The Best Baseball Radar Guns That You Shouldn’t Miss

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best baseball radar gun

The radar gun or speed radar is one of the most amazing devices that exist. The first radar gun was invented by Bryce Brown in 1954. It came about to measure the speed of any running object. Years later, it bore several variations, all still intended to measure speed.

Among the variations of the device is the baseball radar gun. The speed radar works with an expanded horizon now. In a way, it should fulfill as a trainee’s tool as it gives feedback on how to enhance one’s pitching technique. Thus, owning the best baseball radar gun should speed up the training period and encourage solid results among coaches, players, or parents.

But how to exactly find the right speed radar? It is simple. Just list down the three qualities of the tool:

  • Accuracy Reading Capacity: This speed radar exists to read and measure speed and distance range. If it cannot do it accurately, then what is left of it is a waste of money, space, and time. Measuring speed requires treating the hour as a variable.
  • Overall Performance: The device’s overall performance covers a whole range of qualities like ergonomics, durability, battery life, range of distance covered, and range of ball speeds covered.
  • Compactness: Some products appear as free-standing tools, while others, the more unique ones, appear as baseball balls. Regardless of form and appearance, the speed radar only delivers light and easy mobility and storage.

With the help of individual product reviews and buying guide below, these three best qualities should provide a good eye when purchasing a radar gun.


Top 1

Bushnell, B0002X7V1Q

– High-technology Bushnell velocity radar
– Has large, clear digital display
– Superior performance and compactness


Top 2

Stalker Radar, B0069A9ZS8

– Gives the most comfortable feel in the hands
– Has 300-foot range radar
– Covers 5-150 MPH ball speed range


Top 3

Pocket Radar, PR1000-BC

– Displays a continuous mode for reading
– Ergonomic, durable, and sustainable
– Has 120 MPH full radar coverage


Best Radar Gun for Baseball Reviews

1. Bushnell, B0002X7V1Q, Speed Gun

An absolute master of technology, this Bushnell radar gun accuracy model boasts of large, accurate, and smart display. But what makes the radar gun stand out as the number one product on our list is its superior capacity in measuring speed.

The speed radar’s accuracy index has not failed me. Whether measuring for a body or a ball’s speed or not, the user will undoubtedly come up with accurate figures. And since it works with the simplest and fastest usage control, it should not take time to catch up with speed as it works on a continuous mode.

Point and trigger: this is what one needs to remember each time a sudden capture needs pulling up. This most baseball radar gun sets off with plus/minus 1.0 MPH accurate readings.

So tracking high-speed movements takes minimum reading time. Suppose a ball sharply moves from a 10-feet distance to 110 miles per hour; it should fall right within the frame of the product’s radar.

This baseball radar gun is an absolute champion! In truth, the speed radar gun’s overall performance and compactness (4.3 x 8.4 x 6 inches) maintain a solid sports sensor’s swing speed. Donning an actual radar gun form, both in feel and in look, requires effortless handling.

This baseball radar gun works perfectly for baseball and other sports where rapid movements are commonplace. The Bushnell velocity radar gun works like a camera that uses an instant shutter to capture the fastest speed possible.

 Heads-up:  Except for some minor purchasing troubles, the baseball radar gun reigns as a glorious top-tier technology!

  • Ranks as a high-technology Bushnell velocity radar gun model
  • Has large, clear digital display
  • Sets off with plus/minus 1.0 MPH accurate readings
  • Boasts of superior performance and compactness (4.3 x 8.4 x 6 inches)
  • Works for baseball and other speed-based sports
  • Has some errors in purchase (very minimal)
 Bottom Line:  The Bushnell baseball radar gun rightfully owns our number one place for several reasons. But what truly makes the Bushnell velocity speed gun stand out is its superior capacity in measuring speed.

2. Stalker Radar, B0069A9ZS8, Radar Gun.

This baseball radar gun is one of the most comfortable tools I have held in my hands. It turns out: everything they said about its continuous mode being a starter package is true!

The radar gun reading accuracy, performance, and compactness give off a crisp swing speed feel too! Also, this radar gun operates both its plate speed and release speed at the same time.

Why do I say so?

For starters, its radar gun measures a 300-foot boundary (all determined by its accuracy index). While this works right for busy flying ball speeds, it works perfectly for running pitchers. This radar gun earns the title for being a rockstar when determining pitcher performance via stalker sport 2 radar.

Regular products only look into the pitching speed or pitch speed improvement, while premium stalker sport 2 radar guns of this command look into the nuances of the sports sensor’s focus. Thus, this gun naturally sends off feedback in the form of plus-minus adjustments, MPH offsets, etc. As we should value baseball radar gun accuracy, this model can offer just that.

This radar gun covers a 5-150 MPH ball speed range. Once in the field, when I got the gun out of my pocket, the other coaches could not help but stare at me open-mouthed. They could not believe I finally got a hold of the smart coach radar.

The thing is: purchasing it in our state tends to be challenging. One has to acquire it directly from the manufacturer.

 Heads-up:  Unexpectedly, this purchasing mode in the speed radar gun allowed me to save a big chunk of my pocket.

  • Gives the most comfortable feel in the hands
  • Impresses as a continuous mode starter package
  • Has superior accuracy, performance, and compactness
  • Has 300-foot range radar
  • Covers 5-150 MPH ball speed range
  • Requires direct purchasing at some states
 Bottom Line:  The Stalker baseball radar gun is all about sophistication, comfort, and distance range accuracy. It fares as every coach’s radar gun tool.

3. Pocket Radar, PR1000-BC, Radar Gun

Resembling less as a radar gun (against the sub-par radar guns) but more as a phone, this latest pocket radar gun by the Pocket Radar brand works as an ergonomic stand-alone speed reader for high-level baseball and softball training. From first-hand experience, I can confidently say that the pocket radar ball coach fulfills a more intensive and accurate speed reading performance.

I was a bit disappointed at first because the pocket radar ball coach did not match the pocket radar app. But I realized eventually that I missed its product info and that it is independent of any apps. Its newer version, however, the Smart Coach, complements various radar apps.

Does it matter if the radar gun is compatible with an app or not?

Yes, the pocket radar ball coach does. Those that are compatible are faster to use, control, and calculate. But, the real question should be: does it matter that much? The answer: it depends on the compensatory advantages present in the pocket radar ball coach. Or, simply: does it have a higher distance range?

In the case of this baseball radar gun, several advantages compensate for the lack of compatibility. Its smart pro-level training technology, among many others, testifies to that.

In terms of accuracy, the top-rated radar gun displays full reading extent on even the fastest. Now, in terms of performance, the stalker sport 2 radar qualifies as consistent, ergonomic, durable, compact, and sustainable.

 Heads-up:  What is the full radar gun coverage to make this radar gun work? At most 120 MPH. But, the pocket radar ball coach does not go farther than that. On the contrary, the biggest problem with the radar gun is its short battery life.

  • Works as an ergonomic stand-alone pocket radar gun
  • Fulfills a more intensive and pro-level reading
  • Displays a continuous mode for reading on the fastest object
  • Qualifies as consistent, ergonomic, durable, and sustainable
  • Has 120 MPH full radar coverage
  • Has a short battery life
 Bottom Line:  The Pocket Radar baseball radar gun exceeds its frame and performance expectations, earning itself a place among the pro-level or advanced radar guns for pitching speeds.

4. Bushnell, B00439V84G, Radar Gun

Another Bushnell radar gun reviews taker gives instant feedback! This more classic baseball radar gun form update ensures accuracy at the finest rate and processing possible.

Accuracy: I researched that this top-speed radar gun uses a unique DSP (digital speed processing) mode. As the velocity speed gun does so, it makes its calculations, interprets distance range, and provides 100% feedback on the pitching speed performance. Take note that it does all this in a stalker sport 2 continuous radar mode.

Performance: It can measure pitching speed automatically. So it does not matter which speed point or range it captures. No, it does not require manual control of its plate or release speed since it has both of them taken care of by its RF technology transmitter. In turn, these placements ensure its consistency as the longest usage time possible.

Compactness: 9.3 x 9.2 x 4.1 inches. That is how it measures up. Carrying the entire radar gun package weighs a bit heavier (2.1 pounds) than usual but not heavy in its own right. Overall, you can still easily slip it in like any lightened radar gun.

Adjustment and troubleshooting prove easiest to do with this top product! Its plus and minus MPH starter setting, quick SpeedScreen controls, and a textured grip for utmost comfort automatically set readings at any given trouble. And it all does it within a 10-200 MPH speed range!

The main problem I have with it is the battery life. I think 2 C batteries are not enough to sate the Bushnell velocity speed gun.

How did I deal with it?

 Heads-up:  I stored a lot of extra rechargeable batteries. Phew!

  • Marks as a smart technology
  • Uses DSP to process accurate figures
  • Can measure pitching speed automatically
  • Has excellent dimensions and weight for mobility and storage
  • Allows easy adjustment and troubleshooting
  • Requires extra battery power
 Bottom Line:  The Bushnell baseball radar gun is undoubtedly the baseball coach technology for base running speed improvement.

5. Sports Sensors, B092L7TTN5, Speed Radar Blue

The difference between this speed gun baseball by the Sports Sensors brand and the other jugs gun reviewed here is that it requires it to be put in place before a movement occurs. While it takes a more manual approach than the rest, it uses a more precise sensor swing speed radar.

I prefer measuring a pocket radar ball coach of this type than other radar guns. That is because it automatically stabilizes transmission, not to mention that their transmission or constant-on mode is certified safe according to the FCC requirements.

Its automatic stabilization process quickly makes this radar gun the best tool for all sports. And yes, that includes golf, baseball, softball, etc. Note that we are talking about swing speed analysis here.

How fast can its pitching speed radar take in? Well, its sellers and some baseball coach representatives claim that it can go from 20-200 MPH in speed coverage. It can go at a slower starting speed, though, sometimes setting up from 18 MPH. But, it surely cannot go beyond 200.

At times, it tends to be unpredictable in coverage, affecting further its consistency measure. The baseball radar gun works just right for baseball coaches who do not usually wear pants with pockets and carry bags.

 Heads-up:  For that, I have a recommendation: Have the pocket radar smart coach battery replaced regularly (preferably twice a month) even if it has not fully drained. Avoid battery drains at best. Otherwise, it should rank one of the most authentic, long-lasting, ergonomic, and compact products listed in this review.

  • Can analyze swing speed performance
  • Reads speed and swing speed with high-precision via continuous mode
  • Precise sensors swing speed radar
  • Has FCC-certified and auto-stabilizing transmission
  • Can cover 18/20-200 MPH speed capacity
  • Can become inconsistent in speed range coverage
 Bottom Line:  The Sports Sensors baseball speed radar gun is a standalone royalty that precisely reads all-sport movement like swing or pitch speed and performance with instant feedback.

6. Bushnell, 101911, Velocity Speed Gun

This recently updated pitch speed gun by the Bushnell brand marks yet again a remarkable achievement by the said brand.

Easy to use. Fast. Accurate. Ergonomic. Light. Durable. These are just a few of what makes the stalker sport 2 radar an absolute pick. In addition, its pitch speeds and distance scope remain extensive, as seen in its constant-on mode.

I especially liked its dual-speed modes (trigger mode included) for either MPH or KPH. This pro radar system allows for irregular pitch speeds recording.

All in all, the baseball radar gun can cover 10-200 miles per hour. As for velocity, it can start up with ten and then goes further to 110 MPH via its data port. Users who prefer a kilometer pocket radar smart coach reading can quickly switch its settings to a KPH reading mode.

As per my experience: this Bushnell velocity speed gun with rechargeable batteries reads with utter accuracy.

Like most jugs gun products under the brand seal, it adjusts reading frequency via its +/- buttons in its data port. Once you have set it on, it should activate using a specific point and release action.

One time, I experienced some concerns in the Bushnell velocity speed radar gun casing capacity, requiring immediate assistance from its customer representative. But after calling its customer support center, I had to wait for three months before my concern was eventually addressed.

 Heads-up:  If not for its below-par customer support, I would have given the Bushnell velocity speed radar gun a perfect rating.

  • Has accurate, high-powered, and compact quality
  • Has dual speed modes for KPH or MPH
  • Covers 10-2200 MPH via its data port
  • Covers the fastest speed from the release of trigger mode
  • Adjustable +/- reading capacity to activate with a specific point and release action
  • Below-par customer support
 Bottom Line:  The latest baseball pitch speed radar gun should instantly satisfy the baseball coach looking for the absolute representation of the Bushnell quality!

7. Sports Sensors, B0018PYN1S, Glove Radar

This latest pitch speed radar gun glove by the Sports Sensors hits in as an innovative, fun-packed, and experimental yet effective speed measuring tool to date!

Imagine using the baseball radar gun, except that we don’t have to carry, point and release the sports sensors swing speed trigger. Imagine a device attached at the back of our baseball glove. Add-in: a smart display notable in an expensive radar gun.

Even with the change of appearance, this sports sensor’s swing or pitch speed remains basic in its functionalities. In fact, it even improves from regular speed guns. By working as a strap-on commodity, it does not have to put effort into stabilizing its reading performance.

Unlike the other radar guns, it should easily maintain an accurate reading throughout.

Contrary to some claims, the sports sensors swing speed can still read pitching movements, swing speeds, and the like. However, I am afraid that it does that at the expense of consistency. So, this should strongly adverse its overall performance.

The radar gun certainly exists to serve the sharp and extra-fast ball and vehicle movements. In that aspect, it never fails. This way, we can subject it to scanning a moving body for pitching feedback correctly like a jugs gun.

 Heads-up:  Trust me: I tried it; it worked!

  • Can be innovative yet essential and practical at the same time
  • Has auto-improvement capacity for accuracy
  • Has automatic stabilization
  • Works perfectly for sharp ball movements
  • Features a Microwave Doppler radar (efficient and compact)
  • Tends to lose consistency when used on body motion
 Bottom Line:  Among the top-rated baseball radar guns, the Sports Sensors radar gun’s technology tends to fixate on ball motion; it can actually fulfill a massive range of functionalities at a reasonable price.

8. Pocket Radar, B07H7SN831, Radar Gun

I have never come across this pocket radar ball coach aid ever in my life. My friend, a senior coach, introduced this to me. What happened next saw a wide-eyed me who is constantly obsessed with the device.

Who will not be obsessed, though? It breaks out as one of the few smartest, customizable, and most interactive baseball radar guns on this list, or perhaps in the entire radar market to date.

I enjoyed using the radar gun via my smartphone! And contrary to what they are saying, it pairs not only the Smart Coach app but all related apps.

Does the radar gun equally work well on Android phones? Yes. But, not as good. But hey, in terms of compatibility, no other radar devices can stand up to it!

Other features include a long list of tracking programs (via TRAQ app system), a CSV file-stored data for performance monitoring, a capacity to read speed nuances across velocity types accurately, an extensive stalker sport 2 radar LED display and voice speaker, a video-recording mode, and a lot more.

How compact?

The radar gun takes a 4.5 x 2.25 x 0.75-inch dimensionality.

How is its speed range?

It can measure speed from 25-130 MPH. And, it can start from reading from at most a 120-foot distance in a professional baseball field.

 Heads-up:  Another bummer that drags the product and keeps it off baseball coaches’ baseball radar guns list is that it takes excessive time to set up.

  • Features a smart and interactive technology
  • Keeps extensive compatibility to all apps and some devices
  • Includes advanced features like video record, etc
  • Feels light and compact at 4.5 x 2.25 x 0.75-inch
  • Has high speed and area range: 25-130 MPH
  • May show delays on Android devices
  • Takes time to set up
 Bottom Line:  The Pocket Radar gun item is the most technologically advanced pick among baseball speed radar gun models today. Coaches who prefer heavy customization in fieldwork should find this the perfect tool with rechargeable batteries for instant feedback.

9. SKLZ, B002XT9A7K, Pitching Speed Sensor

This pitching radar gun by the SKLZ takes redesigning to a whole new level. Embodying a baseball form itself lightens up even more but eventually loses the sleekness only possible in a typical radar gun.

For one thing: the radar gun is indeed unique at a reasonable price. This sports sensors swing speed feels great in hand. While it covers pitching speed with complete accuracy, it also takes the rapid ball and vehicle movements into a display.

This radar gun is also versatile enough to adjust its velocity settings. Meaning, it no longer requires me to manually set its +/- buttons to adjust because pre-program commands can do that for me.

I can conclude from the most favorite baseball radar guns mentioned above that the sports radar gun works well on extreme distances and speeds. It works to deliver pitching speed commands, minus the feedback. For feedback, we will have to use a pro radar system.

Its area coverage can go for up to 120 MPH. To capture a closer area, restart the radar gun twice to get its settings back to zero. By then, it will have done accurate readings. Programming it in the middle of a game or training should not pose the slightest problem as the whole device feels exceptionally light in hand.

 Heads-up:  Another great deal about these accurate radar guns is that they do not require trigger mode-release or finger control. This sensor swing, or pitch speed radar, is smart enough to set its release once it detects motion.

  • Feels exceptionally light and comfortable
  • Covers with full accuracy
  • Features notable versatility (auto-adjusted velocity settings)
  • Works well on extreme speeds and distances 120 MPH
  • Does not require manual trigger release
  • Lacks the holistic compactness/sleekness
  • Requires manual calculator of pitching speed feedbacks
 Bottom Line:  The SKLZ top radar gun pick does not shy away from reshaping its typical radar gun into a full-blown baseball form. Unlike the expensive speed radar guns, this sports radar gun is an accurate and newly improved pitch speed read.

10. Stalker Radar, B07SX5B77Q, Radar Pro Gun

What baseball coaches love about the Stalker Speed Radar MLB radar gun is its wireless convenience, auto-convert velocity settings, and much more empowering stuff. It perhaps ranks high in baseball radar gun reviews for its accurate readings.

Although the radar gun weighs 10.18 pounds and measures a dramatic ‎15.8 x 15.6 x 8 inches, it manages to fit into the hands because of its well-defined handle and trigger release. But to be honest about it, this takeaway proves to be the lone consolation from its lost compactness.

The sports radar gun’s heavy build makes so much sense. This wireless device with rechargeable batteries taps into a spontaneous feat of transmission. It does things so intensely well. In terms of consistency and velocity conversion, it sure exceeds the rest of the radar gun models on this list.

The top-tier radar gun can cover the fastest movement. It gathers in its range a starting point as near as five feet and a destination point as far as two hundred feet. The sports radar gun, therefore, works as a powerful instrument made for professional sports figures.

 Heads-up:  Too bad, though: the sensor’s swing speed radar simply requires high-power consumption to qualify as a digital signal processing technology.

  • Has wireless convenience for use anywhere
  • Has auto-convert velocity settings
  • Features heavy build for a heavy-duty purpose
  • Covers the fastest movement and farthest point possible
  • Qualifies as an MLB-certified instrument
  • Measures 15.8 x 15.6 x 8 inches with well-defined handle and trigger release
  • Tends to be the heaviest in the list; not compact
  • Requires high battery power
 Bottom Line:  Although the Stalker Radar gun is not among the expensive radar guns, it delivers extra results in the field.

11. CrankShooter, B08PDNFP3D, Free Standing Radar

If there is one thing that makes this speed radar baseballs tool stand out: that would be its incredible stand-alone design for major league baseball teams.

Can a regular baseball radar gun sustain for even half a day without slowing down or lagging off? No. Of course, not! And I cannot blame the device for that. Apparently, manufacturers did not design regular radar guns for intensive use.

The manufacturers of this radar gun, on the other hand, built it not only to perfect the standard of the CrankShooter baseball speed gun brand but also to deliver to its maximum capacity as a digital signal processing technology.

Many MLB coaches and practicing players complain about the limited life spans of the typical radar guns. But with this recently-innovated model, MLB professionals could not be much happier.

If you are not a pro-MLB player, do not bother buying this sensor’s swing speed radar. I repeat: do not bother purchasing this model since you will not be able to appreciate its hard-knuckled service.

I love this: it is a free-standing, fastest-speed accurate reader and durable hands-free radar gun.

For a bonus: this baseball speed gun is wrapped in lacrosse goodness.

Yes, it is not compact. But at least, it can work independently on pitching speeds without much handling.

 Heads-up:  If you secure the pitching speed gun with 5 AA batteries separately, it should decently stay longer than expected.

  • Features incredible stand-alone design
  • Deliver to its maximum capacity as a digital signal processing technology
  • Works as the fastest-speed accurate reader
  • A durable device wrapped in lacrosse goodness
  • Functions as a hands-free operational device
  • Consumes massive amount of battery energy
 Bottom Line:  The CrankShooter radar gun model is quite a handful, but it does not fail to give major league baseball players an accurate reading.

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Radar Guns


The three best qualities of the most accurate radar gun for baseball can manifest in a device easy to spot or experience. However, performance, as a category, can be vague. Thus, it requires further understanding of the speed radar gun specifics.

Battery Life

Rechargeable batteries on the radar gun can be entirely manual. However, it rules out the most common and practical choice. Purchasing a sensor’s swing speed radar requires identifying its battery size and type as well.

The consequences of using the wrong battery on the speed radar gun include malfunctions, unpredictable battery fluctuations, and, worse, possible damage to the radar gun.

Common battery types for radar gun technology are either AA or AAA. With the said battery type and size, the gun can operate straight for 24 hours.

Like the standard setup, spontaneous speed readings can only happen if extra batteries are lying around.

Expected Purpose

Buying the right radar gun for baseball takes a more defined effort of knowing, from your end, how you expect it to work for you.

Ask yourself these questions before purchasing a radar gun:

  • Will I be using the speed radar gun for intensive sessions in the field?
  • Will I be using the radar gun for improving my fielding, pitching, or running performance?
  • Will I be using the radar gun to improve my running speed?

Those looking to improve their swing speeds, techniques, nuances, recovery, etc., should prefer a radar gun tool that records, transmits, and sends feedback.

Sessions and field training under the MLB level strictly require a tool to measure their pitch speed accurately. Regardless of being a point-and-shoot or a stand-alone speed radar gun, one must purchase a more durable, heavy-duty, or generally an expensive pick.

Velocity Auto-Adjustment

The velocity auto-adjustment quality in radar guns can mean many things, depending on the context. Some velocity settings actualize instant conversion between MPH and KPH; others refer to an auto-stabilizing feature in a speed gun.

Regardless, directly or indirectly, everything that falls under velocity control contributes to the radar gun’s accuracy.

When purchasing a radar gun, refer back to your primary intention of buying the radar gun. Is it for improving your or the player’s performance, or simply for monitoring speed?


Although the size does not directly affect the performance of a radar gun or radar guns, it still matters for other users. Most certainly, the speed camera size directly contributes to the compactness of the device.

When talking about size, the primary factor that comes to mind is the ease of mobility. But in the real sense, a large size does not immediately preclude the speed gun performance.

Stand-Alone Structure

For instance, in the stand-alone device, convenience manifests in the fact that you do not always have to carry it around when in operation. All you have to do is set it in place, and the radar gun will do the rest of the work for you.

On the other hand, a free-standing speed gun does not always spell convenience. Some free-standing devices, especially the inaccurate ones, require manual control time-by-time. It should be a hassle.

How to Use a Radar Gun for Baseball


To properly use a radar gun for baseball pitching, you have to stand directly opposite the moving object. You can be behind or in front of the object or person. What is important is that you can maintain an invisible line with the moving thing.

Once you have locked in a line opposite the subject, point the gun and release the trigger.

How Accurate are the Top-Rated Radar Guns

Cheap radar guns can already maintain a 7/10 accuracy. A regular radar gun, on the other hand, can go for 9/10. Ultimately, the radar guns (expensive and brand-certified) can be perfect with a 10/10 accuracy.

Do Baseball Radar Guns Work on Cars

Not all baseball radar guns work on cars. However, some brands like Pocket Radar, Bushnell, and others come up with radar guns that work on cars and other vehicles.

Can Radar Guns Be Used at Night

Yes. Some radar guns, particularly those with Doppler speed gun radar technology, do not require seeing the moving object. Instead, it only has to accurately measure the velocity, not the sight.

How Much Does a Radar Gun for Baseball Cost

The price range of radar guns for pitching (depending on material quality and brand pricing) can roughly swing between $90-$180.00.


Securing the best baseball radar gun can take a total effort to dig into the highly detailed aspects of the speed gun. Picking suitable radar guns or speed tracking devices requires meticulous attention—the need for accuracy in the field demands that we choose the top-tier technology available.

If you need a baseball radar gun placement, check out the three qualities: accuracy, overall performance, and compactness. Also, check the top-ranking reviewed speed camera products: Bushnell, Stalker Radar, and Pocket Radar.

If you follow our top three qualities, you will find your speed radar in no time.

Best of luck!

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