The Best Baseball Gloves for 10 Year Old

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best baseball gloves for 10 year old

It would be impossible to pitch and catch a ball in a baseball game without the best baseball gloves for 10 year old. And looking for the right baseball glove size tends to be tricky at times.

It even becomes trickier when the player using it falls within the ages between 9-10. Growth within these ages can go rapidly. The glove that fits a kid’s hand today may no longer fit in the next few months.

A lot of considerations come into mind when buying gloves. Some of these considerations include the gloves’ material, fit, grip, texture, and durability. Categorizing these considerations into fewer areas would deem helpful. That is what we will be doing in this article, besides reviewing each of the nine products.

Perhaps, one would ask: “why spend so much trouble differentiating between gloves when they all look and feel the same?”. The swift answer is: “no. There is a bigger difference between each glove than you think!”

But, let us not go over the readers’ heads.

Let us start by presenting the top three qualities of the top-rated baseball gloves for players aged 10:

  • Durability: Durability remains an indispensable quality for most baseball tools. The baseball game is an intense undertaking. Thus, securing high-quality leather material construction for gloves should save the buyer from a lot of trouble.
  • Size: Size truly matters for a 10-year old catcher or fielder in baseball. Ideally, baseball gloves for users of this age should measure 10-11 inches in length. Choosing between these lengths should get easier when the dimensions are considered.
  • Hand Orientation: Choosing the right glove based on which hand is more dominant (left or right) should predict the glove’s performance. One can do this by trying on the gloves.

The products we will be reviewing below should possess all top three qualities, among many others. With this review, supported by the buying guide below, parents should easily spot the perfect glove for their 10-year old kids.


Top 1

Rawlings PRO LITE

– Has soft, but ultra-durable leather shell
– Features a right-hand orientation and throw
– Promotes lightweight hold with the assurance of precision


Top 2

Franklin Softball Glove

– Synthetic leather feels soft yet firm
– Has durable and authentic mitt material
– Has right-hand orientation and quick break-in period


Top 3

Rawlings Sure Catch

– Features super-soft and flexible performance
– Comes with 10.5-inch length
– Features a Sure Catch Basket for accuracy


Top 8 Baseball Gloves for 10 Year Old Reviews

1. Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove

For kids who are not playing first base, this modern feature by Rawlings promotes lightweight hold with the assurance of precision.

This baseball glove for 10 year old left a significant impact on my infielder son. With its soft but ultra-durable leather shell, it ensures faster and easier break-ins.

Speaking of easier break-ins, it requires less effort for the arm. My son had just been using it for six months now, but he is already talking about how comfortable and instrumental the glove is to his infield success.

The crucial feature that holds the pocket firmly is the superior all-leather lacing. Thus, the reinforced leather lacing and deep pocket make the glove safe to use on all occasions despite weather conditions.

Ultimately, the product suits right-handed ten-year-old kids. And as far as my son is concerned, the right-hand throw works flawlessly.

The glove measures 11.25 inches. This measurement places it right in the baseball glove sizing chart’s recommended 10-11 inch requirement.

Other worthy features of the product include a padded palm, cushioned finger-back lining, and other pro-style features. So in case, the kid is a beginner in the field, he should quickly get the hang of it with the help of this glove.

 Heads-up:  The main drawback my son experienced from this product is its web straps that do not match the whole piece’s durability.

  • Promotes lightweight hold with the assurance of precision
  • Has soft, but ultra-durable leather shell
  • Pocket strength with durable lacing for all occasions and weather
  • Features a right-hand orientation and throw
  • Has a padded palm, cushioned finger-back lining, and other pro-style features
  • Measures 11.25 inches, ideal for 10 years old
  • Web straps are not that rugged
 Bottom Line:  From my experience, the Rawlings baseball glove proves that comfort and precision can go together. The glove is indeed among the best choices for kids aged 10 and up.

2. Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Mitt

This versatile baseball glove is an actual best seller in its brand, Franklin Sports. This versatile baseball glove should improve the ten-year-old kid’s pitching performance by a double.

But before even going deep into the parts of the glove, finding out what size baseball glove for a 10 year old helps this product achieve its glory. For this package, players get approximately 11 inches of (I Web design) length.

A lot of the features that hold the glove together also make it versatile. For instance, the contour system, wrist strap, and thumb placement can all be adjusted to fit any size (within the size range for kids).

One factor, I believe, that makes my son obsess over this glove is its extreme comfort. Eventually, its thick synthetic leather feels soft yet firm in hand. Continuously pitching and throwing are made easier with this glove. Nevertheless, the glove eases possible pressure focused on the hand from its pocket to its padded palm area.

Another undeniable factor of this product is its durable and authentic mitt material that does not give long break-ins. Thus, this setup makes the glove the perfect choice for speed-oriented pitchers. The orientation of this glove involves a right-hand throw. Really perfect for my son!

 Heads-up:  The only gripe he has with the piece is that it makes his hand sweat a bit in summer weather. It does not feel hot on the inside, but it lacks some ventilation. Thus, my son would take it off his hand every break.

  • 10-inch long and a good fit with wrist strap and thumb placement
  • Synthetic leather feels soft yet firm
  • Has padded palm to reduce pressure when pitching and throwing
  • Has durable and authentic mitt material
  • Has right-hand orientation and quick break-in period
  • Lacks some breathability for long-hour summer games
 Bottom Line:  The Franklin Sports glove for ten-year-old kids stands out for its versatility, responsiveness, and comfort. This one could be everything parents look for in a glove for their little baseball player.

3. Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball Glove

We came to choose this top baseball glove for 9 year old for our son, who is turning ten this year. His old, extremely stiff glove has unfortunately taken its toll on his performance. Because of the stiff glove, he has rashes in his hand sometimes.

Now, this latest glove makes Rawlings famous again. Everything in it is good news. It is super soft, and it bends on will. Moreover, it is flexible from​​ the inside out.

The glove’s length is 10.5 inches. Its catch capacity shows an unconventional placement known as the Sure Catch Basket. With this feature, baseball catching and fielding ensure 20% more accuracy than most gloves.

As we mentioned before, it does not feel any different even when a ten-year-old boy wears it. Our son just completed fitting it and came running into the field within just a few minutes.

Its unusual basket pattern (including the soft shell and web pattern) enables the hand to dig for catching ground balls. In a way, it doubles precision while lessening catching effort. Quite strangely, too, it conditions the hand to grab and throw using nuanced techniques, not brute force.

 Heads-up:  The durable glove has a left-hand throw orientation. One problem we encountered in purchasing had to do with its slow customer response.

  • Features super-soft and flexible performance
  • Comes with 10.5-inch length
  • Features a Sure Catch Basket for accuracy
  • Designed for baseball youths with a complete fitting
  • Allows for catching fly-balls with good web pattern and shell
  • Has left-hand throw orientation
  • A bit slow customer service
 Bottom Line:  This latest pick embraces innovation throughout, an equally compelling power glove by the Rawlings brand, hence its new look and performance. Despite their customer service, I am pleased with the glove quality.

4. Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove

Parents looking for the perfect 10 year old baseball glove size should consider this design-oriented and genius work by the Mizuno brand. This item is 11 inches long. Among the top products featured here, it boasts 100% pure leather. Yet, it already feels broken-in.

Our ten-year-old son felt its softness right at first. Even when he was adjusting to the new glove, he immediately controlled his pitching ability. The glove’s ability to bend on pressure makes all these possible.

As a professional little league baseball coach, I can easily spot a good glove from a bad one. And this is a good one. Without much hassle, it slips through finger-controlled straps and laces. Kids will not have a hard time closing the straps.

It also proves to be a winner in terms of comfort and durability, given that it is made from full-grain pigskin leather. Also, the piece can withstand frequent use due to its Brown Tartan Flex Web. Meanwhile, its simple Power Close Technology maximizes the Tartan Flex’s unique properties, besides allowing quick close from ten-year-old fingers.

This right-hand throw-oriented glove makes use of MZO lining. Also, this allows for a contoured reach along with its pocket. My son especially loved its breathability as the liners can wick moisture well.

 Heads-up:  Yet, this is an entry-level glove, not a professional one. So parents must be aware of that before purchasing it for their kids.

  • Boasts of 100% pure pigskin leather
  • Bends on pressure (soft and comfortable)
  • Slips through finger-controlled straps and laces
  • Features Brown Tartan Flex Web for easy throwing
  • Has right-hand throw orientation
  • MZO lining embraces the hand curves and wicks moisture
  • Just an entry-level glove for baseball
 Bottom Line:  Nothing beats this Mizuno glove when it comes to design, comfort, and durability for beginner players! Parents who seek an entry-level glove for their kids should consider this option.

5. Rawlings Sandlot Series Baseball Gloves

Parents of ten-year-old infielders or pitchers will be delighted with another of Rawlings’ wonders. This youth baseball glove for 10 year old measures 11.75 inches, proceeds two options: left and right-hand throw.

This product performs with an ultra-durable synthetic material, features a Trapeze Web design, and has an overall responsive capacity.

It ensures 100% fast break-ins, throws, and catching each time. It may not be the most precise glove a kid could ever use, but it sure does bring out the best on a ten-year-old player’s pitching or in fielding capacity.

The glove has padded finger-back lining and palm sections that help it absorb impact and shock. In addition, it is breathable enough to keep the hand cool despite being wrapped in for the whole day.

Its Trapeze web design also happens to make it one of the most comfortable gloves on our list. Its high comfort does not affect the catches and throws regardless of compounding obstacles around.

A beginner ten-year-old player would quickly get hold of the position with this glove. So while it has its limits, it proceeds with high responsiveness to pitching, throwing, catching, and in fielding motions.

Thus, as I repeat: it is empowering for kids. So although he does not appreciate it as much as I do, I appreciate it for him!

 Heads-up:  If there is one thing that the product can improve from: that would be its lack of a deeper pocket.

  • Measures 11.75 inches, available in right-hand and left-hand throw models
  • Breathable finger-back lining for comfort
  • Palm sections absorb impact and shock
  • Comes with a trapeze web design for comfortable wear
  • High responsiveness to pitching, throwing, catching, etc
  • Lacks a deeper pocket
 Bottom Line:  Rawlings rule the ranks among the top-tier gloves for kids aged 10. Among its entries, this one impresses with high responsiveness, comfort, and durability.

6. FerDIM Baseball Glove for Kids Youth Adult

This product stands out because of its ergonomic design. Manufactured and released by the FerDIM brand, it provides a competent baseball glove size for 10 year old.

In detail, the doubled cord and thread provide security and extra comfort to the hand. It is this same setup that makes the glove the perfect training glove for beginners.

The product’s responsiveness comes from the strength of its PU artificial cowhide. For instance, although my boys have used it for two years, they still manage to use it at this point. Eventually, the glove can grow with the hand over the years.

So, I should say that it is flexible. And that has been proven many times in the field. Besides, the glove comes with left-hand orientation, ideal for softball training for beginners. Its sizes range from 10.5 to 12.5 inches, with multiple colors for kids to choose from.

The product is comfortable to wear from the wrist up to the fingers. Its Spongia Stereoscopic design keeps the edge of the glove from brushing and irritating the wrist skin. Since it is also breathable, it should also keep sweat from forming in the hands.

 Heads-up:  The product certainly has its faults. Its cowhide finish would eventually peel off. Although this entry has its shortcomings, it still maintains durability and comfort. As seen from its left-hand throw contour, its cord and strong leather threads come out to give it the perfect pop.

  • Sizes range from 10.5 to 12.5 inches with multiple color choices
  • The doubled cord and thread provide security and extra comfort
  • PU artificial cowhide for good responsiveness
  • Comfortable and breathable to wear with Spongia Stereoscopic design
  • A left hand glove for right hand throw
  • Synthetic cowhide peels off in the end
 Bottom Line:  All in all, this is an affordable pick for beginners, a FerDIM item – a competent and ergonomic training glove for ten-year-old beginners.

7. Mizuno Prospect Select Youth Baseball Glove

This Mizuno baseball glove for 10 year old infielder boasts a very soft and flexible feel. It bends just right where the hand is directing it during pitches and catches. Thanks to its extra-durable and solid leather skin, wearers can feel secure and comfortable after a while of use.

The piece extends its service to kids growing up to their teens but is having difficulty looking for or adjusting to new glove sizes.

This 12-inch glove, oriented for a left-hand throw, has all the necessary break-in chances. Yet, it is still ergonomic enough to distribute its properties to other areas instrumental to the glove’s dynamics. Hats off to the designers!

Although this glove is priced low, it does not feel cheap. My son would instantly exclaim out for the softness of the glove’s PU lining. Supporting both the palm and back of the hand by providing comfort, the PU lining holds 100% full-grain leather.

The product also has an open-back design, a nod to its more traditional look. The design allows the glove to bend in several angles to accommodate a nuanced approach in pitching.

 Heads-up:  Because of this snug design, kids as young as eight can put on gloves without feeling awkward. The product has its downs too. For instance, it feels too tight at first use, albeit it loosens up eventually.

  • Has extra-durable and solid leather skin
  • Measures 12 inches with left-hand throw orientation
  • An open-back design for good bending
  • Soft PU lining and 100% full-grain leather for comfort
  • A low-priced glove for kids aged 10
  • Feels a little tight at first use
 Bottom Line:  A solid representation of the Mizuno brand, this glove delivers high efficiency, softness, flexibility, and durability.

8.Wilson A200 Youth MLB Tee Ball Glove

Although various problems confronted people regarding using this product, particularly the snug and size inconsistency, this baseball glove for 11 year old still satisfies large-scale needs for little league baseball pitching. One helpful piece of information is, this glove is designed for MLB tee-ball.

This Wilson MLB A200 glove measures 10 inches, is designed for a right-hand throw and wraps in as an H-webbing glove. Such a design is most helpful for beginners as it allows easy bending.

Furthermore, this glove comes in beautiful color combinations and logos from all MLB clubs, offering our little kids some fun and pride when practicing baseball.

Comfort is the highlight of this kid-glove, as it comes with soft EVA foam. The addition allows our boys and girls to practice and play for hours on end without hand fatigue. Also, we should not worry about rash and redness due to stiffness or too-tight hold.

This durable glove perfectly works to train beginners with the feel, snug, and movements around pitching. But here’s its problem: it is not snug. Perhaps, this problem may have to do with its adjustable size.

 Heads-up:  It turned out that all it needed was a nice space for growth. Thus, this is one thing that should concern parents who are soon buying it for their kids.

  • Measures 10 inches; right-hand oriented
  • Works with H-webbing design
  • Available in beautiful color combinations and logos from all MLB clubs
  • Comes with soft EVA foam for comfort
  • Works as a durable training glove for beginners
  • Has inconsistent snug and size at first use
 Bottom Line:  All in all, many things remain true about this glove: it is a highly conscious, durable, and usable tool for beginners. The model can support our kids in baseball training to their first games.

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Gloves for 10 Year Old

what size basebawhat-size-baseball-glove-for-a-10-year-oldll glove for a 10 year old

When picking a good glove for their small kids, parents should ponder over many criteria. They want comfort and safety the most, as kids should not get hurt while playing their favorite games. Other supportive features should be highly recommended to reduce hand fatigue and make the practice easier for kids.

So, apart from durability, size, and hand orientation, many other essential features must be considered when buying the right kid and youth baseball gloves.


Even players as young as ten would require a more position-detailed glove. On the other hand, generic gloves do not precisely deliver to the fine pitching and catching needs. In other words, generic gloves only work as temporary aids.

Thus, the position of the player highly determines the expected performance of a glove.

Players who are assuming an outfielder position require bigger gloves for catching fly balls. On the opposite end, an infielder needs ergonomic gloves that allow them to pick ground balls swiftly.

Shortstops, left/right fielders, and first basemen need swift gloves with deep pockets for engaging fastballs.


The main principle for buying a baseball glove for kids is all about transition. Parents need to learn this and focus on price the next time they are about to buy them gloves.

The ages around eight to twelve prove crucial. Buying expensive gloves for kids within these ages would be useless and counter-productive. Expensive gloves fulfill a relatively permanent use. And that should only work for youth players.

Also, expensive gloves are proven to be stiffer. Experts point out that the more expensive the glove, the stiffer it becomes. Kids as young as ten would find a hard time adjusting to the stiffness, delaying the break-in in the process.

Another thing parents should keep in mind is that younger players need less training time than youth and mature players. What they need are transition gloves that would only introduce them to the pitching and catching experience.

Therefore, only a cheap glove can deliver this for the time being.

Webbing Design

There can be many webbing designs to choose from a baseball glove for a ten-year-old. To narrow down the selection, we will have to divide the webbing design into two types: open and closed.

The open web design shows spaces in between straps. Some spaces manifest as holes, while others manifest as strips. This type of webbing pattern is designed for outfielders intended to look up into the sun to receive fly balls.

The closed web pattern reveals less to no space in between straps. This pattern works to help pitchers catch, pick, and hide balls easily before throwing a pitch.

The recommended web design or pattern for kids is the closed web design since it is more unlikely for kids to deal with fly balls than ground balls.


The right material for a ten-year-old baseball glove is synthetic leather. Thus, when the time comes that the kid outgrew the glove and that parents will have to give it up, it will not be very much disheartening.

But a more critical reason urges parents to use synthetic leather material for their kids. Firstly, synthetic leather quickly breaks in. In addition, it gives a good bend, adjustment, and support to kids.

A bad choice for glove materials, in my opinion, is plastic. You should never let your kids use a plastic glove!

What Size of Baseball Glove Should a 10 Year Old Use


The standard baseball glove size, according to experts, for a ten year old falls between 11 to 11.5 inches. Fortunately, the standard is not a fixed figure, but an approximation. So closer sizes like 10 or 12 would still do.

Is a 12.5 Inch Baseball Glove Too Big for a 10 Year Old

Ideally, a 12.5-inch baseball treads farther from the range presented above (11-11.5). Thus, it could be too big for a 10-year-old. However, it cannot be true at all times since some ten-year-old kids tend to have bigger-than-normal hands.

On the other hand, some ten-year-old kids also have smaller hands. So the best thing to do in this case is to let the kid wear and try the glove first-hand.

How Can I Encourage Break-ins on Baseball Glove for Kids

There are many ways to encourage break-in on a baseball glove for kids.

Here are some practical tips:

  • Apply glove oil or conditioners to the leather.
  • Pull the stiff parts apart before every use.
  • Plunge the glove into boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Then, put a baseball in its pocket. After doing so, wrap the glove to close in on the ball tight for 30 minutes. Wrapping in the glove can make use of a sock, rubber band, or any cloth.
  • Upon buying, use the glove for a catching practice within 2-3 hours.
  • Strike the pocket part of the glove with any heavy wooden material, preferably a wooden mallet (make sure just to use wood and no other material).

How Do I Instantly Spot a Good Baseball Glove for 10 Year Old

Let your kid wear the glove. Ask your kid if the glove is too big or too tight. It should not be either of these. Instead, it must ideally be snug, as any loose end in the snug could potentially affect the pitching or catching performance.

The top-tier baseball glove does not necessarily mean zero stiffness. It has to be stiff enough to support and facilitate strength in hand. However, it must also be soft enough to support bends, motions, responses, and throws.

By then, one will have instantly acquired a versatile baseball glove for ten-year-old players.


Buying and choosing the best baseball gloves for 10 year old turned out to be more complex than anyone could imagine. Moreover, fitting for the baseball glove size certainly needs more than looking at the baseball glove sizing chart.

Several things need to be considered, especially when dealing with a phase as unpredictable as the pre-teen. In this case, we recommend that parents consider the top three criteria for the best baseball glove: durability, size, and hand orientation.

Parents should also consider other criteria like material, price, position, and webbing design.

What makes a good baseball glove for a ten-year-old? Comment your thoughts down below.

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