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I wasn’t smart enough to remember to alert everyone last night before it happened, so I’m trying to make up for that by letting you know now: Bill & The Common Man from Platoon Advantage and I did an LCS preview podcast. And it’s even better this time because we were joined by two LCS experts: Dan McQuade, who you probably remember from his terrific guest post here back in August and who is a Phillies fan lucky enough to have tickets to the Roy Halladay-Tim Lincecum faceoff on Saturday; and Jason Rosenberg, who I hope you know from the excellent Yankees blog It’s About the Money, Stupid.

The five of us, in part, offered our thoughts on what we learned from the LDS’s, what we should hope to see in the LCS, and who we might be seeing in the World Series. It was a fun time and, at least on our part, flew by super-quick. It should be a good listen.

One thought: in the podcast, I predicted the Yankees would beat the Rangers in (I think) six games. This has been weighing on me. I hate picking the Yankees for anything, even when it seems pretty obvious that they’re the better team. I can’t really take back the pick, so I’ll just say that I will take absolutely no joy in the Yankees live up to my prediction. I will be hoping beyond hope that they lose and lose good, and that the Rangers make it to the Fall Classic.

There. Just wanted to make that clear. To listen to the podcast, click the “Read More” link to be taken below. You can also find the podcast over here. And don’t forget, you can always subscribe to the podcast through the link on the player. Feel free to do so.


(Click “Read More” to listen to the podcast.)

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