Arrested Development Baseball Card Set, Pt. 2

Part 2 of the baseball card set from the Terrific GirlfriendFiancee. Part 1 can be found here. Kitty – Red Sox Don’t promise crazy a World Series*!!! Kitty is fiercely loyal and yes, kind of crazy. But hey, if you aren’t crazy you aren’t living. Say goodbye to THESE!!!! *It sure felt that way for […]

Arrested Development Baseball Card set

Part one of a series from the Terrific GirlfriendFiancee… Cubs – George Oscar Bluth- ‘G.O.B’. Cursed oldest child in the Bluth family; cursed franchise in MLB. Prone to delusions of grandeur. Can’t quite pull off a World Series victory or successful illusion. Click Read More to continue reading…   Royals* – Byron ‘Buster’ Bluth. If […]

Father’s Day

Just a reminder that there is still plenty of Wezen-Ball content going up at Baseball Prospectus every day. Just this week I wrote about the favorite activities of lesser known 1980s players thanks to Topps Big baseball cards and rooting for Matt Cain during his perfect game despite Charlie Brown’s advice. There’s also daily Tater […]

What the Beastie Boys Teach Us About Baseball

Just a reminder: posts are still going up regularly at Baseball Prospectus, with recents posts looking at the sad execution of a Negro Leaguer, a fantastic Richard Marx video involving Dennis Eckersley, and a comparison of search results from and There are also, of course, the daily Tater Trot Tracker posts (with the […]

Ryan Braun and “Confidentiality”

In the wake of the Ryan Braun news yesterday – which, if everything had been done properly, we should never have heard about – I wrote something for Baseball Prospectus looking at how badly the confidentiality of drug tests has been handled since the initial “survey testing” of 2003. In short, the players have always […]

Doctor Who’s On First

And now for the latest post from the Terrific Girlfriend. It’s a topic that I approve of whole-heartedly, even if I do think she shortchanges ol’ Flopsy a little at the end there… As you may (or may not) have noticed, Wezenlandia has been taken over by Doctor Who. I used to watch this series […]