Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions Contest Update – We Have a Winner!

It’s been a few weeks since the last MLB Predictions contest update – the last update was right after the Giants beat the Phillies in the LCS – and quite a few things have happened since then. Let’s take a look at what’s happened – and how someone managed to win it all already! As always, here are the details about the contest.

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As I said in the last update, there was only one entry who even named half of the World Series pairing this year. It turns out it was my homerrific buddy from back home, though (Ryan G.) and he just happened to pick the right half. I’m thrilled for him, of course. The Giants and their fans have been waiting a long time for that trophy. For the purposes of this contest, though, it means that he was the only one to gain any points from the Series.

The Rookie of the Year voting was funny, as the actual award went to two very deserving, and very obvious, candidates. Out of all 31 entries, only one person got even one of the two winners right. Play that Funky Ball chose Neftali Feliz as his AL Rookie of the Year. Other AL picks were split between Brian Matusz or Wade Davis, with a few Justin Smoaks and Austin Jacksons in there. The NL picks were almost entirely Jason Heyward, with Alcides Escobar and a couple of other guys getting the few non-Heyward votes. No one had Buster Posey on their ballot.

The Cy Youngs were much more successful, with Felix Hernandez and Roy Halladay listed on a large number of the ballots. In fact, 13 different entries chose both winners correctly. That was probably helped by Halladay being named on 22 of the ballots.

For those who don’t want to click through, the top five entries so far are:

Leaderboard, through end of regular season
1. Zach Sanders (Fangraphs), 79 Pts.  
2. Sean (Bucco Fever), 73 Pts. 
3. Daniel (Camden Crazies), 71 Pts. 
4. Ryan G., 70 Pts.
5. The Common Man (Platoon Advantage), 67 Pts.

And with his 79 points, Zach Sanders becomes the winner of the contest! There are still two awards to name, but Zach’s six point margin won’t be overcome. Sean, in second place with 73 points, has chosen the same two MVP winners as Zach, meaning that it’s impossible for him to make up that deficit. And, with only six points left on the table, Daniel (third place) has no way to make up his 8 point deficit.

So congratulations, Zach! You took an early lead in the contest with your excellent regular season predictions. Predicting the exact win total of three different clubs (and coming with three wins of four other clubs) and also predicting three different division winners gave you a huge boost heading into the playoffs. That Phillies-Red Sox World Series didn’t quite pan out, but I guess you didn’t need it. I’ll contact you soon to figure out the best way to get you your two free tickets* to a game next season.

As for everyone else, thanks for the entries! I’m definitely going to try and do this again next year, but hopefully with some better tech behind the prediction interface. And make sure to check out the final standings – the rest of the top five spots are still up for grabs!

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