Through the Years: Ron Washington & Bruce Bochy

vs. It’s the Rangers versus the Giants in the World Series this week. You can’t imagine how excited I am to see that match-up over the yet another Yankees/Phillies matchup that everyone and their mother’s uncle (myself included) predicted. With the exciting players, beautiful ballparks, deprived fanbases, and (relatively) modest payrolls, the 2010 World Series […]

2010’s Failed Fan Promotions

Last year at this time, the Terrific Girlfriend guest-posted with a brilliant review of the 2009 Brewers season – the 2009 Brewers Grades and Random Talent Show Awards. Well, since the 2010 season is almost a mirror-image of the 2009 season, it doesn’t seem worth giving out another report card. Those looking for something like […]

Video Shows Umpires have been Wrong for Decades

Umpires, umpires, umpires. We cannot get through a playoff game anymore without having to deal with at least one questionable call. I wrote about it last year, and even mentioned it again last week. As I’ve said many times before, these things are not new. While looking up video about the Loma Prieta/World Series earthquake […]

Anniversaries & October Baseball

Today – Sunday, October 17 – is the 21st anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake. As someone said on Twitter, it is now old enough to buy itself a beer. For those who don’t know it by that name, the Loma Prieta earthquake was the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay Area […]

Baseball Bloggers Alliance Awards: Top Player

And here we are with my final Baseball Bloggers Alliance award ballot for the year. This award is the Stan Musial Award, given out to the best player of the year. Think of it as the Most Valuable Player award if you’d like. My Ted Williams Award for top rookie and Walter Johnson Award for […]

The Rangers Move to Texas

The Texas Rangers began their life as the expansion Washington Senators, coming into existence only because the city of Washington, D.C., did not approve of the original Senators franchise moving to Minnesota. Seven years later, the team was sold to owner Bob Short, and three years after that Short relocated the team to Texas. Short […]

Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions Contest Update #2

After two long, painful days of no baseball whatsoever, we’re finally set to begin the LCS tomorrow when the Rangers host the Yankees down in Arlington. And that, of course, is merely prelude to the big Halladay/Lincecum matchup that Saturday will bring us. It’s going to be a great weekend for baseball. With the first […]

LCS Preview Podcast

I wasn’t smart enough to remember to alert everyone last night before it happened, so I’m trying to make up for that by letting you know now: Bill & The Common Man from Platoon Advantage and I did an LCS preview podcast. And it’s even better this time because we were joined by two LCS […]

Baseball Bloggers Alliance Awards: Top Pitcher

Continuing my selections for the Baseball Bloggers Alliance awards this year, we come to the Walter Johnson Award, given out to the best pitcher of the year. I cast my ballot for the Willie Mays Award for top rookie yesterday. As always, feel free to tell me where I’m wrong.   Walter Johnson Award (Cy […]

Baseball Bloggers Alliance Awards: Top Rookie

As my annual duty as a member of the Baseball Bloggers Association, I will be posting my selections for the various postseason awards throughout the week. The BBA has taken the step this year to name their awards after great players in the past who best represent the award. I like this, and think it’s […]

Bart’s Tater Trot

UPDATE: Click through for the video and a play-by-play of Bart’s colorful trot. (I had to move the video below the fold so things weren’t pushed off to the side much.) For the first time in what might be five years, I made an explicit effort to watch tonight’s episode of The Simpsons. The news […]

Once Again with the Bad Umpires

We’re only two days into the postseason, and already everybody is talking about how terrible the umpiring has been. The missed check-swing in the Tampa Bay game, the Berkman third-strike-ball and, most importantly, the Buster Posey not-caught-stealing in the Giants 1-0 victory over the Braves – those were all in yesterday’s games alone! I don’t […]

Playoff Preview Podcast

I’ve been up here in good ol’ Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, since yesterday morning doing work stuff. It’s as fun as you could imagine. Thankfully, though, I should be home in time for the playoffs this afternoon (except for the Rays/Rangers game – really, MLB? The #1 seed in the AL East is your early game? […]

Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions Contest Update

I know, I still owe everybody Tater Trot Tracker times for the last two days of the season (including big home runs like the one Buster Posey hit Sunday afternoon). I had a very busy weekend (including my first trip to Lambeau Field and my first NFL game yesterday) and I have a couple of […]

Quick Note & “The Tenth Inning”

I’m going to be busy running errands all afternoon and evening, so the Tater Trot Tracker post for today is going to be delayed. I’ll do my best to get it up some time this evening. In the meantime, yesterday I participated in a discussion panel with Norman Einstein’s, an online sports monthly, to talk […]