The Best Baseball Bats for 8 Year Old Players

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best baseball bat for 8 year old

The baseball game consists of different levels determined by age, ability, and little league command. One cannot expect a 5-year old kid to bat using a heavy bat fit for an adult. Thus, this aspect in the game calls for the best baseball bat for 8 year old players.

Selecting the bats based on age and level is an intricate process. And, not all of these calculated drop weight results can exactly match the prevalently erratic growing pattern of an 8 year-old kid or below.

For the benefit of the readers, we have categorized the bat reviews experience based on three main qualities:

  • Transition: Manufacturers originally came up with actual transition bats for kids ages 12-above who have outgrown their baseball bats. The transition feature recently did not require a solid bat but instead merged into the standard barrel diameter of 2.5”.
  • Weight and Length: The baseball bats’ weight and length highly determine the ideal baseball bat for an 8-year-old. A hefty bat naturally pulls down the kid’s arm, preventing a good swing. An extremely light bat, on the other hand, can also decrease the swing momentum.
  • Material: A metal bat, with its emphasized sweet spot, can cover up the kid’s lack of technique and strength. But, it can also pull the arms down with the weight. On the one hand, a wood bat material feels light enough to maintain swing balance, except for durability.

With the help of these highlighted qualities, including the buying guide below, buyers can finally pick the right baseball bats for their 8 year old and below kids.


Top 1


Rawlings, 5150

– 27 inches long while weighing 17 ounces
– Features improved 2.0 pop technology for a light swing
– Provides firm hold and nuanced swing for 8-year-old


Top 2


Easton Typhoon

– ALX100 alloy finish secures a full bat swing
– And concave cap design for quality use and balance
– Ideal for kids


Top 3

Wilson Louisville Slugger

– A balance in weight and length of -9 drop
– A comfortable grip with synthetic leather cover
– Allows exact swinging and batting


Top 10 Baseball Bat for 8-Year-Old Reviews

1. Rawlings, 5150, Youth Baseball Bat


The Rawlings brand’s best bat for 8u baseball boasts a 27 inches long and 17 ounces. There are more options for bat figurations that suit different ages, but this one is ideal for 8-year- old players.

The product’s outstanding features are the result of 2.0 technology. This pop works hand in hand with its -11 drop and alloy material. Thus, the overall configurations achieve a light swing weight for our 8-year-old kid or below.

The overall composite of this bat lies in its redesigned barrel profile. Thus, the entire revamping of the big barrel profile contributes to a balanced design. The bat offers a firm hold but is light enough for making a nuanced swing.

This bat boasts of a 5150 revamped alloy model, which ensures long-lasting use with its durability. The aerospace-grade material offers excellent performance due to reliable responsiveness.

Notably, all these amazing features come at an affordable price, thus making it a good gift for kids just starting to enjoy and practice baseball.

 Heads-up:  However, the tape on the bat has some cuts upon arrival. And I think it might be a shipping issue. Other than that, everything is nice-looking and well-crafted.

  • 27 inches long while weighing 17 ounces
  • Features improved 2.0 pop technology for a light swing
  • The revamping of the big barrel profile for a good balance
  • Provides firm hold and nuanced swing for 8-year-old
  • 5150 revamped alloy model for long-lasting use and excellent performances
  • An affordable choice with nice-looking design
  • Has some chips on the tape due to shipping issues
 Bottom Line:  The Rawlings kid and youth baseball bat top our list with its adjusted barrel and weight. Due to the new technology and great price, it is a good choice for small kids practicing their first baseball games.

2. Easton Typhoon Youth Baseball Bat


I bought my daughter an Easton baseball bat for 7 year old as she started playing at school. My seven & eight years old both held the bat and experienced no discomfort. The bat drop, swelling sweet spot, and the army-grade alloy material all say it: certified fit for a wide age range.

Manufacturers of the baseball bats for 8-year-olds initially designed them for youths. Yet, with its incredible transition quality, it can work for players on different levels.

The ALX100 alloy finish secures a full bat swing 100% of the time. A solid construction paired with an end cap concave design allows players to enjoy ultimate balance when holding the bat and making a swing. Furthermore, the military-grade material offers good quality for long-term use.

Its -12 drop weight and compactness contribute to the easy swinging practices. The bat also only weighs 15 ounces, making it ideal for 8-year-old kids who start baseball.

Besides, the bat comes with a 2-1 4-inch barrel diameter. Just imagine the all-new energy transfer dynamics it can do now. Again, my daughter was right all along. This kid and youth baseball bat sustains swings and energy transfer without a miss. For those having doubts: look into its cushioned 2.2 mm flex grip.

 Heads-up:  My daughter’s only problem with this best bat item is its vibration. So I got her a good pair of baseball gloves, and she’s happy now.

  • ALX100 alloy finish secures a full bat swing
  • And concave cap design for quality use and balance
  • Ideal for kids, -12 drop weight, compact design 15-ounce weight
  • Has 2- 1 4″-inch barrel diameter for energy transfer dynamics
  • Vibrates a bit, thus requiring a pair of gloves
 Bottom Line:  The Easton Typhoon baseball bat reigns because of its wide-age range transition factor. Besides, it is a good choice for kids with its compact, lightweight, and balanced structure.

3. Wilson SPorting Goods Baseball Bat

Another ideal bat size for 8 year old players is the Wilson Sporting Goods Louisville Slugger. Achieving a balance in weight and length, the bat allows an excellent grip for kids.

With its -9 weight and weight ratio, this item is among the idea baseball bats for 8 year olds that offer a perfect pop.

As per experience, my son’s batting and swing performances improved after practices frequently with this bat. We are happy that its well-made design allows him to control his swinging direction easily.

Apart from these burgeoning technicalities, this professional kid and youth bat impressed me with its durability, as seen in its premium alloy and big barrel design (resembling a paradox composite barrel). Also, its grip is made of synthetic leather, allowing kids to have a comfortable hold when swinging. One would be surprised to check on the bats still without dents!

Baseball players or coaches should find this bat most satisfying, especially when receiving blow after blow. Its 7/8-inch handle is of standard measurement, helping kids and youths practice their first games without feeling uncomfortable.

 Heads-up:  From my experience, its drawback, so far, has to do with its delayed customer response. Other than that, I am grateful that my kid has fun playing his baseball games.

  • A balance in weight and length of -9 drop
  • Features premium alloy and big barrel design for durability
  • A comfortable grip with synthetic leather cover
  • Comes with a 7/8-inch handle as a standard measurement
  • Allows exact swinging and batting
  • Has delayed customer response
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the Wilson USA baseball bat trims down in weight and mass but transcends in efficiency and power- a perfect combo for learning 8u baseball players.

4. Rawlings Raptor Youth Baseball Bat

The Rawlings USA baseball bat for 8 year old boy is a -10 drop weight design. The bat can accommodate my 8-year-old son’s level of capacity. In other words, the bat performs more like a responsive tool (with its bright blue alloy material) than a rugged field display!

For kid players, the bat’s weight and length ratio is essential for good baseball practices. In this case, the -10 configuration allows them to reduce the mis-hits, thus encouraging them to enjoy the games more.

Since this is not much of a high-performance bat for professionals, buyers can expect it reasonably priced. Parents on a budget who want a quality baseball bat for their 8 years old can go for this well-made item.

In truth, the bat is durable enough to accommodate kids for more than a year. Its alloy construction is responsive and rugged, giving kids the confidence to swing and make mistakes if they still cannot control their force.

 Heads-up:  If the little league player is too weak to handle the bat due to pre-existing injuries, the bat should easily support their momentum, all thanks to its fully-maximized sweet spot. This is thanks to the 2 1/4-inch barrel design to support players.

  • Accommodates ideally 8 year old level capacity
  • Works as a responsive bat (great alloy material)
  • Has -10 drop length/weight ratio for beginners’ good practices
  • A durable bat that support players for a long time
  • An affordable choice with good quality
  • A fully-maximized sweet spot with the 2 1/4-inch barrel design
  • Not much of a high-performance bat for professionals
 Bottom Line:  Nothing could be more assistive than the Rawlings baseball bats. Younger and more vulnerable players should benefit most from it!

5. Franklin Sports Kids Youth Baseball Bat

Those looking for a bat size for 8 year old boy should check out this well-designed item from Franklin. The bat boasts a stylish look that appeals to any young player wanting to stand out on the field.

Parents should consider the length to weight ratio when seeking the right bat for their kids. For starters, this one features a -11 drop, with a 24-inch length and 13-ounce weight. It is among the most lightweight designs for kids, allowing them to practice their swing speed.

Besides, with this configuration, this baseball bat allows the highest number of swings and fixes a firm grip for weak holding. Its slender but firm roundness takes much credit for this. Still, nothing beats how perfect the bat feels on a kid’s hands.

With its fully-built barracuda trademark, adequate sleekness, robust aluminum alloy material, and a lot more, the bat requires the least handling effort possible. So, this one should be the perfect bat to start for kids who can not use their wrist strength very well.

My daughter’s team coach recommended the brand to me. But later, I found out that it qualifies among the top USA baseball-approved bats. Thanks to the amazing customer response, the subscription and purchase proved to be the best experience.

The main issue I had with the USA baseball bats for 8 year old involved the lack of sweet spot maximization.

 Heads-up:  Other than that, the bat is super-okay!

  • -11 drop, with a 24-inch length and 13-ounce weight
  • Has aluminum alloy material for long-lasting use
  • Requires little handling effort with a lightweight design and strong grip
  • Comes with USA baseball-approved seal
  • Has amazing customer response
  • Has a lack of sweet spot maximization
 Bottom Line:  The Wilson bat goes the higher mile with its added grip excellent for smaller and even injured arms.

6. DeMarini Baseball Bat

The DeMarini 2019 Uprising is perhaps one of the most affordable 8u baseball bats I have bought for my 8 year old son. Its balanced swing weight (typical of a Louisville slugger type) equips his arm swing with added strength and grip.

The bat’s big barrel design allows players to control their force and direction for the ball’s bounce and response. Watching my son bat baseballs or even tee balls, I noticed that he finds each batting experience more comfortable than before.

The bat also brings in a full pack of other features, starting with its aluminum durability. Our kids can rely on the bats for multiple practices and games without worrying about severe dents appearing so soon.

Furthermore, the bat comes with a -10 drop weight with a length of 27 inches and a weight of 17 ounces. It could be a bit heavier than the usual youth bats for 8 years old, but the balance achieved by its weight and length ratio more than makes up for the extra lbs.

However, parents should check if their kids are OK with such measurements since players with injured wrists or arms might find it a bit tricky to practice with this bat every day.

 Heads-up:  Other notable features of this bat include a solid end cap placement and a sleek look. Many kids vouched for this bat’s nice combination of colors and patterns.

  • Features a balanced swing weight (via end cap and other features)
  • Equips kid’s arm with added strength and grip
  • Features a highly durable aluminum
  • A -10 drop weight: 27 inches – 17 ounces
  • A sleek look that makes players stand out
  • Kind of a heavier bat than many designs on this list
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this DeMarini baseball bat rules strictly for kids’ use. Once held, it utilizes all its mechanisms for accurate swings!

7. Easton Youth and Kid Baseball Bat

I bought the Easton USA baseball bat for 9 year old because of its excellent offers. This good bat deserves recognition among young players for its airplane-grade ALX50 alloy material to its smooth end cap.

In truth, the flex grip area is cushioned to ease up gripping and swinging. The layer is 2 mm thick, allowing kids to feel comfortable holding the bat for long-hour practice.

Furthermore, the ALX50 alloy construction proves to be stiffer for increasing force when in contact with the ball. So, kids who do not have strong arms or wrists can manage a good swing in their first practices.

To increase the power of 8-year-old baseball players’ swing, this bat is incorporated with a forged end cap. The added detail allows kids to drive their swings through the hitting zone as well.

In terms of length and width, the bat comes with 27- inch and 17-inch configurations. This -10 drop bat is a typical one-piece design that supports a ling swinging session.

Notably, this well-made and tested item is qualified for BBCOR (Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution) leagues, indicating that it meets USA standard for baseball.

 Heads-up:  The only downside of this otherwise perfect bat is its paint, which can be easy to chip and peel off after a month or so.

  • Features an airplane-grade ALX50 alloy that is stiffer for increasing force
  • Has cushioned on flex-grip for easy handling
  • Comes with a forged end cap for controlled speed and swing
  • 27- inch and 17-inch configurations, a one-piece design
  • A qualified bat for BBCOR (Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution) leagues
  • Not very durable paint layer
 Bottom Line:  The bottom line is, the Easton SPEED -10 USA Youth Baseball is an ideal item for kids aged 7 and up to enjoy practicing and playing baseball with utmost support.

8. Franklin Sports Foam Baseball Bat

This trendy item by the Franklin brand has an 8u baseball bat size fitted for kids 9 below. It is even among the ideal picks for 3 year old kids, as long as they are guided closely.

This bat flaunts as one of the unique designs on this list. With a 24-inch oversized body foam, it maintains a highly responsive ball. The soft rubber covers an inner core molded to form a solid bat.

The foam prepares kids for the experience of handling a bat and providing them a firm grip. Also, it soothes the tension in the hands of young professional batters caused by gripping. Thus, it is a comfortable item for long-hour games.

What makes this big foam bat an ideal for kids of different ages is clear: it makes batting the ball much easier for beginners. Also, there is a 3.5-inch soft ball included for our kids to practice right away.

Notably, the brand balances this whole item with a good weight and length ratio. Thus, it would be safe to say this item maintains the balance necessary for training at a specific baseball level.

More importantly, this well-made product is an MLB licensed bat, proving safe and easy to use for kids and supporting them the best in every game.

 Heads-up:  Compared to the items on this list, this bat is not as durable. However, outside the context of actual field use, it should last as a training tool.

  • A suitable design for kids aged 3 and up
  • 24-inch foam with molded core for a highly responsive yet rugged bat
  • 5 -inch soft ball for easy and comfortable holding
  • Maintains the balance necessary for training with a good ratio
  • An MLB licensed bat for safety and support
  • Not the most durable material
 Bottom Line:  The main focus of the Franklin bat is to train and prepare kids for the actual game. By that, it impresses without a doubt.

9. US Games Foam Bat

One of the standard baseball bat sizes for 8 year old manifests in this US Games bat. Popular with their composite bats, the brand produces a good item for junior players.

The bat is designed to distribute the kid’s batting focus from the arm into the bat angles. With this, the young player can start practicing with the basic skill to trickier ones smoothly.

Furthermore, this neoprene bat is surprisingly lightweight, at just about 12 ounces, around 4-5 ounces lighter than the usual bats for 9-10 years old. The configuration of the bat is 29 inches long with a 2 3/4-inch barrel. Hence, parents can trust this item to support their kids in swinging easily.

We are then able to provide a safe environment and experience for our young and small players. But even by doing so, we also get to subject them to the authentic feel of end-loaded swing weight. Meaning, this bat for 8 year olds gets to train the kids’ skills without hurting them.

 Heads-up:  But just like the previous product, its material proves to be not as long-lasting as some premium products on this list. Yet, we can expect a shorter use due to its affordable price.

  • Comes as a composite bat
  • Provides safe transitory experience for kids to develop their skills
  • A lightweight neoprene bat, at just about 12 ounces
  • Ideal configuration: 29 inches long with a 2 3/4-inch barrel
  • Supports easy swing and safe batting experience with end-loaded weight
  • An affordable choice for parents
  • Has not very long-lasting material
 Bottom Line:  The US Games bat, vis a vis the top-rated baseball bats on this list, perfects the composite bat experience necessary for the young, vulnerable, and small-bodied players.

10. Wilson Sporting Goods 2019 Solo SPD Baseball Bat

The Louisville slugger youth offers young and aspiring players a high-quality baseball bat for 7-8 year old! Coaches and players are committed to leveling up kids as young as 8 to professional baseball.

Its unrivaled quality showcases in approved mechanisms for an all-level use – Dixie Youth, AABC, Babe Ruth, Pony baseball, AAU, Cal Ripken; you name it. Hence, this one is an ideal pick for kids in love with baseball who want to improve their skills as quickly as possible.

It features a specialized end cap, as reflected by its SBC (speed ballistic composite) trademark. This trademark of the Louisville slugger enables the highest swings with controlled force.

Thanks to this trademark, this latest Louisville slugger youth works from kids to youth and even adults.

The Louisville slugger youth baseball bats size up to 29 inches and 16 ounces. Besides, the 2 1/2 -inch barrel and the hyper-alloy construction contribute to the overall configuration of this bat.

Among the top-rated baseball bats listed herein, this one comes with an intricately comfortable PRO cushioned grip. Thus, holding the Louisville slugger youth for an extended period in training would no longer cause pains in the batter’s palms.

 Heads-up:  However, kids might take some time to get used to the lightweight hold of this bat. Afterward, training can go smoothly.

  • Works on all levels – Dixie Youth, AABC, etc.
  • Features SBC end cap for highest swings with controlled force
  • Configuration: 29 inches long, 16 ounces
  • A 2 1/2 -inch barrel with hyper-alloy construction for good performances
  • Has PRO cushioned grip for comfortable handling for long hours
  • Takes some time to get used to the lightweight bat
 Bottom Line:  This item is among the most affordable Louisville slugger bats one can find. The Wilson Sporting brand deserves a place on our list for its undeniable responsiveness.

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Bat for 8 Year Old


Buying the proper bat for 8 year old kid can be a very daunting process. The effort requires considering the right barrel size, bat control, length, and the overall bat’s drop weight. Here are other things you have to keep in mind:

Actual Batting Capacity

A baseball bat for 8 year old naturally requires to be bought beforehand to be tested for its actual batting capacity. If a buyer can secure a bat that can handle actual balls, not rubber, problems would lessen.

Bats are usually made of carbon fiber that deteriorates over time upon contact with actual balls. However, high-quality bats with a strong batting capacity should withstand such abuse (that includes transition or field use).

Nevertheless, it should bring out its sweet spot, whether a wooden bat or an alloy/aluminum bat.

When buying for one, always have it tested with actual balls. If, after a few attempts, it loosens the cap and lightens unusually, then it should not be an ideal baseball bat for 8 year old (or younger) players.


Durability is directly akin to the material construction of the bat for 8 year old. A ton of factors determine the durability of a bat. These factors include the composite barrel quality, weight drop, end capsize, presence of carbon fiber, Louisville slugger trademark, and quality of the aluminum bat/ alloy or wooden material, among many others.

The durable alloy bats are often every parent’s favorite as they can accommodate their kids for years to come with incredible responsiveness to different batting skills. I am also a fan of premium alloy bats with a rugged yet soft barrel for long-lasting utilization.

League Standards

When buying a baseball bat for an 8 year old, or in this case, a fastpitch bat for an 8 year old (or younger) player, the league standards should ideally come up among the top priorities.

The more league standards the bats satisfy, the better. These known league standards register as Dixie Youth, AAU, Pony Baseball level, AABC, Babe Ruth, Little league (8u) level, and the Cal Ripken.

Although only a few bats hold a quality that encompasses the diverse league standards, the great bat or bats exist. Coaches recognize it in the Louisville Slugger trademark.

And they deliver with optimum effect – responsive bat weight ratio, a perfected end-loaded swing weight (typical of a fastpitch bat), and other advantages fitted for 8 year old bats.

In addition, experts claim that kids do not easily outgrow bats that possess the encompassing quality mentioned above, notwithstanding the transition quality, material, and length/weight ratio.

When choosing one, refer to the league’s standards and weigh-in for compromise.

In the end, a Louisville slugger fastpitch bat could potentially reconcile these standards.


The common bats for 8 years old often weigh around 18 ounces with 28-inch long. You can go for the standard -10 drop weight bat, featuring a bat at 27 inches long and 17 ounces heavy. It is the ideal option for kids at least 8 years old that want to practice baseball.

In some cases, when your kids are smaller than their peers or have some minor arm injuries that affect their bat handling, it’s better to choose lightweight bats. For instance, some kid designs only weigh 13 to 15 ounces with a length of 26 – 18 inches. That means it does not compromise the swing directions despite the weight.

The barrel size is optional, depending on your kids’ grip. For your information, a 2 ½ or 2 ⅝-inch barrel is two popular options.

Design and price

A stylish or sleek bat might excite them more than how lightweight or long it is for small kids. So, you should make sure to choose the right design with supportive features paired with a lovely pattern.

Parents should also consider their budgets while purchasing a good bat for their little players. The bat price varies due to their materials and functions. In truth, they can be as affordable as $20 to as pricey as $150. So, consider all factors above and choose the correct item that supports your kids.

So, How Do You Pick a Baseball Bat for a Child?

There are two ways on how you can pick a fastpitch bat or baseball bat for a child:

  • Choosing one based on the baseball bat sizing chart
  • Letting the kid or player handle and make swings using the bat to determine its performance

Among the two, the latter proves to be more effective. That is because a fastpitch bat requires actual handling to be determined.

What Size Baseball Bat for 8 Year Old


According to experts and the bat reviews gathered, what size bat for 8 year old ranges between 26-28 inches. However, this ratio for right bats could change depending on the weight of the kid.

What Drop Bat Should an 8-Year-Old Use

According to the basic baseball bat sizing chart, the right or average drop in a fastpitch bat for an 8-year old reveals a 28-inch length and 18-ounce ratio. That means they are recommended to use a -10 or -11 drop weight.

How Do I Teach My 8 Year Old to Bat

Teaching an 8 year old kid to bat or hold a fastpitch bat requires providing them the suitable baseball bats, exposing them to the field, and motivating them.

  • Explain the basic skills for them before letting them practice or play with the bats and balls.
  • Teach them the stretching and throwing skills. This includes ground balls and outfield fly balls by barehand and with gloves. Then, they should work on hitting circuits and baserunning.
  • Challenge them in small competitions and spice things up before they get bored by fun games among players


Although finding and choosing the right baseball bat for 8 year old can be challenging, it should nevertheless be rewarding. It tends to be most fun if you learn and eventually become a master in spotting the top qualities of the top bats.

From our review of the fastpitch bat, we came up with our top three items, namely, Rawlings, Easton, and Wilson!

What about you? What do you think makes the best baseball bats for 8 year old?

Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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