Wezen-Ball 2011 Predictions Contest Form

For more information on the predictions contest (including rules/points), click here. Use the form below to make your predictions. If the frame doesn’t work for you (or if you’d prefer a fuller view of the form), go here. Your browser does not support iframes. Click here for the entries.

The Descriptive Hall of Fame Ballot: 2010

Please see this post for more details: I tend to think of the Hall of Fame ballot in groups – the no-brainers, the close-calls, the nice guys, and so on. And I doubt I’m alone on this. Ask anyone what he thinks of a few of the eligible players, and you’re bound to hear this […]

Timeline of MLB Ballclubs & Their Triple-A Affiliates

Below is a year-by-year set of maps depicting the relationships between Major League Baseball teams their Triple-A affiliates. The slideshow will play automatically, but you can always pause it and step forward or backward through the timeline on your own. For a little more information on the maps, see this post. Any corrections, comments, or […]

The Baseball Greats Chessboard

Please see this post for a full explanation of what this is, and the guidelines I set while creating this set. Click here for the high-resolution image. Click the image to make it full screen.

Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions 2010

For more information on this prediction sheet, please see this post. See details for the prediction contest here. The predictions contest is now closed. Thanks everyone for your entries! Now let’s see how this season plays out. (Email me if you missed the cut-off and would like to be involved. If you do it soon […]