What is a Double in Baseball? – A Brief Explanation

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what is a double in baseball

You may have heard of the at-bat, home run, and sacrifice bunt, but other than these terms, there is the double. What is a double in baseball?

A baseball double is when a batter hits a thrown ball and reaches second base. All these happen without committing errors, as deemed by the umpire. Some errors that go against being scored a double are any form of fielder misplay or putting out a runner.

Baseball Double: A Brief Explanation


For avid baseball fans, it is very easy to quickly identify and understand what is happening on the playing field. But, if you are someone who is looking for answers to some of the most important baseball questions, then stick around!

One of the things that you will surely see when watching games is when umpires award hitting a double in baseball.

The two-bagger, two-base hit, or 2B all have the same meaning. These all refer to the double. To define what 2B mean in baseball, it is when a batter has successfully hit a ball in the infield, reached second base safely, and did not benefit from any errors.

This definition is widely used in baseball and is even applicable to softball as well.

When doubles occur, the batter usually hits a ball that would enter a gap, down lines, or even hit it out of the outfield walls.

When runners are very swift and get the best of the opponent as they reach their stand first, all baserunners and even the batter would get two bases as their reward. Hence, we can see here how 2Bs positively affect teams’ standings.

Teams may implement a no-doubles strategy by making the outfielders play deep and placing corner infielders near the foul lines.Are Doubles Good In Baseball?

Doubles surely happen from time to time when the circumstances are right. They may not be as jaw-dropping as scoring home runs, but they surely help tilt the game to the benefit of the team with the double.

When batters get that astonishing hit and reach second base swiftly and safely with no charged defensive error, they get the double. And another great deal with doubles is that the batter can be given at most three run batted-ins or RBI.

So, is a double in baseball good? For the team that it is awarded to, it sure is! In fact, hitting doubles is well-recorded in Major League Baseball because these are outstanding feats.

Tris Speaker is the all-time best when it comes to doubles, slamming 792 in his entire career! Other notable 2B hitters are Pete Rose, Stan Musial, and Ty Cobb.

What Would Happen if an Error Occurred?


As we previously noted, the two-bagger or two-base hit in baseball is only recognized if no errors occurred during the process.

Defensive errors can negate a double, and these will be under the judgment of the umpires.

Let us look at this scenario: The batter successfully cracks that bat and sharply hits the ball towards the center fielder. Then, the batter makes his way to first and second base.

The center fielder, unfortunately, rolls the ball towards the infield and it goes back to the pitcher.

In this example, only a single will be credited. The second base was not reached safely due to the error of the center fielder.

What if the Bat Hits the Ball Twice?


Sometimes, doubles are wrongly associated with the ball being hit twice. Well, there are indeed cases when the latter happens. So, here are the rules for that:

The outcome of a double hit in baseball will depend on the judgment of the umpire. The batter will be called out if it is proven that the double hit was intentional. If it was only accidental, the play can be called a foul, a dead ball, or an out.


We would never fail to shower you with an abundance of baseball facts. For this article, we’ve talked about the ideas, definitions, and explanation of what is a double in baseball.

It may go by so many names, like the 2B, two-bagger, or two-base hit, but never be confused, as these all pertain to the same rule!

Ensure that you note down how doubles are negated, if they are good for the game, and how they differ from double hits.

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