Get Your WAR Data!

I just wanted to take the quick opportunity here to point out that Sean Smith now has the Rally WAR Data for the 2009 season up over at his site, He actually announced this in a blog posting last week. You can use the website to view individual players’ data, or even compare the Top 500 players of all time.

But, even better, he has also updated the downloadable data to include the 2009 season. For those who already downloaded the original data, you can pay $5 to download the year-2009 update. And, if you haven’t yet purchased the data, the $15-for-one-file or $25-for-both are still available, complete with the 2009 data.

I know I already spent yesterday talking about some great resources available, but I had to do it again. The Rally WAR database is just too fantastic of a tool. Go take a look if you’re at all interested in the data.

I’m excited to be going to the Lakers game tonight, so I probably won’t have anything up tomorrow. Enjoy your day, and be sure to check out the Rally WAR database.

Larry Granillo

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