The Best Youth Baseball Gloves for Enhanced Performance

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best youth baseball gloves

What is baseball without gloves? This question spells out the utmost importance of gloves in the sport. Whether a glove is necessary or not should no longer be debated.

Baseball players, across all ages and positions, depend so much on gloves for protection, comfort, and enhanced performance.

Doug Allison, known as the very first player to wear mittens in-game in 1870, not only felt relief on his injured left hand but was also able to maximize his handwork upon wearing a glove.

Eventually, securing the best baseball gloves became a major priority for anyone joining the sport.

But even the best baseball gloves may not serve all age ranges. Hence, young players need to be looking for the best youth baseball gloves.

To develop a good eye for superior youth baseball gloves, you will need to look into their qualities. Here, we have summed up three of them.

  • Feel: The glove cannot be too soft or flimsy to the point that it lacks strength, while also not too stiff to cause a drag to your agility.
  • Style: The style, including the design, not only helps you in expressing your uniqueness but also guides you on what to expect from the glove vis a vis the position you are playing. For example, catchers often use designs with Half-moon or One-piece web.
  • Fit: The fit tells you whether the glove is too big or too tight. Either of these extreme conditions hinders your performance.

These top three qualities and more are in the buying guide and reviews below. If you are diligent enough to note these details, you are sure to bring home the best youth baseball youth gloves!


Top 1

Franklin Baseball Gloves

– Requires zero break-in
– Feels super light, soft, but firm
– 5” size gives the hand freedom to move


Top 2

Rawlings Players Gloves

– Perfect starter tool for 7-year-olds
– Has a deep pocket for securing the ball
– Great fit, comfort, and feel (10-inch size)


Top 3

Franklin Sports Baseball Glove

– Has soft palm lining
– Easy to break in, perfect for small hands
– Anti-UV, tear-resistant cowhide leather


Top 10 Youth Baseball Glove Reviews

1. Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Gloves

Efficient and solid protection for younger players, this latest release by the Franklin Sports brand is one of the most trusted baseball gloves for youth and 10-year-old child.

Its quality proved most genuine when my son used it for T ball right after I bought it. I was quite worried at first that it would require a longer break-in time, as my son’s game was coming in the next four days.

But I was proven wrong when he came running to me telling me about how amazing this quality glove was, and how it just lasted the whole day of practice without stiffness. No break-in was needed. It was game-ready in no time.

When I felt it with my fingers, I instantly understood what my son has been going crazy about. This kids baseball glove was super light, soft, but firm! With such a combination, maximized by its 9.5” size glove, it allows the hand total freedom of motion without loosening for youth players.

Its lightweight comfort blends perfectly with its flexibility. It thus earns the right to be called the best youth baseball glove.

Moreover, I can say that these kids baseball gloves work for beginners who need hand protection while playing. For that, they really come off as efficient given that the price is not expensive.

 Heads-up:  If there’s any drawback, it’s the sizing of the glove. They will not fit wearers with big hands. But since my kid doesn’t fall into this category, I am glad to have purchased the pair.

  • Best as tee ball gloves
  • Requires zero break-in
  • Feels super light, soft, but firm
  • 5” size gives the hand freedom to move
  • Stays on the hands without loosening, flexible and strong
  • Not expensive at all
  • Not for big hands
 Bottom Line:  This Franklin Sports mitt/glove model for kids and youth earns all respect for not only possessing the top three qualities mentioned above but also for excelling among the top-tier youth baseball gloves.

2. Rawlings Players Gloves

These top youth baseball gloves from Rawlings could be our handy partner in the field! Wonderful for my 7-year-old kid, the package does well as a starter tool.

My 7-year-old gentle boy especially loved its extra-deep glove pocket, which made securing the ball easier. Sold with a basket web feature with shell and linings, this glove proves to be very versatile, being both a tee ball glove for novice players and a professional glove with a professional feel.

The 10-inch size, paired with a right glove hand throw design for pitchers, perfects the glove’s fit and feel. Moreover, the soft shell and flexible material did not cause any discomfort while wearing, allowing my son to play baseball for hours on end. So, in terms of comfort: I would give it a score of 100!

Another bonus feature of the youth glove that seemed to pique my boy’s interest was the vibrant black mint color. There are actually many other colors to pick from: red/blue, pink/purple, white, camel/black, etc. So, it should be easy for kids to find a design they like.

Those having trouble with its fit can easily adjust it via its laces. The laces work smoothly with a Velcro for quick tightening or loosening.

 Heads-up:  For its disappointing part, one customer reported receiving a dirty glove. This didn’t affect the performance of the product, but it is an inconvenience one should know about.

  • Perfect starter tool for 7-year-olds
  • Has a deep pocket for securing the ball
  • Basket web with soft shell and lining for novice and professional players
  • Great fit, comfort, and feel (10-inch size)
  • Right throwing hand glove, flexible and suitable for long-hour wear
  • Quick adjusting laces and velcro with many color options
  • May arrive dirty
 Bottom Line:  Vibrant, flexible, and a perfect starter tool, ideally for ages 5-7, these Rawlings Players youth baseball gloves are sure to stick around with consistent, excellent results.

3. Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Glove

Great news for infielders out there: here are good baseball gloves for youth from Franklin Sports for their position.

Players who are looking for an extremely durable youth glove for their heavy right hand throw demands will find this glove exemplary. It is made of cowhide leather, which is known to be tear and UV-resistant. One would not have to worry about it degrading after short-term use or requiring replacement early.

In addition, it features an extremely soft palm lining and an easy-to-break-in style. All these configurations make it a perfect piece for infielders with smaller hands who need their gloves to become game-ready quickly.

The 11.5-inch size can also fit many women, so men are not the only ones who can use this product. What’s even more notable is that the CTZ5000 can be used for softball games if needed.

The glove succeeds as one would expect from a product of its kind, capable of supporting professional sporting use.

A power feature of the product that deserves recognition is its i-Web pocket design that is just right – not too deep or too shallow. This particular feature, said my nephew, sets the sleek and durable model apart from its contemporaries. It allows him to retrieve and remove the ball quickly, so games could progress without delays.

 Heads-up:  On the downside, those with larger-than-average hands will not fit this glove model. It comes true to size, so we shouldn’t expect it to stretch too much.

  • Youth infield baseball gloves with anti-UV, tear-resistant cowhide leather
  • Has soft palm lining
  • Easy to break in, perfect for small hands
  • Can accommodate women’s hands (11.5-inch size) and softball games
  • For professional use
  • Has i-Web pocket design with the right depth for removing and holding balls
  • Too tight for large hands
 Bottom Line:  A sleek, durable, and trusted starter infield baseball glove, this latest entry by the Franklin Sports brand delivers when it comes to performance and will surely last multiple seasons.

4. Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Gloves

These 11 3/4-inch youth leather baseball gloves exceed expectations. For a first impression, the glove gives players a pleasant feel with its added palm comfort and protection.

It does not feel too loose, but this quality glove can stretch after a few adjustments. But what is most amazing is that even when loosened, it is still able to stay on the hand without falling off. This youth baseball glove is perfect from its design to its feel!

Now, let us go back to its 11 ¾ inch size. Players aged 7-15 are sure to get a perfect fit from this measurement, so kids may be able to stick with this option as they age.

This right-hand throw glove, ranking among the top-rated youth baseball gloves, functions well for the pitcher. It comes with an earthy and solid brown color with a Trapeze Web style, allowing users to deal with fly balls easily. For an added good look, its lining features thick but flexible leather.

Given its attributes, this package of youth gloves may be the feather of the cap of the Rawlings brand. And unlike other gloves, its zero-shock construction works even pre-break-in. It provides extensive protection and comfort and supports players’ pitching on the field.

Worried about its break-in time? Nah, it can be game-ready in over a day.

 Heads-up:  My only problem with the youth baseball glove is that it sometimes takes time to close.

  • Has added palm comfort and protection
  • Quick loosening adjustments (just over a day to break in) with a secure fit
  • Great for pitching and dealing with fly balls (thanks to Trapeze Web style)
  • 11 ¾ inch size is great for kids and youth
  • Has stylish earthy brown color with thick, flexible leather
  • Shock protection works without breaking in the gloves
  • Takes time to close
 Bottom Line:  This Rawling Sandlot baseball youth glove stands out among Rawling products with its excellence, proving once and for all that the brand excels beyond expectation, especially in the baseball community.

5. Easton Scout Youth Baseball Glove

Parents looking for a youth glove that delivers both comfort and performance will enjoy this design from Easton. Players can wear it all day long, and they will not feel strained under a heavy weight.

I swore that its leather material had something special. And I was not mistaken, for when I searched it up, the glove was made of hog hide with an ultra-soft leather shell that weighs around 0.5 pounds.

The good thing about this infield glove is that, due to its flex notch tech and three-piece palm construction, it can serve users for a solid number of days in the field, even three or four years. When I say being in the field, I mean serious baseball game runs. I, too, thought this infield glove was just for fun, but I was proven wrong.

What I was able to conclude about the infield glove is that it’s easy to break in. We only need to put a little oil on it, and the leather’s fit should allow kids to catch balls easily.

In terms of sizing, the infield glove is great for kids as young as five because of its smaller length of 9 inches. Young teenagers can wear it too, as long as their hands are not too big.

 Heads-up:  But I do not really think it is the infield glove for everybody, especially adults aged nineteen and up (unless perhaps they’ve got a smaller hand).

  • Feels good on the hand due to its low weight (0.5 pounds)
  • Has hog hide ultra-soft leather shell, fits kids and young teenagers (9-inch)
  • Has flex notch tech and 3-piece palm construction for longevity
  • Can handle tough games
  • Easy break-in with oil; broken-in leather aids ball catching
  • Too small for adults
 Bottom Line:  In terms of feel, fit, and style, the Easton infield gloves nail it. As long as they’re not used on adult hands, they should perform well.

6. Wilson A360 Youth Baseball Glove

For those who want a highly adjustable design, good youth baseball gloves like this one by the Wilson brand could do the trick. Its Velcro feature and 31.5-inch size make the fit adaptable enough for both young teens and adults.

Tailored for catchers, the glove comes with a Half Moon web that holds the ball tightly. Users will feel comfortable handling pitches and contributing to their team’s defense, all while looking stylish.

The leather has a classic black/gray color that looks attractive without compromising durability. It will withstand scratches and strong forces without wearing out too soon. In fact, one can expect the synthetic material to last up to four years.

The glove doesn’t disappoint in terms of comfort either, as the leather gives off a soft feel. Breaking it in is also effortless, considering buyers can find a guide to this process online.

More impressively, the CarbonLite shell technology makes this youth glove lightweight. People won’t have to deal with strained arms or hands when they have this piece on. The low weight also makes this Wilson design transportable, perfect for walking or cycling to the baseball field.

 Heads-up:  It’s important to note that this catcher’s mitt may be too large for 6 year olds. Parents with children this age may buy another option instead or wait until their kid turns 7 to use this one.

  • Adjustable with Velcro and 31.5-inch size, perfect for young teens and adults
  • Half Moon web allows catchers to catch balls easily
  • Classic black/gray color that’s attractive and durable (may last up to 4 years)
  • Has a low weight and soft feel for ease of use and transport
  • Break-in guide available online
  • Too big for 6-year-old kids
 Bottom Line:  Light, massive, and comfortable, this Wilson baseball youth glove works best for beginners, except very young kids.

7. Rawlings Prodigy Gloves

These youth infield gloves are a gift of practicality and a good starting point. My bro (aged sixteen) loved that they were already broken in right out of the box. The 11-inch size also satisfies a good old infielder and pitcher standard.

In other words, this infield glove feels just big enough. It’s comfortable too. But make no mistake about it – there is also a sense of tightness in its wrap.

This Rawlings Prodigy item may not be perfect. In fact, it is not the best release by the brand, compared to other infield gloves. And that is a good thing, as this only goes to show that the product seems nuanced for a custom fit.

Specifically tailored for a right hand throw, the infielder glove optimizes pitching and fielding performance with SureCatch technology. But that’s not all!

The basket web feature ensures accurate catches in both tee ball and professional games. As a pair of right-hand throw infield gloves, it does deliver as an exceptional starter option!

The product’s all-leather shell design and palm lining can quite instantly dazzle the wearer. The full-grain material of the leather glove will look charming for many years without breaking due to impact.

Another thing people point out about this infield glove is its shock-protective pad. This, for sure, feels tailored for catching baseballs. Even strong balls left zero pangs with the glove on when I tried it myself.

 Heads-up:  On the bad side, its laces are not very secure! After several uses, they would loosen up and go out of place. I am unsure whether this is a company or seller issue. Whatever the case, this ought to be fixed.

  • The pre-broken-in design fits hands comfortably
  • Infielder/pitcher 11-inch size standard
  • Sure Catch Technology, tailored for a right hand throw
  • Basket Web feature, great as a starter for tee ball and professional games
  • Durable all-leather shell design with palm lining
  • Shock protector for catching balls
  • Laces are no good
 Bottom Line:  The Rawlings Prodigy youth best infield gloves don’t have much to improve. As long as one has a lace repair kit, they should work well for years.

8. Holiberty Kids Teens Youth Baseball Mitt

Among the good baseball gloves for youth, Holiberty’s piece deserves attention. It may not be the ultimate glove at a glance, but it does carve out a place within the best ones.

Resembling a mitt more than a glove, this right-hand throw leather model for fielding can be as good as the player wants it to be. Kids aged five to ten will highly benefit from this, and they can use it for a starter fielding experience. For a 10.5-inch size, the glove fits really well.

Boasting a vinyl style that allows it to close rather quickly, the glove/mitt maintains a balanced feel of flexibility and strength. The strong and thick threads enable the infielder to throw or catch the ball easily without hurting from impact, thereby gaining strong defensive momentum.

What’s more, the PU leather material is breathable. It will absorb sweat and keep the hands cool, enabling users to play team matches in the summer without taking the mitt off frequently.

Furthermore, this glove is easy to break in, so preparing our kids for a fast-approaching game spells no trouble at all, especially if we already have experience with handling baseball gear.

 Heads-up:  At this point, I would like to point out that the glove world is complex. And not all gloves, perfect as they may seem, would fit a serious career in sports. Some gloves work just for tee ball and warm-ups, and this is one of them.

  • Right hand throw leather mitt for beginners in fielding
  • 5-inch size fits 5-to-10-year-old kids
  • Has vinyl style for quick close, strong and thick threads to withstand impact
  • Breathable PU leather for summer games
  • Easy and quick to break in, especially for experienced glove users
  • Not for professional use
 Bottom Line:  The Holiberty glove certainly excels in providing comfort and durability, at least as kids baseball gloves for youth play.

9. PHINIX Youth Baseball Glove

This latest youth outfield glove by the Phinix brand is made to conform to small hands and is recommended for boys around 11 years of age. Although it is a lower price point glove, it does yield all the right results, particularly in outfielding.

Surprisingly, it feels, fits, and appears just right for warm-up catches. Like most great gloves made of synthetic leather, it does not weigh much. However, it still manages to maintain that firmness and a bit of stiffness for support.

Since it is soft, it does not require time and effort for a longer break-in time. Thus, younger kids or a youth player who is aiming to get a new glove for an upcoming game should consider buying this.

The pocket also adds to the existing comfort as it comes with padding to protect the hand but is not too thick or inflexible that grabbing balls becomes impossible.

Players who are doing a left-hand throw with an intention of a quick-release action will certainly feel good about this.

 Heads-up:  Unfortunately, the webbing on the fingers isn’t as sturdy as it should be. So what I did was replacing it with some DIY laces. It is a small nuisance, but this youth glove still works as it should.

  • Conforms to small hands, perfect for kids around 11 years old
  • Has a low price
  • Great for warm-up catches, left-hand throws, and quick releases
  • Lightweight synthetic leather with firmness for support
  • Fast and easy break-in
  • Padded pocket that’s reasonably flexible for grabbing balls
  • Webbing on the fingers isn’t durable
 Bottom Line:  This Phinix baseball glove sets out to be an example of a glove that has the right feel, fit, and style. It provides more value than one would expect from a product with its price.

10. Mizuno Pro Youth Baseball Glove

If I were to describe this kids baseball glove with one word, I would say “monster.” It is one-of-a-kind among Mizuno products, as the specialized toughness found in this design will please any infielders.

I would just like to clarify that while this infield glove perfectly suits kids or a young player, it is not solely for kids. I am a 20-year-old, and I can say that this youth glove works just right for me.

Among designs for middle infielders, this one may last a lifetime. This is all thanks to the steerhide leather, a weather-resistant material often used for jackets. Developing players who frequently play outdoors will appreciate such a feature.

Upon closer looks, users will see an elite leather palm liner that provides added comfort. Buyers who are worried about stings from handling baseballs will find it easy to like this model, even if they don’t care about the nice shine of the glove.

It ranks among the toughest infield gloves that are the easiest to break in, thanks to its quality. The material handles oil well and looks nice with no wrinkles. In fact, it actually smells quite nice.

 Heads-up:  If there’s one drawback for this product, I think the infield glove is unnecessarily expensive if one’s only playing recreational baseball.

  • Tough infield glove for young kids (may fit young adults as well)
  • Features US steerhide leather that’s shiny and weather-resistant
  • Has an elite leather palm liner that eliminates stings
  • Handles oil well for easy break-in
  • Wrinkle-free and nice-smelling
  • Too expensive for recreational use
 Bottom Line:  Overall, people like the Mizuno Pro youth and kids infield glove for its tough but also beautiful design. It would be hard to find many models with these qualities.

What to Look for When Buying Youth Baseball Gloves


The top three qualities of the greatest youth baseball gloves manifest in various areas of the said product. In reality, each quality does not emerge all by itself; it comes in connection with other features. In short, the overall quality of a youth baseball glove is as good as the integration of several criteria.

While the feel, fit, and style are the most standout qualities, they are still dependent on a whole row of other factors to be better utilized.

Here are some notable details to look for when buying youth gloves.

Difference Between a Glove and a Mitt

Whether you’re buying broken in youth baseball gloves or a generic brand new baseball glove, be aware first of the difference between a glove and a mitt. Your technical knowledge can instantly give you an idea of what specific design and function you are looking for.

Mitts don’t have fingers like gloves do, and they are usually long with extra palm padding. Mitts aid specific roles in the field like countering impact and scooping up balls. Thus, not everyone can wear mitts. Only the first baseman and the catcher can own a mitt in the field. Outside these positions, everyone is to use a glove.

The glove, on the other hand, has several functionalities. Kids and youth playing across different positions should prefer gloves more than mitts.


The perfect glove size would fit well. Whether you are sure or unsure of the right baseball glove dimensions, you must always make it a habit to refer to the baseball glove sizing chart for guidance.

The baseball glove sizing chart comes in varied formats. But across all of them, the charts feature two common variables: age and position.

Choosing the best kids baseball gloves size plays a vital role in boosting your confidence and enhancing your performance in the field against an opposing team.

To find the right baseball glove size for you, begin by measuring from the topmost part of the index finger and run the measurement towards the palm. Once you reach the heel of the glove, mark the spot.

The measurement can now serve as the basis for choosing baseball glove sizes in the chart.

Break-In Potential

When it comes to baseball gloves, the potential for a nice break-in almost always tends to be an urgent issue.

Why do we need to break in a baseball glove?

Some baseball gloves today, especially the ones made from pure leather, tend to be stiff on first use. The process of breaking them in makes the gloves or mitts more comfortable to wear. But while we can break in all gloves/mitts, not all of them respond well to the method.

This particular difference among gloves distinguishes good products from the rest. In a way, the glove’s characteristic of being easily broken in can also signify, 100% of the time, that it fits and fits well. The same property also makes much difference to a youth travel baseball glove.

To find a glove that’s easy to break in, read the reviews of the gloves you plan to buy.

What Brands Should I Consider When Purchasing Youth Baseball Gloves


Here are some top brands you should consider when purchasing your great glove (based on this and other article’s reviews):

Franklin Sports

The Franklin Sports brand has been around since 1946. In its existence, the brand leads as the ultimate sports brand for all – baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball, golf, etc.

The Franklin brand is considered to be a producer of one of the best youth glove types and stands out because of the qualities that reflect in its products – efficiency, smartness, and uniqueness.


Rawlings has proven to be an icon in sports gear production. Known fully as the Rawlings Sports Goods Company, Inc., it consistently ensures top-tier features in its youth baseball glove products.

Easton Scout

Easton Scout leads as the most responsive brand in the market today. Its lineup of youth baseball gloves features the perfect fit, feel, and style.

Several reviewers hail Easton as the “world’s premier manufacturer of baseball and softball tools”.


Talking about sports seems impossible without also talking about the Wilson brand. Originally founded in 1913, the brand is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, sports brand to exist to this day and one of the producers of the best glove in the market.

The Wilson infield gloves are superior and uncompromising sports products made for all ages. Not only are Wilson products sustainable, but they also enhance player performance!

How Do You Size a Youth Baseball Glove

Here are the steps on how to size your youth travel baseball glove:

Step 1: Get to know your glove

Sizing a glove would be impossible without first going into the details of its parts and functions. Only by locating and identifying its parts can you truly understand how the glove functions as an overall system. Make sure to have a sizing chart ready to use.

Step 2: Determine your size

Determine the size of the glove by measuring, beginning from the tip of the index finger pad going down to the heel of the glove.

The mitt, on the other hand, requires a different way of measuring. Measure its full girth across the middle of the palm area.

Always refer to the baseball glove sizing chart for an accurate result.

Step 3: Break in your glove

Once you have found the great glove or mitt, make it a habit to break it in to achieve optimum comfort. This process also paves the way for future sizing or resizing.

What Is the Difference Between Infield and Outfield Glove

In baseball, the difference between an outfield and infield glove lies in their design.

The infield glove, for instance, comes with a shallower or smaller pocket. This configuration allows it to receive and release the ball in the shortest time possible.

The outfield baseball glove has a deeper pocket necessary for catching pop flies, fly-balls, and other difficult balls.

Second, the infield glove has shorter fingers, which are needed for quick releases. The outfield glove, on the other hand, makes use of longer fingers for scooping up balls and enclosing larger areas.

When it comes to youth baseball gloves for small hands, outfield gloves may be 11 inches, while infield ones are 9 inches.


There you go – the best youth baseball gloves!

From our review of youth baseball gloves or mitts, these products rank high in terms of feel, fit, and style with almost the same durability. Our top three products are as follows: the Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Gloves, Rawlings Players gloves, and the Franklin Sports adult baseball gloves.

Choosing the right baseball gloves in terms of size, design, and position ensures enhanced and injury-proof performances in baseball.

But if you want to conduct your own search, we hope the factors mentioned above can help. Thank you for reading!

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