HR Trot Tracker: April 7

Well, I’ve already discovered one thing about doing this that could be annoying (on only the third day, no less): for some reason, MLB does not always include all home runs in a certain games “Highlights” in the video archives. For some games, it even chooses to say “No Highlights” even when there was at least one home run in the game. For these, I have to either go to the team highlight pages (example) that Hit Tracker Online points you too – and where you have to watch commercials before your clips – or go and fish through the entire game for one particular at-bat (the “jump to inning” feature helps here, but not perfectly). That can be annoying.

Home Run of the Day: Ryan Howard, Phi (Trot Time: 25.18 seconds)
An absolute bomb off of Washington’s Jason Marquis. A thing of beauty, and an obvious piece of evidence for why Philly loves Howard so much.

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Slowest Trot: Ryan Howard, Phi – 25.18 seconds
Is it because Howard is a naturally slow guy, or does he just like to watch his bombs? We’ll see, won’t we? (He did have an obvious drop-of-the-bat pose after connecting on this shot, though.)

Quickest Trot: Ian Desmond, Was – 18.23 seconds
Maybe he was making up for Howard’s slow trot, but Desmond absolutely flew around the bases. I actually had to rewatch the clip because I wasn’t ready to stop the timer by the time he reached home. Granderson’s 11th inning shot off of Papelbon was a close second (18.53 seconds).

Larry Granillo

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