The Best Baseball Batting Tees for Realistic Training

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best baseball batting tees

Batting tees are vital for anyone who considers themselves a baseball player. After all, practicing with a high-quality batting tee can help improve consistency at the home plate. It can give batters the means to raise their batting average significantly.

So it’s logical to think most baseball players will look for the best baseball batting tees. But these people are often met with a great deal of frustration and stress. The market is flooded with options, which makes finding the perfect one difficult.

However, I intend to fix this issue by providing a detailed buying guide. It’ll help buyers get through this crowded marketplace by considering a few crucial factors. Here’s a quick look at some of those factors, which I will further discuss later:

  • Adjustable Height Range: The batting tee will have an adjustable stem, so you can practice hitting the ball at different heights. This range should be as comprehensive as possible for more flexibility.
  • Construction Durability: Most tees will usually consist of alloy or composite materials. But the quality can vary significantly, especially with a cheap batting tee. Therefore, buyers must do significant research into each product’s construction to ensure it can handle the wear/tear.
  • Portability and Storage: Ballplayers will want a good tee with excellent portability and storage capabilities for easy transport. As a result, options with easy disassembly processes or collapsible designs are often the best tees.

Aside from these discussions, I’ll also offer 8 product reviews of my favorite batting tees. Let’s begin with them to provide a starting point before diving too deeply into the buying guide. The reviews will give you some context for our more involved later sections.


Top 1


– Durable, high-quality metal construction
– Simple height adjustments
– Mimics hitting pitches well


Top 2

MacGregor ‎BBBATTEE9

– Extra stability with metal base
– Usable with wooden and metal bats
– Wide application with 20 to 36-inch adjustment range


Top 3

Jugs T ‎A0415

– Excellent stability with large, thick steel base
– Sizable adjustment range of 24 to 46 inches
– Interlocking bolt design prevents slippage


8 Best Batting Tee Reviews


TANNER TEE The ORIGINAL is one of the most well-equipped and popular batting tee products available for ballplayers. The tee earns this distinction with stellar features like its durable, high-quality metal construction. It should have no trouble lasting much longer than many of its counterparts.

I was also impressed with its wide adjustment range of 26 to 43 inches. It allows the product to function as a kids batting tee and a professional batting tee. Therefore, it serves a much broader purpose than an option like Franklin Sports’s Kids Youth Baseball Tee.

Similarly, its friction technology helps make the adjustments process effortless. I didn’t have a single issue adjusting the tee to the proper ball height. The tee even worked for my nephew, who’s been tearing it up against other youth teams since practicing with it.

I’d imagine his better performance stems from the tee’s hand-rolled rubber FlexTop. It provides a much more realistic feel when contacting the ball than other options. Honestly, I was a bit shocked by how well it mimicked hitting pitches.

Moreover, the FlexTop isn’t rigid like many heavy duty batting tee products. It offers some give to ensure my bat doesn’t get damaged whenever I swing. Plus, transporting this tee for baseball couldn’t be easier with its compact size that can fit right into almost any travel bag.

 Heads-up:  But I do wish this Tanner baseball tee was a bit more stable. A few other customers have mentioned its lightweight design falling over. Thankfully, I found an easy solution by putting a weight on the plate to add extra stability.

  • Durable, high-quality metal construction
  • Wide adjustment range between 26 and 43 inches
  • Simple height adjustments with friction technology
  • Promotes better performance and realistic feel with hand-rolled rubber FlexTop
  • Mimics hitting pitches well
  • Compact design allows for easy transport
  • Prone to falling over with lightweight design
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the lightweight design doesn’t stop me from being happy with this baseball training tee. It ended up being a minor nuisance. But it’s still something buyers will need to consider before deciding on this option.

2. MacGregor ‎BBBATTEE9 Batting Tee

It’s hard to imagine buyers complaining too much about a bargain option like MacGregor’s ‎BBBATTEE9 Batting Tee. This product is one of the more affordable choices available while being a solid competition among the top-rated batting tees.

MacGregor managed to stay competitive against pricer options, such as Tanner baseball tee products, by giving this choice a solid, durable construction. It’s made from weather-resistant, heavy-duty rubber that’s more than capable of withstanding regular use.

I was also thrilled with the tee’s metal base. If it didn’t have this aspect, I could easily see this tee having stability issues that hamper usage. It saves users a lot of time when training, which allows for an extra few swings.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook this product’s convenience level, either. It offers a wide application range with a sizable adjustment capability between 20 and 36 inches. Due to this, it can function as a practical tee for young kids and any other age.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have issues working with metal and wooden bats. I tested out both bat types on the tee without any damage or other problems. It’s no wonder why professionals and kids love this baseball batting tee.

 Heads-up:  But it’s worth noting that this baseball batting tee isn’t perfect. I did notice a pungent odor when taking it out of the packaging for the first time. Sadly, it wasn’t an isolated incident as some other customers mentioned this smell issue.

  • Doesn’t cost much
  • Solid, durable construction made from weather-resistant, heavy-duty rubber
  • Extra stability with metal base
  • Wide application with 20 to 36-inch adjustment range (suits many ages)
  • Usable with wooden and metal bats
  • Produces a noticeable odor
 Bottom Line:  However, I’m delighted to report the odor seems to have dissipated. The tee only needed some time and airing out to remove this issue. Once the smell was gone, this MacGregor batting tee was a solid addition and helpful training tool.

3. Jugs T ‎A0415 Pro Style Batting Tee

The Jugs T ‎A0415 Pro Style Batting Tee separates itself from competitors by providing stability most available options can’t match. For instance, it doesn’t have a tipping-over issue like TANNER’s TEE the ORIGINAL because it’s fitted with a large, thick steel base.

As a result, this steel base keeps the tee upright when met with a vicious swing. I even tested it out by swinging as hard as possible to see whether it would fall. Instead, this Jugs hitting tee stood tall while my ball sailed far into my backyard.

But the product’s stability isn’t its only standout feature. I found myself adoring its adjustment range, a sizable 24 to 46 inches. It works perfectly as a batting tee for 6 year old kids and professional players.

Users don’t have to worry about their chosen adjustment slipping into different heights, either. This tee has an interlocking bolt design to ensure this isn’t a problem. In addition, the flexible top allows batters to enjoy a better contact feel and performance.

Other notable attributes include the base’s grip n go handle and a detachable telescoping stem. Both these components are crucial to the transporting/storing process. They allow users to move the tee inside a bat bag without difficulty quickly.

 Heads-up:  Sadly, all these excellent features do lead to one significant downside. This pro batting tee is one of the more costly choices on our entire list.

  • Excellent stability with large, thick steel base
  • Sizable adjustment range of 24 to 46 inches
  • Interlocking bolt design prevents slippage
  • Flexible top promotes better contact feel and performance
  • Easy to move with grip n go handle on base and unscrewable telescoping stem
  • A more costly option
 Bottom Line:  Honestly, I don’t have an issue paying extra for excellent quality products. So I don’t see an argument against this tee being worth its asking price. But I can see how someone might feel weary as it does cost a bit more than many slightly less impressive choices.

4. PowerNet’s 1007 Portable Batting Tee Tripod

Portability is often an undervalued aspect of baseball tee and net equipment. However, PowerNet’s 1007 Portable Tripod Batting Tee takes the opposite approach. It makes transporting simple with its collapsible design that can fit inside a bat bag.

Of course, a portable tee doesn’t mean much without quality results. But users won’t need to worry about performance failures with this option, either. It offers several intriguing benefits, such as its quick adjustment process via the ergonomic dial screws.

These screws allow me to effortlessly change my tee’s height from 27.5 to 44 inches. It was a solid change of pace from the complications provided by other tripod models like Storgem’s Batting Baseball Tee. Plus, it even came with excellent instructions for the initial assembly, so I didn’t have any way of messing that up.

PowerNet did a fantastic job making the tripod’s legs wide and convenient, as well. The wide base provides them with a solid grip on indoor and outdoor surfaces. It provides me with a bit more flexibility when conducting batting practice.

I also must note the rolled rubber top can keep baseballs and softballs secure. In fact, I tested out both to confirm it was versatile enough to handle both sizes. This batting tee managed to pass those tests with flying colors and even ensured a weighted training ball sits steadily.

 Heads-up:  My only complaint is some customers did mention experiencing shipping issues. The product arrived without certain pieces or within damaged packaging in these cases. Thankfully, I didn’t have any of these problems with mine.

  • Collapsible design for excellent portability
  • Quick adjustment process with ergonomic dial screws (27.5 to 44 inches)
  • Easy assembly with provided instructions
  • Wide tripod base with wide legs offers great grip on outdoor or indoor surfaces
  • Rolled rubber top keeps softballs and baseballs secure
  • Shipping issues
 Bottom Line:  In the end, these shipping issues shouldn’t provide buyers with too much worry. Only a tiny handful of customers experienced them as most people were delighted with their purchase. Furthermore, the product’s benefits certainly seem to outweigh this minor risk.

5. BaseGoal Portable Batting Tee Tripod

Our next option, BaseGoal Portable Batting Tee Tripod, does an exceptional job adapting to wherever tee work is needed. It offers this benefit with a versatile design suitable for various applications.

For instance, it’ll have no problems working indoors or outdoors with its tripod stand. It can also work for 5 year old tee batters and professional MLB players with its adjustable height. I’d have difficulty finding a more flexible or practical option within today’s market.

Users can also rely on this product’s excellent stability, which others don’t provide. Its sturdy, rubber-padded tripod certainly does a better job staying upright than a non-tripod option like Champion Sports’s 90 Deluxe Batting Tee.

Meanwhile, this batting tee also doesn’t hold back with its durability. BaseGoal built this option with a robust and durable frame made from steel tubes. This solid steel frame will have no problem withstanding kids missing the ball and accidentally hitting the upper tee stem.

I adore this product’s no-tool assembly, as well. It made the entire process painless, even for a mechanically challenged person like myself. If these aspects weren’t enough, BaseGoal also made the tee more portable by giving it folding capabilities and including a carrying bag.

 Heads-up:  But I do have one concern with this batting tee. Users may need some lubrication to slide its top part down during adjustment.

  • Versatile design for various applications (indoors, outdoors, kids and pros)
  • Excellent stability with sturdy, rubber padded tripod
  • Strong, durable frame made with high-quality steel tube
  • No tools are required for the assembly process
  • Easy to transport with folding capabilities and included carrying bag
  • May need lubrication for adjustment
 Bottom Line:  The sliding became a non-issue as this product was a perfect fit for my tee drills. It gets the job done and is one of the best stands I have ever bought.

6. TANNER Heavy Premium Batting Tee

The TANNER Heavy Batting Tee checks off almost every box a ballplayer could want in hitting tees. It begins with its heavy-duty claw base, offering incredible grip via three contact points. This part won’t have any trouble remaining attached to indoor and outdoor surfaces.

I found myself also adoring this product’s robust and long-lasting construction. It managed to withstand my nephew missing the ball and hitting the tee’s stand piece. The hitting tee didn’t wear and tear, which I expect comes from its robust solid steel frame.

Customers might think this steel frame would significantly increase the overall tee weight. Instead, I’m delighted to report this model still maintains a portable, lightweight design. I have no problem carrying it with me to the field.

Adjusting this product isn’t overly burdensome, either. It utilizes friction technology, much like our previous Tanner product. Due to this, users won’t have much trouble adjusting the tee’s height for their hitting drills.

Once the adjustment takes place, batters can enjoy this product’s excellent hand-rolled FlexTop. It provides a comfort and feel most other hitting tees can’t match. Honestly, it has done wonders for my swing as I’ve been destroying the ball during softball games.

 Heads-up:  Sadly, this Tanner Pro batting tee is a much more highly-priced choice than most others on our list. Buyers will need to decide whether its impressive benefits are worth the increased price.

  • Heavy-duty claw base offers better grip on surfaces via three points of contact
  • Robust and long-lasting construction with a solid steel frame
  • Portable, lightweight design for easy carry
  • Friction technology allows for easy height adjustments
  • Provides realistic batting practice with hand-rolled FlexTop
  • Higher price option
 Bottom Line:  In my case, I have no issue spending extra on this Tanner heavy tee. The durable construction and stability alone mean I won’t need a replacement any time soon.

7. Champion Sports 90 Deluxe Batting Tee

Adjusting a hitting tee doesn’t get much easier than with Champion Sports’ 90 Deluxe Batting Tee. Its telescopic adjustment process allows me to slide between 22 and 47 inches easily. In reality, it only takes a few seconds to get my tee set up for batting practice.

It was also thrilled with Champion Sports’ decision to construct a steel core. This component increased the product’s reliability by a significant margin. In fact, I have used this batting tee for a year, and it has endured a lot of physical abuse without breaking.

Ballplayers should love this product’s rubber home plate base, as well. It has held up against outdoor elements well. Plus, it can function as a home plate within tee ball or little league games.

The product’s price tag is another attractive quality. It’s one of the more affordable choices among the best batting tee options. I’d even consider this a bargain buy, considering the exceptional features and lower cost.

Lastly, it offers a bit more application versatility than other tees. This benefit comes from holding both baseballs and softballs without any issues. Due to this, it can meet the expectations of many different buyers looking for hitting tees.

 Heads-up:  But I was thrown for a loop by this option lacking any instructions for the initial assembly. It could be a problem for anyone who isn’t too familiar with batting tees.

  • Quick telescopic adjustment process (22 to 47 inches)
  • Steel core construction with excellent reliability
  • Weather-resistant rubber home plate base for realistic training
  • A more affordable option
  • Multi-purpose tee suitable for baseball and softball
  • No instructions included for assembly
 Bottom Line:  However, I’ve had my share of baseball/softball tees, so I set it up without issue. I’d imagine even a newbie wouldn’t have much difficulty, especially with resources like YouTube. In any case, the positive benefits and features vastly outweigh this one issue for my needs.

8. Gonex ‎RP002R Baseball Batting Tee

Our last option, Gonex’s ‎RP002R Baseball Batting Tee, won’t amaze anyone with any advanced features or ground-breaking technology. But it does keep things simple and effective, which are often lost traits within this marketplace.

For instance, I can’t heap enough praise on this product’s lightweight tripod design. It finds a balance between being light enough to carry while remaining stable. In fact, this model won’t tip over or fall when a kid misses the target during practice.

In addition, the rolled rubber at the top can be replaced. As someone who often loses small items, this is a godsend. I won’t have to buy a whole new tee when my batting sends things flying.

The adjustment process continues this sense of convenience with its use of quick clips. It’s a bit unique compared to other methods like the dial screws on PowerNet’s 1007 Portable Batting Tee Tripod, but it remains straightforward and effortless to switch between 27 and 44 inches.

Last but not least, another commendable trait would be its folded length. It’s around 20 inches when disassembled, so I have no problem finding a bag to store it.

I’d also be a fool not to mention this model comes with two stylish color options, red and black.

 Heads-up:  I was disappointed by the convenience level provided by this tripod’s legs. Honestly, it can become quite a hassle to close them up quickly. It takes some practice to do so effectively.

  • Lightweight construction with a stable tripod
  • Replaceable rubber top
  • Effortless adjustment process via convenient quick clips (27 to 44 inches)
  • 20-inch length fits in many bags
  • Two stylish color options (red and black)
  • Legs are frustrating to close
 Bottom Line:  But once I got the hang of closing the tripod’s legs, this product became simple to use. It’s just a matter of getting through the initial frustration, which some people might not want to experience. After that, I enjoyed its many other benefits with a massive smile.

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Batting Tees


Batting tees are a massive component of keeping your swing tight and effective. Therefore, anyone serious about baseball or tee-ball should take the time to invest in a high-quality one. Our following discussions of crucial buying factors will help you pick the best tee.

  • Base Design

Most batting tees fall into two design types, a solid base or tripod. In either case, buyers must make sure the base’s design is stable and reliable. If it’s not, the tee will fall over when someone swings through it with their bats.

As a result, your practice session will only become frustrating and non-productive. You’ll spend most of the time picking up and resetting your tee. It’s not ideal for anyone who intends to make the most out of their practice swings.

I’d suggest looking at reviews to get a handle on each option’s base design. These resources should offer an idea of the base’s overall strength and stability.

  • Adjustable Height Range

Baseball tee equipment will come in various configurations and sizes. But the best ones will come with an adjustable stem. This piece lets users adjust the tee to an ideal ball height. Furthermore, it allows batters to practice swinging at pitches in different locations and areas around home plate.

Parents often find themselves loving adjustable baseball tees for another reason. For instance, they don’t have to buy different tees for each one of their kids. An adjustable tee can often be flexible enough to use for various age groups, depending on its height range.

I recommend taking a close look at each option’s height range. You want an extensive range between its minimum and maximum adjustable height. In other words, choose tees with a wide height range to ensure they can adapt to each batter’s needs more easily.

  • Cost

Cost plays a primary role in buying any product. Baseball batting tees aren’t any different as the variation between price tags can be significant based on certain factors. For instance, a suspension model or a batting tee and net can cost almost ten times more than a traditional one.

Given this information, I’d suggest constructing a budget based on your specific needs. You can then limit your options to a more manageable number for an easy buying process. Plus, it’ll help remove some of the frustration and anxiety of purchasing these products.

  • Construction Durability

Any high-quality baseball tee will have solid, durable constructions. It’ll be made from high-quality materials capable of withstanding the wear and tear of regular use. It won’t have any problem functioning after being struck with a bat repeatedly.

In most cases, these durable options will often consist of alloys or composite materials. You can often expect those materials to offer the necessary resistance against impact and weather conditions. I’d also look at choices with steel frames or an extra layer of stability.

In any case, stability and durability are crucial to ensure a baseball player can get the most out of their baseball hitting tee. Buyers will also want to examine each option’s holding cone. Look for models made with durable rubber and sufficient flexibility.

Sometimes, the rubber used in baseball tees isn’t always the best, so do significant research by reading through several reviews. If it does pass your inspections, the rubber tee should remain reliable.

It’ll also be a safe piece of gear to swing a bat against. Unfortunately, some lower-quality rubber tees don’t have any give, which can damage your bat.

  • Suspension or Not

You’ll encounter more advanced options called suspension baseball tees. These models work by keeping the ball suspended, hence the name, via embedded air blowers. They create a more realistic practice session than what you’ll get with a traditional baseball tee stand.

Many people choose these suspended options for their exceptional practicality. After all, the suspension of the ball removes any possibility of damage to your tee’s stand. You’ll need to have an almost comically lousy aim to hit an area where damage would be an issue.

Overall, suspension tees are a more advanced way of ensuring your purchase remains usable for years. But these options are known for being the more expensive tees. You’ll need to spend about $250 on a quality suspension model.

  • Portability and Storage

Portability is an often-overlooked factor when shopping for baseball batting tees. But it can have a massive impact on how buyers feel about their chosen model. After all, these tees are rather cumbersome when fully assembled and challenging to move comfortably.

So you’ll want to purchase one with an easy disassembly process or collapsible design. Both features will make your life much easier when storing and transporting the baseball tee. It’ll be a crucial piece of what makes your tee such a convenient piece of baseball gear.

What Batting Tees Do Pros Use?

Most professional players and teams seem to prefer using Tanner Tees. Their designs and adjustment ranges make them ideal for helping pros during batting practice. But honestly, any of the tees mentioned in our article could be a solid fit for professional use.

Do MLB Players Use Batting Tees?


Yes, MLB players use batting tees because they’re obsessed with working and perfecting the fundamentals. These tees offer an effective way to hone their swings and build up muscle memory. It’s a significant part of making sure their hitting skills stay sharp in the major leagues during the 162-game season or off-season.

Does Hitting Off a Tee Help?

Hitting off a tee does help both youth players and professionals by developing consistency in their swing. It’s the simplest way to ensure a person can create a baseline approach for each at-bat at home plate.

How High Should a Baseball Tee Be?

It’s a bit difficult to answer this question without knowing what pitch or situation you intend to simulate. But most professionals and young players set them up right in line with their belly buttons. It provides the tees with the maximum amount of contact with baseball bats.


Finding the best baseball batting tees to help develop your swing should now be easier. If you stick with our buying guide, the entire process will become more manageable. You’ll soon have everything needed to enter the batter’s box with supreme confidence.

But if you still have a few questions or want to share your experiences, leave a post in our comment section. I’ll make sure to respond as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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