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best prescription baseball glasses

Astigmatism. Eye trauma. Tears and cuts. Eye injuries. These are just a few of the dangers that can permanently harm your eyes when playing baseball. Whether you are a seasoned or a beginner baseball player, you remain vulnerable to these injuries.

Baseball currently ranks as one of the sports that causes the most eye injuries. Besides the possibility of being hit by the ball, the exposure to the sun’s UV rays potentially hurt the eyes.

Wearing any of the best prescription baseball glasses listed herein should protect your eyes when you are out on the field. But before you decide to buy one, you must first identify three of the product’s most essential features.

  • Fit: A well-contoured pair of glasses stick to the face even during heavy motion expected in a baseball game. Also, a great fit almost always feels comfortable and light. Ultimately, it should not come in contact with the brim of the hat.
  • Wrap-Around Feature: This feature ranks as one of the most important features of baseball glasses. It comes in a curved shape that covers the corners of the eyes, keeping it protected from the corners without losing peripheral vision.
  • Grip: The grip complements the fit. It keeps the glasses from moving and falling off during motion. By doing so, it protects both the glasses and the eyes from possible exposure.

Considering these three important features should make you confident in the protective glasses you pick. Furthermore, with the help of our top reviews and buying guide, you should be able to enjoy your game in no time without worrying about your eyes!


Top 1

Oakley, Oo9188

– Provides superior comfort
– Boasts of a trendy look
– Features an exquisite design and feels


Top 2

Duco Sports Sunglasses

– Features a high-visibility/non-fog lens quality
– Features five replaceable polarized lenses
– Excellent for people with eye problems


Top 3

Leico Polarized Sunglasses

– Has a 1.1 mm Tac Polarized UV400 lens
– Features a firm grip, easy-fit design, and curved lens
– Feels comfortable and ergonomic


Best Prescription Baseball Glasses Reviews

1. Oakley, Oo9188, Rectangular Sunglasses

These Oakley prescription baseball glasses are simply a winner when it comes to comfort. It is as practical as its design is impressively fashionable. Yet, it still manages to maintain such elegance!

Ranking as the ultimate protective pair of glasses listed herein, its lens coating can filter 100% UV radiation and blue lights. Hence, it is just the perfect pair for baseball games.

In terms of fit, it features Unobtanium ear and nose pads that add comfort and help it perfectly blend into the shape of the face. As I mentioned earlier, its shape appears elegant, simple yet also highly fashionable.

I find the product to be incredibly light. It helped me a lot, especially with sweating. You see, I am sweaty every time I play baseball. Also, I move a lot. Luckily, its ear socks and fine plastic material add to its already firm grip.

Does it have a rounded lens shape? It does. And while it’s not perfectly curved, it can still manage to seal the eyes of some dangerous UV rays.

 Heads-up:  Sweaty and active players like myself can best benefit from this product. Although its lens and frame are plastic, the pair can still resist incoming impact. In other words, it works as a great aid from the inside and out!

The Oakley package features a whole bunch of color choices.

  • Provides superior comfort
  • Boasts of a trendy look
  • Features an exquisite design and feels
  • Lenses coating protecting 100% against UV rays and blue lights
  • Ranks 10/10 in terms of fit, grip, and roundedness
  • Features a whole bunch of color choices
  • Lenses can fog up
 Bottom Line:  Besides certifying protection and comfort, the Oakley Rectangular Sunglasses also satisfies one’s taste for fashion and elegance.

2. Duco Sports Cycling Sunglasses

This equally great product boasts high visibility, an extra-strong grip, a perfect fit, and a crisp wrap-around design. In addition, no other pair of sport glasses for baseball can match its polarized lens technology.

Unlike other polarized lenses, this item maintains high visibility. Plus, I can change up to 5 lenses with this. I thank its established Duco technology for that.

What I like about this product is that it works on all activities, not only sports. I was able to go cycling over this one. Cycling requires a different grip, fit, and wrapping with its glasses. The eyes need clearer filtering and depth when in motion as in cycling.

Fortunately, it has the proper setup to cater to a whole range of outdoor pursuits – flexible, detachable lenses, yet durable polycarbonate material. This pair is perfect for baseball games as its lenses can also resist scratch well.

Another thing that attracted me to the wear is its impact-absorbing material. Having said that, I believe it currently reigns as the most durable choice in this list.

People with eye problems can significantly benefit from it, considering that a consultation with an ophthalmologist is observed. All we need to do is replace lenses that fit your eye grade level through a one-step piece removal and attachment.

We can mainly do it by ourselves within seconds!

 Heads-up:  The only problem I encountered upon purchasing the product is its slow-responding customer service.

  • Features a high-visibility/non-fog lens quality
  • Has an extra-strong grip, perfect fit, and crisp wrap-around design
  • Features five replaceable polarized lenses
  • Works on a wide range of activities – sports, cycling, etc.
  • Has impact-absorbing and scratch-resistant polycarbonate material
  • Excellent for people with eye problems
  • Slow-responding customer service
 Bottom Line:  The Duco Sports Sunglasses work as an all-around material that is flexible and durable, necessary for sustaining grace under pressure.

3. Leico Polarized Sunglasses

If I were to speak about one thing that makes this prescription sports glasses baseball tool stand out, I would instantly point to its 1.1 mm Tac Polarized UV400 lens. Because of the quality of these lenses, I was able to play then read without changing to another pair of glasses.

But these lenses can do more than that. They fully protect the eyes from all forms of radiation while maintaining a solid grip. Players who report to the field (baseball, soccer, etc.) would get a good helping from this product.

Besides its excellent polarized lenses, it impresses with an easy-fit and sufficiently curved lens shape. But no worries: these configurations do not add a bit of weight to the frame as they remain comfortable and ergonomic.

Among the prescription glasses listed herein, this one proves to be the most ergonomic. For instance, the lens comes with a quick turn-up mechanism.

What is this for?- some may ask.

The turn-up mechanism allows for other lenses to fit in. And boy, they fit so easily. It looks as if the frameworks are on almost all ready lenses. This setup should be helpful for those who wear many glasses.

 Heads-up:  Finally, its microfiber material works as a rock in protecting your eyes against possible trauma.

  • Has a 1.1 mm Tac Polarized UV400 lens
  • Features a firm grip, easy-fit design, and curved lens
  • Feels comfortable and ergonomic
  • Made from solid microfiber material for certified eye protection
  • Turn-up mechanism for convenient wear of other glasses
  • Poor customer service; lack of response
 Bottom Line:  Thanks to its polarized lens and many other excellent features, the Leico Sunglasses for baseball champions with the most ergonomic design in the market today.

4. Oakley’s Men, Oo9154, Rectangular Sunglasses

These prescription sport glasses for baseball confidently rank among the most trusted brands in the list regarding comfort, wideness, lightness, visibility, and overall adjustability.

Thanks to its rubberized frame lining, its frame should work perfectly for people who quickly feel pain behind the ears (Unobtainium earsocks and nose pads).

What I find most comfortable about it is its half-jacket look. Accordingly, this same sunglasses feature ensures that it glides lightly and adjusts instantly with any facial width. It also provides an automatic wraparound action, a smooth fit for all facial contours, and a firm grip.

The flexible frames, aided by its Plutonite lenses, deliver impressively well in absorbing trauma intended to the eyes. Thus, wearing it in a baseball game would be a perfect idea!

Another big deal I noticed about the product is that it does not weigh in on your face even if you wear it all day. You can even move, get wet, roll around the dirt, and swim with it and it stays attached without hurting your face.

As I’ve mentioned, its adjustability is heavenly! You can thank its O-matter stress-resistant frame for that pleasure.

 Heads-up:  The only problem I encountered with it is that once its lenses are cracked, they would prove difficult, if not impossible, to replace.

  • Feels highly comfortable with rubberized frame lining
  • Fits all facial widths and contours
  • Has high visibility and adjustability
  • Has Unobtainium earsocks and nose pad
  • Solid fit, grip, and wraparound feature
  • Features an O-matter stress-resistant frame
  • Tricky-to-replace lenses
 Bottom Line:  The magic in the Oakley’s Men sunglasses lies in their glorious adjustability and high resistance to pressure. People who do intense stuff in the field would get good help from this.

5. BangLong Sunglasses

Among the top prescription baseball sunglasses featured in this list, this product by the BangLong brand solely earns the reputation for being the most durable wear!

It remains comfortable despite profuse sweating, intense movements, and spontaneous removals. All these actions lie in its self-adjusting nose pad. Thus, it qualifies as a crazily innovative and self-adjusting tool. The eyewear’s interchangeable lenses testify to that.

Its grilamid frames contribute significantly to its self-adjusting, protective, durable, and comfortable design. The high-technology framing supports the polarized lenses as well. Also, its frame height of 48mm ensures that it is a good fit, grip, and wrap-around.

These polarized sunglasses are great all-weather and round-the-clock use, thanks to their diverse lenses – black polarized lens, glare-transparent lens, light blue lens, colorful lens, and yellow night vision lens.

All these characteristics make the product an affordable choice for baseball eye protection. And even for anyone who suffers from myopia, they won’t have to be concerned when wearing it because of its built-in myopia frame.

 Heads-up: The problem I noticed from it is that it’s a bit challenging to change its lenses.Other than that, it’s simply awesome!

  • Has super-durable coating, frame, and packaging (solid case included)
  • Works as an intelligent, self-adjusting tool
  • Comes with a great fit, grip, and wrap-around action
  • Polarized glasses for all-weather and round-the-clock use
  • Has built-in myopia frame and solid eye protection
  • Lenses tend to be difficult to change
 Bottom Line:  The BangLong sunglasses promise high durability and protection. Besides possessing the top three qualities, this product has got more to offer.

6. Nike, EV0700-001, Rectangular Sunglasses

These Nike prescription baseball glasses prove to be more than just sports gear. Its optics are simply one of a kind. By experience, I can claim that its optical quality so far ranks as the most vibrant in the list. Eventually, the vibrancy of the scene matters a lot to me.

It works primarily so at outdoor events where dust fog is commonplace. Even when we are playing baseball or running in the rain or thick dust, its lens would naturally clear up.

Its multi-angle lenses, furthered by its 100% wrap-around setup, integrates all possible angles and tricks the brain using light reflection. We cannot find this technology in most prescription glasses today. Only this product behaves with this auto-focusing feature for better viewing in a baseball game.

As for depth, its lenses accomplish a rather accurate representation. Its 65mm lens width makes sure of that!

The best thing about this product yet, for me, is its beautiful rectangular design. Compared to other sports glasses, this one exudes a more cheerful elegance. Apart, wearing them feels sexy for me, who happens to have a bigger head.

But is it equally cute on smaller heads?

Yes, of course! As I have mentioned, it should fit all sizes. All it needs is a few manual adjustments to work.

 Heads-up:  The bad experience I’ve had with the product so far involved a lens replacement. Note that it took two months before my complaint was received. And their customer representative was not so friendly.

All-in-all, I would rate its customer support with just 1 star out of 5.

  • Has an accurate 65mm lens and superior optic quality
  • Has multi-angle lenses with 100% wrap-around setup
  • Has excellent depth and grip for a good fit
  • Comes with a beautiful rectangular design
  • Customer support needs improvement
 Bottom Line:  Nothing beats the Nike Rectangular sunglasses in terms of vibrancy, elegance, fit, grip, and wrap.

7. Oakley Men’s, 009236, Valve Rectangular Sunglasses

This latest pair of baseball glasses by the Oakley brand speaks of style and practicality. Its deep matte gloss, visible on its lenses to the tip of its frame, brings about a non-reflective surface necessary for daytime use. The same gloss also deepens the lens focusing during the night.

For that same reason, it can work on low-light baseball game matches, fulfilling a practical overtime purpose.

Its build and precision also carve its very rationale. Supported by extra-strong frames, solid and high-grade plastic covering, it easily ranks as one of the most durable products in the market today. Thus, this framework automatically perfects its wrap-around, fit, and grip.

Nothing appears more integrated than its product’s parts. All its elements precisely work to protect the eyes from UV rays, shatters, and impacts.

Although it does not flex like most products here, it surely holds its frame in place despite constant contact with pressure.

One can feel the effect of its filtration. Although complex, the light filtration facilitated by its lenses fulfills a straightforward action: light blockage. Thus, even when we are not used to non-progressive lenses, our eyes should still easily adjust to various changes in lens whatsoever.

Take note: the product package includes options between polycarbonate and iridium. All in all, the glasses look so pretty on all facial types.

 Heads-up:  The drawback I noticed from it is its crack-prone coating. But with proper maintenance, it should still look fresh in the coming years.

  • Features a stylish command
  • Fulfills baseball player’s requirements with non-reflective surface
  • The extra-strong build makes excellent fit, grip, and wrap-around
  • Works with practical light filtration functionality
  • Protect the eyes from UV rays, shatters, and impacts.
  • Includes both polycarbonate and iridium lenses in its package
  • Has crack-prone coating
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the Oakley Men’s sunglasses are top of the charts when it comes to practicality and style.

8. X-Tiger Sports Sunglasses

These latest sport glasses for baseball impress are ultra-light and pressure-resistant frames. But, it doesn’t stop there. With its package full of practical accessories, it should help us reach the extra mile.

The product’s TR-90 material frame and overall flexibility allow it to bend at extreme odds. Also, these standout traits make it one of the most durable gears on this list. It can go as far as an inch when bent. In turn, it gives the sunglasses an added strength for receiving high blows.

Its extensive fit, strong grip, and full wrap-around configuration make it an adequate eye protection gear. Nevertheless, if you find its lenses cracked, we can always replace them up to 5 times.

Here’s more: Because of its ultra-light and thin breadth, it allows quick replacements mid-action!

Its frames also require minimal effort to be replaced. And, the glasses look good on all facial shapes and sizes.

What I love about it is its opaque shade. I find this incredibly useful, especially during extreme weather. Thus, people with myopia quickly get through the game wearing these.

 Heads-up:  Moreover, the glasses’ ventilated frames keep the sweat away. So despite how sweaty I can get when playing baseball, I still find it comfortable to wear under the sun. Both its grip and comfortable nose pad sufficiently hold on.

  • Has ultra-light and pressure-resistant frame
  • Made from flexible TR-90 material frame
  • Has high durability and protection
  • Has extensive fit, strong grip, and a full wrap-around
  • Has opaque shade and ventilated frames
  • Lenses can be too large for individuals with smaller faces
 Bottom Line:  The X-Tiger sports sunglasses give off a light feeling that makes me forget that I’m wearing them in the game. And, these durable glasses are superb when it comes to protecting our eyes.

9. The Fresh Shield Sunglasses

The experience I had with these best prescription glasses for baseball was surreal. It works perfectly for stylish baseball players who prefer HD-clear vision. With these glasses, compromise is no longer a thing.

More than anything else, it qualifies 100% as a progressive set of glasses. Meaning, it does not impose eye grade level but instead adjusts based on our eye level needs. To ensure that, its manufacturers designed it to fit all other frames. Being the progressive pair of lenses that it is, it promotes the perfect fit possible.

This product also delivers a good grip on facial structures, sizes, and contours. It would not have been able to do so without its perfect fit and wrap-around feature.

It protects the eyes more than anything else in light-shielding (100% UV protective lenses) and impact absorption. All these features make it the absolute wear for all outdoor occasions, most especially cycling, baseball, and mountain climbing.

I love wearing it because it does not hurt my eyes every time I instantly shift from wearing and not wearing it.

As I mentioned a while ago, it tops as one of the most stylish prescription/progressive glasses on our list. With its matte black finish, pairing on occasions deems most doable!

 Heads-up:  We may have to mind its lens attachment link each time to keep it from loosening out.

  • Features stylish design and HD-clear lens vision
  • Qualified 100% as a progressive set of glasses
  • Has the perfect grip, fit, and wrap-around
  • Comes with solid UV light-shielding technology
  • Lenses easily loosen out from the frame
 Bottom Line:  The Fresh Shield sunglasses would shield our eyes with absolute accuracy while maintaining freshness and style!

10. Optix 55 Polarized Sunglasses

This latest product by the Optix 55 brand works well in protecting the eyes that already suffer conditions like myopia, cataract, hyperopia, etc. And their lenses are certified progressive. Because of its features, people consider it to be correctional.

Like the products herein, it sits nicely on any facial shape and size. Since it does, it should give the correct grip necessary for intended physicality. Moreover, it does not fall off even on greasy skin, thanks to its complete wrap-around design.

Among the polarized products here, it features one of the most polarized lenses. The lenses maintain detailed vision quality amidst external elements like sun, dust, sand, rain, etc. Wearing on activities like baseball, cycling, hiking, and even swimming would prove most productive.

While it fits all face sizes, it does work well on smaller faces. And while it sits, it remains intact even when you change glasses. The flexible and one-touch frame maintains a stable fit despite adjustments. In my case, I no longer have to change lenses with this product; all I have to do is to put in another pair of glasses, and voila- it all fits!

 Heads-up:  The product is also ultra-light that does not give any sense of discomfort upon wearing. The only issue I experienced with it involves a non-durable nose pad.

  • Great for eyes with conditions like myopia, cataract, hyperopia, etc
  • Has 100% progressive eye control technology
  • Comes with fantastic fit, grip, and wrap-around
  • Has high-quality polarized lenses for good vision for baseball, cycling, hiking, etc
  • Flexible and one-touch frame and lightweight
  • The nose pad is not that durable
 Bottom Line:  Problematic eyes do not pose a threat against wearing the Optix 55 Sunglasses because of their whole progressive nature. It also has excellent flexibility and command in fashion for more comprehensive options.

11. Xiyalai Cycling Sunglasses

Perhaps one of the most celebrated progressive glasses for baseball in the market today, this latest pair of sunglasses comes in various polarized forms that protect the eyes from UV rays and external impact. It has got quite a list of options for lens replacement – from yellow, polarized, to transparent.

The kind of polarized quality these lenses have does not feel “in-your-face.” For instance, adjusting between shades can give off a glaring time by time if done with the usual lenses. However, in the case of these lenses, we will no longer have to experience a bit of glare. They guaranteed no squinting!

Another impressive feat by this product involves its ventilated frames. Thanks to the frames, baseball players will not have to sweat during the day and tighten up during the night.

Consequently, the glasses work with unmistakable tightness in terms of grip, fit, and roundedness. But it holds just right, not to overwhelm the face with unnecessary tightness.

Among its dimensions, its 5.03-inch temple width brings about the most comfort. The temple length allowance maintains a spacier feel in the face. In this effect, it enables the frame to flex and bend during contact.

This particular characteristic of the material makes the product a great choice for baseball, volleyball, basketball, as well as many other contact sports. It even delivers for other outdoor activities like cycling.

Is it durable? Yes. Luckily, it is one of the most durable pairs of sunglasses featured in this list.

 Heads-up:  It is heavier than most sunglasses.

  • Has a unique and celebrated progressive and polarized effect
  • Features diverse lens color/shade options
  • Has ventilated frames for ultimate comfortability
  • Features superior grip, fit, and roundedness
  • Has great temple length allowance; really durable
  • Feels heavy in the face
 Bottom Line:  The Xiyalai Cycling sunglasses remain unbeatable in terms of uniqueness in their polarization effect. Using it in certain touchy situations would save us from big trouble.

12. KSACLE Premium Sunglasses

These prescription sport goggles for baseball/sunglasses remain incomparable in terms of grip and fit adjustability. The rubber attachments to its frame contribute a lot to this feature.

I find it to be a struggle to keep my glasses in place. Luckily, this neat pair of prescription sunglasses come with a strap, hence its goggle-like appearance. This feature makes the pair ideal for active games, either baseball or jogging.

Another big hit I find of it is its comfortable wrap-around feature. And among the wrap-around designs in this list, this one ends up being unique as it does not go entirely wrapped on the facial outline. However, from where it ends, the polarized effect begins. As a result, the model goes up from “amazing” to “premium”!

Adjusting it works like magic too. I can just pull the tip of the strap to tighten; release to loosen.

The glasses’ polarized lenses shield the eyes as any polyester material can. Its frame, on the one hand, puts in a silicone material. Moreover, it should double the comfort expected of it.

Overall, the tool includes adjustable nose pads, earsocks, and lens frames. With this setup, it easily imprints as royalty when it comes to adjustability.

 Heads-up:  The only problem I find with it is that its straps manage to mess with my long hair.

  • Has superior and unbeatable grip and fit adjustability
  • Comes with an efficient strap for active baseball games or jogging, etc
  • Has unique wrap-around feature for a better fit
  • Made from polyester and silicone
  • Has adjustable attachments for comfort
  • Straps might entangle with long hair
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the KSACLE Sunglasses rightfully earns the premium title for baseball players, in addition to their superior adjustability.

What to Look for When Buying Prescription Baseball Glasses


The typical glasses you wear do not qualify as the proper gear to wear in a baseball match. Baseball, like most outdoor activities, hosts a bunch of risks to the eyes. Thus, picking the appropriate glasses should relieve the current eye conditions, support our visibility and keep us comfortable in the games.

Protective Capacity

When choosing the best prescription baseball glasses, check first and foremost the impact-absorption capacity. Try bending the frame and see if it yields or resists. If it yields, then it has to be made from a flexible material.

Finally, test if it bends further without cracking. That would only mean that it features a flexible yet hard material.

Coating and Colorants

While it may sound mundane and unnecessary, a product’s coating and colorants help it display an anti-reflective surface. These elements play an essential role in the use of glasses under the sun. Without the layer, the glasses would not be able to deter UV ray reflections.

The colorants, on the other hand, give off the sunglasses’ fashion effect. Thus, it is responsible for the shade, hue, and overall color of the lenses.


The immediate cause of injury involving sunglasses in a game involves the broken bits of the lenses. When a ball hits the glasses, the chances are that the pieces come in contact with the eyes.

To avoid this, secure a pair of sunglasses with a solid fit and grip with grade A polycarbonate. By doing so, you eliminate the chances for shatter amidst the constant possibility of impact.

Picking the best protective glasses is not an easy business. But, it does not mean that it is impossible to do so. To start off, you can look into the main qualities of a solid pair of sunglasses: fit, grip, and warp-around. The rest should follow.

What Kind of Prescription Glasses Do Baseball Players Wear

Baseball players wear prescription glasses made from high-quality polycarbonate material. In addition to that, these glasses must work with progressive lenses.

They must not overwhelm all eye types (including the problematic ones) with a higher eye grade level but instead display super-clear optics of the surrounding.

How Do You Care and Clean Your Prescription Baseball Glasses


The following are the steps on how to care for and clean your prescription baseball glasses:

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the glasses not only keeps the lenses clear but also keeps them in good condition. Here are a few cleaning tips:

  • Apply Cleaning Solution

An anti-fog spray and other cleaning solutions for glasses work well in clearing the surface. In addition, it keeps the tint intact.

  • Wipe the Lenses

Only use a microfiber when cleaning the glasses/lens. Using regular clothes, fibers, and even tissues can leave micro-scratches on the glass surface.

  • Dry the Lenses

Make sure to air-dry the lenses before wearing them back or returning them to the case. Slight moisture on the lens and the frame provide a home for bacteria.

Caring Tips

Caring for and maintaining the glasses include a whole range of manners for wearing and storage. These include the following:

  • Use both hands when wearing the glasses.
  • Avoid putting pressure on the nose pad.
  • Do not push the glasses on top of the head.
  • Avoid playing the glasses directly inside the bag without enclosing them first in the case.
  • Do not place the glasses in a hot area.
  • Avoid placing the glasses in a moist area.


The best prescription baseball glasses do not only give off a trendy and fashionable appeal but also a long-term functionality. That functionality pertains to protection. Eventually, among the parts in the body, the eyes tend to be the most vulnerable during a baseball game. Thus, they are to be protected by all means.

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