It was a Good Year

Last New Year’s Day, the Terrific Girlfriend and I were having lunch and a drink at a bar downtown after a good workout that morning. Marquette was playing Villanova in their Big East conference opener and we were decked out in some gold t-shirts as we watched the first half on one of the tvs. […]

My Hall of Fame Ballot, 2009

As we did back in October with the various postseason awards (oh, and sorry for never getting around to that MVP post…), members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance like myself are offering their votes on who does and who doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. The rules are simple: using the players who are […]

Your Hall of Fame Vote is Wrong

Forgive me for a second while I say something that just might blow your mind. Please don’t take it personal: every year, the writers get the Hall of Fame vote wrong. Every year. Like I said, don’t take it personal. This is not a call to take the vote away from the writers. And it’s […]

Merry Christmas, Everyone

I just wanted to take a minute today to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays. I hope everyone is warm, happy, and enjoying your time off with friends, family and loved ones. As a Christmas treat, I’d like to link you back to my Christmas post from last year. It probably shouldn’t come […]

Players Who Fell the Farthest After 10+ Seasons

It’s the afternoon of December 23. For some reason, I don’t think many people will be reading blogs all that much the rest of the week. But will I let that stop me from posting something interesting? Never. In a nice long discussion over at BBTF yesterday about Albert Pujols’ current place on the greatest […]

The Weekly World News Interviews Babe Ruth

It’s been a few months since I last checked out the Google Books archives of the illustrious Weekly World News and, with the Christmas lull about to hit this week, it seemed like a great time to check in with it again. The last time we checked out the WWN, I said this: For those […]

Get Your WAR Data!

I just wanted to take the quick opportunity here to point out that Sean Smith now has the Rally WAR Data for the 2009 season up over at his site, He actually announced this in a blog posting last week. You can use the website to view individual players’ data, or even compare the […]

SABR, The Sporting News, and Bill James

For those of you who might have read my earlier pitch for SABR but decided to think on it a little more, here’s a little more information for you to consider. Last month, after a long wait, SABR finally got access to the Paper of Records digital archives, including 117 years worth of Sporting News […]

Diamond Kings of the 1980s

I’ve mentioned this before, but the baseball cards that I grew up on were, above all others, the 1988 through 1991 sets – specifically, the ’89 & ’91 Topps and the ’88 and ’90 Donruss sets. Sure, there were plenty of Score and Fleer and Upper Deck in there, but those were the main ones […]

Video Fun Friday: Goofy Teaches Us “How to Play Baseball”

It’s been a pretty fun week. The Winter Meetings proved to be a little more exciting than they looked like they would on Monday, and Wezen-Ball had probably it’s best week ever when Baseball Musings, Baseball Think Factory, Circling the Bases, River Ave. Blues, Baseball Reference, MLB Trade Rumors, and Joe Posnanski himself, among others, […]

The History of the Highest Paid Player in Baseball

The Winter Meetings are going on right now, and, despite that Twitter seems to have exploded with hot stove rumors, the chances of anything really huge happening are pretty slim. A three-way trade here or a too-high contract offer to John Lackey there is pretty much all we can hope to expect. One thing we know […]

The Worst Team in Baseball

“Let’s see if the Braves are on. … I’d like to find out how the Braves are doin’ after all this time. Probably still finding ways to lose.” — Sonny Clemonds, 20th century country music star cryogenically awoken in the 24th century (Star Trek: The Next Generation, “The Neutral Zone“) In 1988, the conventional wisdom […]

Happy One Year!

Oh, how things can change in a year… Late on the night of Monday, December 1, 2008, I finished writing something that would drastically change the way I spent the next year (and more!). The copy of the 1981 Sporting News Baseball Yearbook that I had recently bought off of eBay arrived that day and, […]

Holiday Travels

Today I’m travelling down to St. Louis to visit some family that I haven’t seen in years, and won’t be back in town until Sunday evening. It should be a fun time, what with the family-visiting, seeing the city, and even going to a Blues-Red Wings game on Saturday night. I’m really looking forward to […]

One (1) Career Homer

There aren’t a lot of things that Duane Kuiper is famous for. San Francisco Giants fans, of course, know him as half of their broadcast team, alongside Mike Krukow, and older Cleveland Indians fan might remember him from their 1970s heyday. Besides that, most baseball fans across the country likely have no clue who he […]