How Should a Baseball Glove Close? Things to Know!

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how should a baseball glove close

You get your baseball equipment ready, and at last, you can finally use them during your first day in training!

However, there seems to be a problem – why is it hard to use the baseball glove? There is a trick on how should a baseball glove close.

The glove should feel tight, be the correct size, and be evenly thick. To achieve this, you need to break into the glove correctly, along with other similar tricks.

The Importance of Closing a Baseball Glove


Baseball athletes are surely aware of the difference it makes when they have the correct glove on when they play.

A glove or mitt is worn by the defending team, and its large leather build helps the player catch balls thrown by the batter or a teammate.

Normally, the baseball glove is worn over the non-dominant hand. A right-handed player wears a glove over his left, and the other way around for left-handed players.

So, how is the glove supposed to fit a player?

To be efficient and comfortable in playing, players should be able to close their baseball gloves when they need to.

A closed baseball glove means that your hand can wrap around the baseball as you catch them. The fingers and palm of the glove should meet. With this form, the design of the glove will trap the ball, hence, securing the catch.

The form a baseball glove gives to the player allows it to increase their chances of securing a catch. And closing in a glove is important to help them latch on better to the baseball.

How the Glove Should Feel When Closed


Long-time players know the difference between a new and stiff glove versus an old and closed glove.

First, the glove must feel tight around the hand. There is a strap at the back to help you adjust it if it is too loose. Essentially, a closed glove has the right snug fit, which also helps it stay in place.

Moreover, a glove with the correct size must have an even thickness. The presence of lumps would be a problem and will interfere with closing it during catches.

Your fingers must have adequate control over closing the glove. So, it is also essential to have the correct size for your hands. A large glove will be difficult to close as the fingers are not enough to shape a baseball glove.

On the other hand, a small glove will leave almost no room for your fingers to move and close when needed.

How to Close a Baseball Glove

Whenever you need to use a baseball glove, you must be accustomed to how it should feel. However, you would not always get gloves that close perfectly. A common problem with playing using a new glove is its stiffness and difficulty in closing.

You need to find ways to loosen up a baseball glove, and here is how:

1. Break in a Baseball Glove


The most recommended way to allow gloves to close properly is to break into them. There are a bunch of specific techniques to make it work, but essentially, it works by safely softening the stiff leather of a new glove.

As the material softens, you can close the glove more easily and with less effort. If you are not in a rush, you can naturally break in the glove by playing with it a lot during practice until the leather softens.

You also can break in your baseball glove in the oven, check how now!

2. Apply Glove Conditioners


To accelerate the softening of the glove’s leather, you can smother it with a glove conditioner. All you need to do is dispense a small amount of the conditioner on a clean rag and gently massage it on every surface of the glove.

3. Improve Your Strength


Since your fingers will be inside the gloves, do not forget to improve your finger strength! During training or your daily routine, you can add a bit of muscle training.

Even with adequately breaking into your glove, you will still fail to close it properly in every catch if you lack finger strength.


If you put effort into breaking into your baseball glove, you can effortlessly close it properly during games!

Do not worry if you have a stiff glove with you because this article taught you how should a baseball glove close.

Closing a glove is important if you want to improve your catching skills! Ensure that you break into the glove to soften the leather, making it easy to close it.

So, with a bit of practice and patience, you can make your glove perfect and bring you closer to victorious games.

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