The Origin of the Blyleven Narrative

Earlier this week, over at The Hardball Times, I took a look back at some 1980s newspapers to show that the whole “Jack Morris as Pitcher of the ‘80s” thing has been around at least since the winter of 1986, when Morris and a slew of other players were victims of collusion. It’s a narrative […]

Jack Morris & the Terry-Cloth Solution

Presented without comment, from the October 22, 1990, issue of Sports Illustrated. Here’s a screengrab of the third paragraph of Sally Jenkins’ piece: And the text, in case the image is hard to read: The attitude of athletes such as [Jack] Morris, the Detroit Tigers’ pitcher—who two months ago told a female reporter, “I don’t […]

Collusion and Jack Morris as the “Pitcher of the ’80s”

In my latest post over at The Hardball Times, I go back to the 1980s to try and find out when the narrative of Jack Morris as “the pitcher of ’80s” came into being: His supporters like to appeal to the prevailing wisdom of the era in which he pitched, so one must wonder when […]

My Annual Pitch for SABR (it’s more than stats & research!)

Later on this afternoon, after I finish writing this post and maybe going for a walk by the lake on a beautiful winter vacation day, I will be renewing my membership to the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) for the second year in a row. If you’re already a member and have not yet […]

Merry Christmas, everyone! (plus, A Charlie Brown Christmas)

The first Christmas of writing this blog (two whole years ago now!) I did something that I thought would be a little fun for everyone: I collected some of my favorite baseball-related Peanuts strips and put them up as “A Charlie Brown Christmas” for everyone. Little did I know that, a year later, I’d be […]

The Dance of Joy (and why your trade proposal sucks)

This Zack Greinke-to-Milwaukee trade has got me so excited I don’t know what to do. Been excitedly smiling and talking Brewers baseball all morning. On December 19, no less. Can’t complain about that. It feels great to have the Brewers be the focal point of Major League Baseball for something positive. As

Matching rotations spots & the Phils “Four Aces”: How many games will the no. 4 starter face another no. 4?

Halladay. Lee. Hamels. Oswalt. There’s been a lot of ink spilled this week about the new Phillies rotation, featuring their “four aces”. After signing Roy Halladay last year and then trading for Roy Oswalt (who caught fire after the deal), people were already talking about how great Philadelphia’s rotation was. But, with the Cliff Lee […]

Maddux and Lee at THT

Just a quick note while I’m stuck in a computer training seminar (sans computers!) all day. With Cliff Lee signing with the Phillies over the Yankees yesterday, it inspired me to write a post over at the Hardball Times about the last time the Yankees lost out on the top pitcher on the market to […]

Can’t Resist a Good Mystery

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when everyone was pretending that Derek Jeter might sign with a team other than the Yankees? At the time, someone over at The Beckett Blog took it upon themselves to show the world what Jeter might look like in a different jersey. And they didn’t just throw him in […]

Rambling about Cliff Lee & the Yankees

It’s been a while since I’ve written a lot of words on something and I have all of these different thoughts and questions swirling around my head about this whole Cliff Lee deal… it seems like a good time for a rambling post about Cliff Lee and the Yankees. I apologize if it feels a […]

Keeping Busy: Podcast & THT Article

I know, it feels like forever since I posted something here. And I guess a week isn’t a short period of time or anything. But, I’m happy to report, it’s not like I’ve been doing nothing in the meantime. On Sunday, Bill and the Common Man from the always excellent Platoon Advantage joined me for […]

A Slight Modification to the Hall of Fame Ballot

I didn’t really expect to be talking about the Hall of Fame so much this week, but, after doing this post earlier today, I just couldn’t help myself. As you can see from today’s earlier post and last year’s Hall of Fame ballot, I tend to think of the Hall of Fame ballot in groups […]

Looking Down-Ballot with the Hall of Fame

Sorry for the big delay in posting, everyone. The Thanksgiving holiday really messes with timelines sometimes – not that I didn’t have fun. I’ll try to make up for it in the coming weeks. Whenever the Hall of Fame ballot comes out (like it did last week), the conversation predictably becomes about the top names […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to take a quick moment here to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I was hoping to have a nice little post before the holiday got here, but my travel plans (that find me out here in Massachusetts for a full week) got in the way. I’ll try to get something done over the […]

Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions Contest Update – We Have a Winner!

It’s been a few weeks since the last MLB Predictions contest update – the last update was right after the Giants beat the Phillies in the LCS – and quite a few things have happened since then. Let’s take a look at what’s happened – and how someone managed to win it all already! As […]