What is the Easiest Position in Baseball?

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what is the easiest position in baseball

In baseball, roles are as important as home runs. The positions will define you. Without these distinctions, it is hard to push through the game.

Each position entails a specific set of skills that one needs to master. And, of course, there is a level of difficulty per job. Yes, there is a hierarchy here too.

In case you are wondering, what is the Easiest Position in Baseball? It would be the right fielder. Know why as you read on!

Sports Roles 101: The Easiest Position in Baseball


It’s a common perception in baseball that the right field position is one of the less intense roles, often thought nimbler than others like the catcher or shortstop.

The main reason is, that since most pitchers are right-handed, chances are most balls fly to the left field and not the right field. That’s why there are few actions in this area of the field, thus less burden for this position compared to others, especially the left fielders.

Yet, it’s vital to note that no work in baseball is “easy.” As mentioned in the first part of this guide, each sports task comes with its challenges and duties.

To understand further, let’s get this discussion in more depth. The right field has traits that make it seem less selective in certain parts of baseball.

1. Fewer Balls to Hit


A right fielder is known as the most carefree job in the team because of its fewer plays. Mostly, there is a higher chance for balls to go to the infield positions or center field. But it doesn’t mean the right fielders cannot add some spice to the action during a match.

This job requires strength to give out a good long throw among the team’s outfielders. As the easiest baseball position, covering the right part of the field can be tricky. Thus, he is the 9th player for the defense.

2. Less Speed and Amount of Runs

Aside from fewer balls to counter, fewer grounds are also a factor to meet by any right fielder. Since it caters to less gaming space, they only need a little super speed and skill. That is why they think doing and playing is a lighter assignment.

But, no. These players still need to watch for a short number of line drives.

3. Throws


Even though people called right fielders the most accessible position in the team, there is a struggle. In this role, you need to be a skilled thrower. A strong arm will make you pass into the goal, mainly in the home plate and even the 3rd base.

4. Extra Bases

Right fielders also play a crucial role in preventing extra bases on hits down the right-field line.

Still, the easiest position to play depends on the mastery of sports skills that will rise up during the game. And to give you a better idea, learn the other functions of this sport. In this way, you can nail the best jobs for the team.

Discover them all as you keep on reading this guide!

Ranking Baseball Positions by Difficulty

There are a total of 9 key roles in the game of baseball. In this sport, people ranked them based on skills and difficulty. Though it may sound subjective, it is interesting to learn the functions according to hierarchy.

In this list, find out the most athletic position of the team and more!

There are levels of athleticism led for various ranks in baseball. One notes that each sports work requires detailed physical and mental skills.

1. Pitcher


If there is one hard act in a baseball game, it is giving your everything to set the ball in motion. And that’s what pitchers do! They demand exceptional details such as physical traits.

While they may not need the super speed and agility, pitchers need the right tempo and prime skills to throw accurately and consistently at high rates. That is why there is no doubt a lot of people consider this the toughest task on the field. Without a pitched ball, there is no frolic to follow.

2. Catcher


Opposite to pitching is catching when it comes to this sport. That is why it is also a tricky job to do. Say hello to catchers!

Being highly athletic is a need for these players. Catchers must have quick reflexes, agility to move behind the plate, and even strength for blocking pitches. What is more, they need a strong throwing arm to avert base stealers.

We know it sounds pretty tiring! Yet, catchers still have the endurance to squat for extended periods during plays.

3. First Base


The 3rd spot is a corner yet tough role in the field, which is the first baseman. A player must have good hand-eye coordination and skill to handle throws while keeping in check with the baseball position batter. With his edge, the team can take popouts and the most infield grounders.

4. Shortstop


Fourth on the list are the shortstops. If catchers are pretty brawny already, these guys are more of it. They are often one of the best defensive positions.

They have speed, agility, quick reflexes, range, and a strong throwing arm. With this, a shortstop player covers a lot of ground in the infield with involvement in many plays.

5. Third Base


Third basemen need athleticism, rapid reflexes, and the power to handle hard-hit balls. They drive long throws to first base for close plays at the plate.

6. Second Base


Second base players are responsible for the double plays and do tough jobs on the field. They might not be in an outfield position, but they sure need to do a hard pivot to toss the ball. Also, for short players, being a second base player is the most suited task for you!

7. Center Field


With baseball positions ranked by difficulty in this list, there is always a center fielder. Known for super-speed skills, they have to cover vast outfield territory. With this role, you also need to be a good tracker of the ball, which is a pretty hard thing to do as a part of the team.

8. Left Field


Just because it is not one of the hardest positions in baseball, it does not mean that being a left fielder is entirely easy. Trust us, it is not a walk in the park for them. These athletes need to be around the left area of the diamond.

9. Right Field


And, of course, the last player on the list – the right fielder. We already mentioned that this is by far the most carefree role to take in baseball position numbers. Still, they are an asset during play – well, every part is.

So, whether unique left-handed baseball players or gifted fielders, all these roles will give baseball the best color it could give!


In conclusion, the question “What is the easiest position in baseball?” became a bit of a ride. Each role is vital to the team, and its level of performance depends on the course of the game, which you cannot predict.

With this, you can tell that even the right fielder is an ace in the match.

Remember, baseball is not a sure game. Who knows where the shift of the ball might take this action?

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