Talking About the Brewers with SNYtv

The Brewers begin a three-game series in Milwaukee tonight against the Mets, a team not exactly living up to its fans’ expectations. Watch me talk with Ted Berg of SNYtv about the upcoming series.

Catching up with Baseball Prospectus

I know I’ve done a poor job of keeping Wezen-Ball updated over here with links and info to my other writings. I apologize for that. I’ll try to keep things up-to-date a little more often. As an apology, here are a few links to some of my favorite pieces over the last month or so. […]

Quick Predictions Contest Update

Just wanted to let everyone who submitted a Predictions Contest entry know that, now that the contest is closed, the full list of entries is available. Head over to the 2011 Wezen-Ball Predictions Contest form to see your (and everyone else’s) contest entry. There were 143 entries total, which is pretty fantastic. I can’t wait […]

Last Day for the 2011 Wezen-Ball Predictions Contest

Today is the last day to get your predictions in to the the 2011 Wezen-Ball Predictions Contest. I hope everyone who waited until today saw what they needed to see in yesterday’s six games to make up your mind! We now have over 130 entries for the contest. Let’s try to pick it up to […]

Reminder: Wezen-Ball Predictions Contest! Due Friday.

I just wanted to give everybody a quick reminder that the 2011 Wezen-Ball Predictions Contest is still going on. Entries are due on Friday (so you’re free to wait for the Opening Day returns before deciding on your World Series winner – I’m that generous of a guy!). I know I said I’d update the […]

New Wezen-Ball Predictions Contest

I’m happy to announce, for the second year in a row, the Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions Contest 2011! If you’re a Wezen-Ball reader and would like to register your 2011 MLB predictions somewhere – including team wins for all 30 clubs, postseason series, and award winners – click on over here to view the Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions […]

Postcards and Superheroes

My latest post is up over at Baseball Prospectus. With pitchers and catchers finally reporting, it seemed appropriate to celebrate the occasion in some way. You can see how I chose to celebrate above. Earlier in the week, I wrote a post looking at the superheroes – Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman, etc. – who can […]

Ferris Bueller Fun at Baseball Prospectus

I have a couple of pieces up over at Baseball Prospectus this weekend. One looks at the baseball histories of both Pittsburgh and Green Bay (in a flagrant use of the Super Bowl as a topic). The second piece is a little more fun, though. It looks at all the evidence shown in the movie […]

Big News

I have some pretty exciting news to share: as of this afternoon, Wezen-Ball will now be featured over at Baseball Prospectus (along with quite a few other very talented writers). I am very excited for the chance to join one of the biggest names in baseball writing, and I am very much looking forward to […]

SABR Day in Milwaukee

I know this is rather late notice, but I figured I should probably mention it here anyway in case it interests anyone… Tomorrow – Saturday, January 29 – is SABR Day. It’s a day where SABR chapters all across the country hold a big meeting to talk baseball and celebrate what a terrific organization SABR […]

Your 2011 baseball-themed Oscar nominees

It’s that time of year again, when film geeks – and those who like to pretend that they’re film geeks, despite having seen “Avatar” four times in the theater – go crazy over the Oscar nominations. “How many have you seen? I’ve seen six already, and I’m going to see three more this weekend. Can […]

The Passing of a “Brother”

Early last week, it was announced that Major Richard “Dick” Winters had passed away on January 2. Major Winters is best known for his role in the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army during World War II. “Easy Company”, his comrades-in-arms during the war, would later be celebrated for their pivotal role in […]

A Very Special Episode

The 1980s and 1990s were an interesting time for a lot of things. Television sitcoms, for example, ranged from the brilliant in The Cosby Show and Cheers and the like, to the, um, not so brilliant in Saved by the Bell and Small Wonder. It was also the decade of D.A.R.E. and the war on drugs, with everything […]

Your Fake Baseball Update

Two quick notices, one about a league you’ve heard of before and one announcing a new, exciting league to follow (featuring some names much more interesting than my own)… At the beginning of the month, I let everyone know about the battle for the postseason that my 1977 Dodgers team was waging over at Play […]

Omar Vizquel, the Wing of Amazing, and Toy Story 3

Last week over at the Sweetspot, Rob Neyer proposed something new for players like Omar Vizquel, who are special or unique, but not exactly Hall of Fame-worthy: The writers desperately want to do something for Vizquel, and they just can’t think of anything except the Hall of Fame. Roger Maris had two great seasons, a […]