The Brewers’ Awesome Prize Giveaway Promotion

The Brewers announced something really cool on Tuesday: for forty straight days this winter, the club would be giving out one prize a day to their season ticket holders. The initial announcement was only a tease, highlighting a few of the bigger prizes (run in the sausage race, slide down Bernie’s slide, sign a major-league contract for a day), but it was enough to pique my interest.

The full details for the forty prizes were announced today. And, while they aren’t all as spectacular as getting to slide down Bernie’s slide, they’re all pretty fantastic. You can see the full list of prizes here. They range from free tickets and food to some really amazing, once-in-a-lifetime-type experiences. I’ve briefly listed them below, with the more eye-popping prizes at the end.

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Free food & stuff

  • #1: Free sausage for a year, delivered by the Racing Sausages
  • #3: A suite for 10, with a visit from Gorman Thomas (Pretty cool, though it’d be much cooler if Gorman was the the whole game)
  • #6: Four-pack of Gehl Club tickets, which include food and drink
  • #10: Owner’s suite for 10, with Brewers executives (Are they going to be there the whole game?!)
  • #17: Seats for four in the the Owner’s field-level seats by the dugout
  • #20: Club-level suite for 20
  • #21: Free Palermo’s pizza for a year (I do love my Palermo’s!)
  • #24: A suite for 10, with a visit from Doug Melvin (Just like Gorman – how much cooler would this be if he was there the whole game?)
  • #27: Free tailgate for 20 people (Actually, that’s a pretty cool deal. It’d be just like the Miller Park Drunk Pants Party!)
  • #28: Dew Deck party for 20, including food
  • #30: Four seats on the Wrigley Field rooftops during a Brewers/Cubs game
  • #31: Tickets for two in the Visitor’s Owner’s Box at Wrigley Field
  • #34: Sit at the head of the table, with Brewers players/execs, during the season ticket holder luncheon

Some big money prizes

  • #7: Autographed bat and jersey from “your favorite player”
  • #9: $500 in concession stand vouchers
  • #15: Roses delivered by the mascots on Valentine’s Day (Pretty neat idea, but, really, they wouldn’t be a surprise to the Terrific Girlfriend since she’d know about it right away)
  • #23: $1,000 shopping spree at the team store
  • #25: Autographed balls by each member of the starting rotation
  • #37: One autographed baseball from each member of the starting lineup on Opening Day

Cool stadium experiences

  • #2: Your photo on every season ticket for a certain game
  • #4: Miller Park groundskeeper for a day (This sounds super-sweet to me, actually.)
  • #5: Catch 10 pitches in the bullpen from a Brewers reliever (Also sounds super-sweet. Maybe it’d be from the Stache himself, John Axford!)
  • #11: Watch batting practice (with five friends) from the bullpen (No complaints there, either!)
  • #12: Co-present the All-Star jersey to a Brewers All-Star at Miller Park on the field
  • #14: Announce the starting line-up for the PA system before the game
  • #16: Take a tour of the Miller Park roof and control it! (That’d be a blast.)
  • #26: Play video games on the scoreboard from the control room (And with that new scoreboard, one of the largest HD screens in the world – sweet.)
  • #29: Manage the mini-sausages during a Sunday sausage race. Choose the five kids and get 10 tickets.
  • #35: Three innings in the press box, including a pre-game dinner (Would Tom and Witrado take kindly to me?!?)
  • #38: Eight Diamond Box tickets to the game, including a party in the Club Level Board Room at some point (That sounds pretty interesting.)
  • #39: Softball game for 20, with food, at Helfaer Field (This is pretty cool. Helfaer is a little league field next to Miller Park, on top of old County Stadium. Very nice to see every day.)

The once-in-a-lifetime experiences

  • #8: Slide down Bernie’s slide (Do I really need to comment on this?)
  • #13: A party for 20 people in the Visitor’s Clubhouse (Again, how great would this be?)
  • #18: Hitting lesson from Dale Sveum
  • #19: All expense-paid trip to the MLB Draft
  • #22: Run the sausage race (What we’ve all been waiting for, right?)
  • #32: The full broadcast experience, including sitting in the truck, the booth, and the postgame show (And don’t forget that picture with Bill and Brian!)
  • #33: Have a team photo taken with you (Which means, of course, that you’re on the field with the entire roster during photo day. That’d be something.)
  • #36: Watch the game from the scoreboard control room and see how everything is done (This is surprisingly higher on my list than I might’ve thought. Seems like it’d be a fascinating experience.)
  • #40: Sign a one-day Major League contract and receive a full uniform and day’s pay. (Wow. That’d be sweet. The full uniform as well as the pay – though I don’t know if that’d be $425,000 divided by 162 games or by 365 days. Either way, that’s some free money as well as the honor of getting to say that you had a major league contract.)

If I had to choose, I’d probably put the major league contract at the top, followed by Bernie’s slide, the sausage race, and the scoreboard control room. Any of these prizes would make me ecstatic to win, though. Whatever the case, it should be a pretty nice distraction as we wait for spring training to begin and then the season to finally arrive. Good job, Brewers.

When does March get here anyway?

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