Baseball Prescriptivism

(Don’t worry, this eventually gets to baseball… I promise.) As a kid, my mom once made the mistake of incorrectly answering aloud a multiplication problem from her teacher. Apparently, the teacher had once answered the same question wrong, too, and was subsequently embarrassed into learning the answer. When my mother did the same thing, the […]

The Carpenter Travesty

Yesterday was a seminal day in baseball history. When it was announced that Chris Carpenter finished second in the National League Cy Young voting despite not being named on two ballots – yes, two whole ballots – the game of baseball was irreparably changed, and not for the better. It may be hard to recognize at first […]

What does it mean to win the Rookie of the Year?

Heading into Monday afternoon’s announcement of the 2009 American and National League Rookies of the Year, there have been 124 past winners of the award. For the first two years – beginning in 1947 with Jackie Robinson – the award was given to the outstanding rookie in the major leagues, but it was quickly changed […]

Sesame Street Video Fun

Earlier this week, the wonderful “Sesame Street” celebrated its 40th anniversary. Which is just amazing if you think about it: “Sesame Street” has been around as long as the Kansas City Royals or the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals. When it debuted in November 1969, Willie McCovey and Harmon Killebrew had just been awarded their MVP awards, Tom […]

Thoughts on Veterans’ Day

Today is Veterans’ Day, and I wanted to take the time to thank every veteran out there for all that you have done for us and for all that you have sacrificed for us. It is a tough, seemingly-thankless job, and we all appreciate what you do. So thank you. I also wanted to take […]

Der Baseball

EDIT: Someone pointed out that I’m wrong about the number of players born in Germany. I got that information from Baseball-Reference, but I didn’t stop to think to check for West Germany, which BR keeps a list of separately. If you look at that list, you’ll see some famous names like Ron Gardenhire or Glenn […]

At the (Baseball) Movies with Roger Ebert

Not that I have to remind anyone here, but today marks the start of the first full week of the baseball off-season. With the end of the World Series, all that we have to look forward to over the long, cold winter will be MVP awards, Hall of Fame voting, and the hot stove. Meaningful […]

The Yankees on the Front Page

2009, Yankees over Phillies (click the image for a larger size) This was the sight that greeted New York Times subscribers yesterday morning after Hideki Matsui powered the Yankees past the Phillies for the World Series crown. It was the twenty-seventh time that the Yankees were World Champions and it was the twenty-seventh time that […]

A Lesson from Game 6

Yesterday afternoon, in anticipation of the Phillies/Yankees Game 6, SportsCenter came up with a list of the ten best Game Six moments in World Series history. Joe Carter’s series-winning, walk-off homer off of Mitch Williams in 1993 was their number one moment, but there were plenty of other memorable ones. One of the most famous, […]

Other Good Reading

Happy November everyone! As we prepare for Game 6 tonight – it’s still hard to believe that it’s November 4 and we haven’t even played Game 6 of the World Series yet – I just wanted to take a few minutes to point out a couple of things that I found pretty cool. 1924 and […]

Decades of Blown Calls and “Bad” Umpires

There’s plenty of talk today, as there has been all month, about the poor umpiring in these playoffs. In last night’s Game 2, we saw Ryan Howard pull off a 3-4 double play after the first base umpire Brian Gorman incorrectly said that Howard caught the ball on the fly. Replays seemed to show that […]

Video Fun Friday: South Park Makes the Playoffs

The first two games of the World Series have been great. Strong pitching performances have kept the games close late, and most of the scoring has managed to be exciting. The umpires were a little questionable last night but, in the end, the Yankees earned their victory. With the Series back in Philly and tied […]

Check out the Bloguin Awards!

Before I forget and it gets too late to do anything, I just wanted to mention that I’m nominated for Best Baseball Blog over at the First Annual Bloguin Awards. Yeah, it’s exciting. The Bloguin network was born only 1 year ago with a grand total of four basketball blogs. In that short time, things […]

WAR on your Birthday

(See the list!) The big news today is, of course, the start of the 2009 World Series. It’s the Yankees and Phillies in the I-95 series – Cliff Lee vs. CC Sabathia; forty pennants vs. seven; 10,000 losses vs. 9,500 wins. It’s going to be a fun Series, especially for those living in the greater […]

World Series Fun: Yankees-Phillies, 1950 World Series

We began the postseason with eight possible World Series rematches and, though most of those disappeared in the first round, we’ve somehow wound up with one anyway. When the Phillies and Yankees meet in Game 1 of the Fall Classic on Wednesday, it’ll be the second time the two franchises have squared off with the […]