Baseball Questions: What is the Button on the Top of a Baseball Hat Called?

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what is the button on the top of a baseball hat called

If you have seen a baseball hat, own one yourself, or are out shopping for it right now, you may be wondering about the button on top. Do not worry, you are not the first person to raise this inquiry. “What is the button on the top of a baseball hat called?” is a common question not only among baseball fans but also other baseball cap wearers.

In short, the button is called a squatchee. But other than this, it is worth knowing why there is a button on the top of baseball caps. So, join us in exploring this topic!

What is the Button on the Top of a Baseball Hat Called

As mentioned earlier, the baseball cap button is called the squatchee. Sometimes, it is also referred to as the squatcho. In addition to being on top of the cap, this button is at the center, where all of the panels meet.

As a result, it is commonly described as the joint point of the cap. It covers the seams of the stitched panels while also providing protection so that nothing will unravel. In this position, the button additionally marks the cap’s peak.

The button typically shares the same fabric as the cap crown. However, it is not standard across all caps. You can still find baseball caps without this button in the market.

Purpose of the Squatchee


Historically, the squatchee was a functional detail in the design. It was responsible for holding the crown together and keeping everything in one piece. However, today, it is believed that the squatchee no longer serves said purpose.

It is there to maintain the classic design of a baseball cap and as a cosmetic feature. As a result, it is frequently delineated as a vestigial remnant. Nevertheless, it is arguable that the squatchee adds a nice finishing touch to any baseball cap.

Origin of the Squatchee

Although there are no confirmed facts on who and when the name squatchee was coined for the button on top of a hat, it is commonly cited to be coming from Sniglets, a popular book in the 1980s by comedian Rich Hall. “Squatchee” was then used by a baseball broadcaster named Bob Brenly and a commentator Mike Krukow.

Some sources claim that Brenly heard it from a friend who, at the time, was playing in the league, while Krukow adopted it from the book and regularly used it on air. From there, the word became well-known to the public. Nevertheless, information is murky in regards to the origin of the squatchee.

Removing The Squatchee


Even if all the above information is new to you, you may be very familiar with the pain that the squatchee brings about in denting your head whenever you hit the top of your cap. It tends to dig into your skin and leave a painful sore.

As such, you may want to know how to remove the squatchee and remove the discomfort. There are a few ways that you can go about this. However, here, we have the simplest method, with only a few steps and two pairs of pliers.

If you do not have pliers, you can use a pair of scissors instead.

  • Hold the hat in one hand and make sure the squatchee is out in the open.
  • Grip the squatchee with the pair of pliers that you have prepared.
  • Yank the squatchee out by applying a good amount of force.

Typically, it will come off in two pieces. It may not work on your first try, so do not give up right away. At this point, you are left with two prongs on the top of the hat. These are bent so do not try to tear them out; that will simply rip apart your cap.

Using the smaller pair of pliers, flatten out the prongs. Then, push the prongs back through the inside of the cap to remove. You can do this with the pliers or your hands.

The threads of most caps nowadays are strong. You do not have to worry about the removed squatchee causing your cap to fall apart. But if you are still concerned, apply a thin layer of clear nail polish on where the button used to be for peace of mind.

You can watch someone do this here on Youtube.

Adding the Squatchee

In the alternate scenario, if you are not an anti-squatchee, you may be disappointed that your baseball cap does not have a button on top. I personally know a friend who was devastated that his dog bit off all the squatchees on his collection of caps.

In this case, you can look for pre-made cap buttons. These are not too difficult to find. You should be able to buy them from local stores or online retailers. They should not be too expensive either. At least, they are more affordable than restocking a cap collection!

Then, you can seek an expert’s help to install the squatchee or do it yourself with the guidance of Youtube tutorials.

Some people also purchase new cap buttons to customize their baseball caps. If this is what you are interested in.


With that, you have reached the end of this article on what is the button on the top of a baseball hat called. You should now know that the button on a baseball cap is called the squatchee. There is also other useful, relevant information for your reference.

If you have any follow-up questions or thoughts on this topic, feel free to let us know in the comments. We are always delighted to hear from our readers. So, do not hesitate! Also, you are welcome to share this article with your family and friends, or anyone else you think will appreciate our content.

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