Reminder: Wezen-Ball Predictions Contest! Due Friday.

I just wanted to give everybody a quick reminder that the 2011 Wezen-Ball Predictions Contest is still going on. Entries are due on Friday (so you’re free to wait for the Opening Day returns before deciding on your World Series winner – I’m that generous of a guy!).

I know I said I’d update the form so that we could review what everybody’s picks were, but I just haven’t had the time to do that yet. I’ll have to do that over the weekend. In the meantime, though, I thought some updates on the picks everyone are making might be fun. There are a whopping 116 entries as of this writing, which is just fantastic. I’m glad everyone seems to like the new form.

  • The most common pick is the Mariners finishing in last place, with 107 people making that pick. The next most common is the Red Sox finishing in first, with 103 picks. They are the overwhelming division favorite.
  • The Phillies have a big lead as the favorite in the NL East, with 94 picks. No other division winner has more than 69 picks in their favor (the Rangers).
  • Despite Boston’s edge in the predicted finishes, the Phillies have more people predicting 100-win seasons for them than do the Red Sox. It must be a comment on the difficulty of that AL East.
  • On the flip side, the Royals and Pirates are virtually tied in the number of predicted 100-loss seasons. Kansas City edges out Pittsburgh in this race, with 24 predicted 100-loss seasons to Pittsburgh’s 23.
  • Not surprisingly, the Red Sox have more predicted World Series wins (38) than any other team, with Philly close behind (30).
  • Teams getting one (and only one) World Series championship prediction include: the White Sox, the Reds, the Twins, the Marlins, and the A’s. The Brewers have as many World Series Champions predictions (8) as the Yankees, and one more than the Giants.
  • Adrian Gonzalez is killing the vote for AL MVP, with 53 picks. The only other candidate with double-digit picks is Evan Longoria, with 12. In the NL, it’s Albert Pujols leading the way by a wide margin, with Troy Tulowitzkia, Ryan Braun, and Prince Fielder fighting for second.
  • Jon Lester and Roy Halladay have strong margins in the Cy Young race, with CC Sabathia, Felix Hernandez, Cliff Lee, and Tim Lincecum also getting some votes.
  • Finally, Jeremy Hellickson and Freddie Freeman are both destroying their competition in the Rookie of the Year races.

That’s enough for now. I’ll give a more detailed breakdown next week, once all the submissions are in. Go here for the rules. The winner of the predictions contest will receive 2 Free Tickets to any 2012 baseball game*!

Now go get your vote in!

Larry Granillo

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