pen, you can finally load all their signatures in one baseball and still expect space for more.

These pens provide ergonomic signatures. Since you can’t expect thick strokes all the time, you would be needing these neat, stylish, and uncomplicated pens in your life.

Their ink standard also ranks premium, giving off an unmistakably strong and unfaded black! Moreso, the twist-action ballpoint mechanism saves much ink.

Ultimately, you no longer won’t have to worry about having to cap or retract them. Just give them a soft twist, and you will get a prolonged ink condition and amount that lasts for months. Regardless, you can always have the ink replaced.

The drawbacks I experienced with the pens include a difficult-to-refill ink and a low-contrast quality. Meaning they don’t work well with other colors.

 Heads-up:  But outside these issues, I find them practical, eco-friendly (made of wood and metal), and an immediate solution to today’s needs.

  • Best for filling in several autographs in one baseball
  • Extra-fine tip size of 0.5mm needed for smooth strokes
  • Provides ergonomic signatures
  • Displays premium ink standard made to endure extreme factors
  • Effortless twist-action on its cap to reveal mine
  • Ranks as a practical, eco-friendly, and immediate marking solution
  • Ink tends to be difficult to replace due to the mechanism
  • Other strong colors can intimidate their low-contrast color
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the SIPLIV Ballpoint Pens are my personal favorite when it comes to marking small spaces.

11. Sharpie, 32701, Retractable Permanent Markers

Buying this set of pens for manifesting famous baseball players’ signatures and other stuff is more affordable by the dozen. And, if that is not convincing enough, just check each of the 36 able pens to see the good value they pack!

These standards include the following: lively and bold color that need not be thick; a fine 0.5mm-0.7mm tip size, intensely shielded and waterproof inks, AP-certified formula, and many more.

As usual, these retractable pens can write on any given surface, wet and dry. Their ink dries quickly once in contact and does not bleed through. To add to it, their ink line steadily observes a path. Thus, they should be great for accurate tasks like tracing and calligraphy.

The pens’ slim casing, gripped body, and non-smear quality makes them perfect for office work. So despite their limited ink, they sure do a great job! After all, you can always grab a new one in case the old one runs out of ink.

 Heads-up:  I hate to spoil it, but the product’s retractable mechanism needs major enhancement. It fails, at certain times, to respond to thumb pressure. So, we should be gentle when handling the pens.

  • Comes in 36 pens – a good value for money
  • Has lively, bold, but not necessarily thick color
  • Has fine 0.5-0.7 nib size that is shielded and water-proofed
  • Comes with an AP certified/safe ink standard
  • Best for accurate tasks like tracing and calligraphy
  • Slim and gripped body
  • Retracting mechanism does not respond strongly to thumb pressure
 Bottom Line:  These equally compelling Sharpie Pens of 36 pieces meet strict expectations while also fulfilling basic ones like autographing on baseball. However, the product would benefit from an enhancement in its retractable design.

12. Sharpie, 30001, Fine Point Permanent Markers

A boldness that can be seen from a distance – that’s how one can describe the Sharpie autograph pens in a nutshell. Great for doodling, autographing on baseballs, and marking on all surfaces, these pens/markers never cease to surprise me with what they can do. Thus, they deserve to be called versatile pens.

These Sharpie pens imprint stunning, bold colors, shapes, and texture. Given that, they qualify as superior artist pens. Waterproof and permanent, their inks dry quickly so that you won’t have to worry about keeping things still while using them.

I find their ultra-fine point of 0.3mm size to be elegant because they expand a bit when blended on the surface. This helps the pens channel off a series of vibrant and thick hues afterward. As a result, the form they leave on the surface tends to be striking at most times.

These pens are also great for on-the-go signing. Meanwhile, you could also leave them open and abused for the next 1-2 minutes in case of simultaneous signing. That is, because their ink is fade-resistant and does not easily dry off.

 Heads-up:  The main problem I have with the product is that they easily run out of ink. So you have to be economical in using them. Other than that, they’re awesome!

  • Versatile pen, for doodling, autographing on baseballs & marking on surfaces
  • Has super-bold and vibrant mark
  • Leaves waterproof and permanent marks
  • Elegant 0.3-mm point with vibrant and thick hues when expanded
  • Fade-resistant and not drying off easily
  • Quickly runs out of ink due to low capacity
 Bottom Line:  These Sharpie 12 Count pens satisfy creative drives with their vibrant and beautiful black color that doesn’t fade. We might have to be economical when using it, though.

What to Look for When Buying Pen for Baseball Autographs


Buying a pen, especially one intended for baseball autographs involves understanding the technicalities surrounding a pen.

Waterproof Ability

The waterproof ability or fade-resistant property of a pen includes a multitude of other factors like permanence, correctability, and quick-drying. When considering a pen for signature, you need to determine the surface it will be in contact with. For instance, if you are planning to use the pen on various tasks involving varied surface types, you would find the waterproof, permanent pens appropriate.

Tip Size

Two areas distinguish tip/nib sizes: wide and narrow. However, these polarities are more complex than we think. Suppose you are to look for a more accurate pen, you can’t just rely on these opposite ends. And so, you are to consider the 0.3mm-1.0mm bracket. But still, some grey areas remain to be seen here. Unless you have got your hand on a specific nib size, you will not be able to accurately choose the pen of your choice.

To help you with that, it is best to group these sizes into 4 main categories: ballpoint, extra-fine (given that a fine tip yields 0.5mm), broad, and medium.

  • Ballpoint

The ballpoint nib size falls between 0.7mm-1.0mm. Unless you intend to sign only a small portion of the baseball’s curved angle, it is hardly possible to consider this to be a baseball autograph pen. On the other hand, pens of this size suit technical works better than artistic ones.

  • Extra-fine

Measuring 0.3mm, extra-fine pens have more extensive functionalities. But specifically, they are more suited to signing, marking, or writing on smooth surfaces with a smaller space like photograph paper, baseball cards, ticket vouchers, etc. They’re also great for creating artwork.

  • Broad

Bordering the opposite thin line (1.0mm+), pens of this nib size accomplish autographing outputs on bigger exteriors like baseketball, large baseballs (73-76 mm in diameter), and other areas with broader spaces.

  • Medium

Medium-tipped pens (0.31mm-0.5mm) tend to be the most neutral pens on the list. If you are torn between choosing a pen for a smaller than the biggest and bigger than the smallest planes, you will definitely be satisfied by this tip size.


Autograph pens come in two common designs – capped and retractable. A later design, the twist mode, emerged to be an equally important consideration when looking for an ergonomic tool.

As it turns out, no specific design dominates the other. In the end, the context gains the upper hand in determining which one works best for you.

Do Sharpie Autographs Fade


Sharpie autographs do fade. Their permanence does not mean forever unless you are old enough to live that long. Eventually, it would be logical to presume that autographs, particularly of the more popular Sharpie, are meant to fade.

It is only a question now on which autograph lasts longer. For general information, in case you are looking for a longer-lasting Sharpie pen or the best marker for autographs, always consider an oil-based ink over a water-based one.


Looking for the best pen for baseball autographs can be tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the expectations. To add to the challenge, the expectations surrounding an autograph pen/marker embrace many factors and technicalities.

Fortunately, this review will guide you through the whole process by simplifying the expectations into three main criteria: waterproof ability, tip size, and design.

Most of the 12 featured products herein, if not all, reflect the three properties mentioned. In my opinion, at least 5 of these products should make it in your personal list.

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