How to Shrink Batting Gloves? – 2 Best Solutions You Should Try

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how to shrink batting gloves

A batting glove can only work effectively if it perfectly fits the hand. But finding the right size for your hand usually entails time and consideration. So most of the time, people tend to buy smaller or larger gloves.

In case you bought the wrong size, do not lose hope. There are ways to loosen or shrink it. And that is what we will be talking about in this article – tips on how to shrink batting gloves.

What You Need for Shrinking Leather Gloves


1. Clean, dry towel

The ultimate factor that causes shrunk batting gloves to lose their quality is not drying them properly after contact with water.

While leaving them to naturally dry seems to be a habit for many, it does not work without first drying gloves using a towel or any clean and dry cloth. The fabric of the cloth or towel can absorb moisture in the leather.

2. Rubbing alcohol

If you plan to shrink leather gloves, you should create a solution with alcohol. The ethanol property in rubbing alcohol, when combined with water, increases the water’s capacity to shrink leather.

When doing the mixing process, make sure to use lukewarm water.

3. Liquid dish soap

If we observe the performance of a liquid dish soap every time it comes into contact with oil, we will notice how it breaks down and loosens the oil.

Combined with water and alcohol, liquid dish soap can successfully rule out the presence of oil in leather. The leather will tighten up due to broken-down oil into a much smaller size.

4. Spray bottle

To apply the solution, you should use a spray bottle. In addition, the spray bottle helps preserve the shrinking solution for future use.

What to Do


Here are the tips to shrink batting gloves:

Tip #1

Use a Shrinking Solution

  • Step 1. Prepare the solution.

In a basin or bowl, pour in lukewarm water. Add in rubbing alcohol, and make sure the ratio of alcohol to water is 50:50. Allow the alcohol to meld into the water naturally. If the solution still feels a bit cold, add a few parts of boiling water. Keep on adding until the temperature reaches the right level.

The alcohol can combine with the gloves’ oil. As it does so, it breaks down oil properties and allows the leather to absorb water. This way, you can shrink gloves to fit with 100% accuracy.

  • Step 2. Pour into a clean spray bottle.

Add two drops of liquid dish soap into the solution to help lower the oil concentration in the leather.

Leave the solution for 3-4 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a clean and dry spray bottle.

Carefully pour the solution into the spray bottle and seal it tight with its cap. Once sealed, shake the solution thoroughly.

  • Step 3. Spray and apply the solution into the gloves.

Place the gloves on a clean and dry towel. Then, spray the gloves with the solution using the spray bottle until they get drenched. Turn the gloves over to spray their undersides.

Another way to resize gloves is to hold them as they are being sprayed.

Allow the gloves to absorb the solution for a while.

  • Step 3. Use a towel to absorb moisture from the gloves.

Look for another clean and dry towel. Place the gloves on the towel and allow moisture to flow out of them onto the towel. Limit wringing or twisting the gloves. Let time take its course on this one. Allow the towel to take in all moisture from the gloves.

  • Step 4. Put on the gloves.

As the gloves are just beginning to dry, put them on your hands to get them to fit snugly into your desired shape and size.

Note: You must put the gloves on while they still have a bit of moisture and softness. That is because once they have dried thoroughly, they may return to their stiffness, and resizing could become problematic.

Tip #2

  • Step 1. Prepare a basin of lukewarm water.

Pour in a mix of boiled water and tap water into a bowl to achieve a lukewarm feel (moderately warm). This state of the water helps preserve the color of the gloves.

  • Step 2. Douse the gloves into the water.

Immerse the gloves into the water you prepared. Leave them to soak for 10 minutes. It is essential to leave them there longer since standard leather batting gloves have thick layers and sealants. The longer they are soaked, the higher the chance for water to absorb into the material.

  • Step 3. Remove the gloves from the water, and then squeeze to dry.

Pick the gloves up and hold them upright. Then begin to squeeze water out of them.

Note: This particular phase of the gloves makes them vulnerable to damage. So make sure to avoid wringing the gloves.

  • Step 4. Dry the gloves on a towel.

Prepare a dry and clean towel. Place the gloves on the towel. Once done, press the gloves to extract moisture. Keep on doing this until the gloves become lighter whenever lifted.

  • Step 5. Air-dry the gloves for 24 hours.

Take the gloves off the already-wet towel and onto another dry surface. Leave the gloves to dry naturally for the next 24 hours.

Note: Avoid doing any unnatural drying of the gloves like blow-drying, fanning, ironing, and the like. Allow air to flow through the gloves naturally.


So there you go – the easy tips on how to shrink batting gloves. As you have noticed, these tips require only common items. They do not cost much, yet they ensure almost 100% satisfactory results.

Resizing batting gloves does not take a whole village to do. However, it still requires diligence and careful observance of the steps to avoid permanent damage to the gloves.

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