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Baseball gloves require some maintenance and care before being game-ready. In other words, ballplayers must break them into shape if they want top-tier performance. But the process can take quite a long time without the best baseball glove oil & conditioner products.

So many ball players take some time to search for these high-quality oils and conditioners. But it often ends with them pulling their hair out in frustration. Sadly, the marketplace can be an inconvenience for people without much shopping experience.

I’ll help you break through all the noise in this article with a detailed buying guide. It’ll discuss every key buying factor and answer all your questions about these products. Here’s a small overview of some critical factors to offer a good starting point:

Quality of Ingredients:

A baseball glove oil/conditioner’s effectiveness is solely based on what’s used in making it. So it’d be best to look for options made from ingredients like lanolin oil. It’s the simplest way to ensure the product can meet your expectations.


This marketplace is flooded with a long list of manufacturers. Sadly, not all of them are known for being high-quality brands. Buyers should research and contact others in the baseball community to find reputable ones.


The prices of glove oils and conditioners will vary based on features and performance. So building a budget based on your needs will be very beneficial in dealing with the ebbs and flows of this flooded marketplace.

Along with this buying guide, I’ve compiled and reviewed five high-quality baseball glove oils and conditioners. They’ll offer insight into what to expect from top options, so separating them from poor choices will become easier.

Let’s start with these reviews to ensure you have some background before diving into the more detailed buying guide.

3 Premium-Rated Picks


WB score


Wilson ‎A6740 Pro Stock

Container Size: 1′ x 1′ x 1′ can

Color: White

Weight: ‎2.11 ounces


WB score



Container Size: 2-ounce can

Color: Light yellow

Weight: 0.2 pounds


WB score


Sarna Glove Leather

Container Size: 8 oz bottle

Suitable For: All leather gloves

Weight: ‎‎0.28 kilograms

5 Baseball Glove Oil & Conditioner

1. Wilson ‎A6740 Pro Stock Baseball Glove Conditioner

Style: balm leather conditioner (rubs into gloves)

Ingredients: lanolin and Vitamin E

Container Size: 1′ x 1′ x 1′ can

Color: White

Weight: ‎2.11 ounces

Wilson’s ‎A6740 Pro Stock Baseball Glove Conditioner is an undoubtedly beneficial tool for a ballplayer. I certainly found its lanolin and vitamin E formula ideal for my needs. It checked off all the boxes concerning the performance quality of a conditioner for baseball gloves.

For instance, this conditioner had no trouble maintaining and keeping my mitt clean. Its incredible cleaning prowess even managed to get rid of years of dirt on my old glove. This leather conditioner ended up making the mitt look brand new.

I was also impressed by this conditioner’s ability to revitalize my old glove’s dry leather. It brought its faded brown coloring and scent back to an unimaginable level. Honestly, it looked less worn than the new baseball glove (only a few weeks of use) that I picked at my local Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Speaking of new baseball gloves, this Wilson Pro Stock conditioner is a reliable tool for breaking them into shape. It speeds up the entire process by making gloves soft with its softening capabilities. In fact, the glove was utterly loose and ready for usage within only a week or two.

The application process being effortless doesn’t hurt matters, either. It has a thick balm design, so all I had to do was apply the product on the glove and rub it in with a cloth. It’s as convenient as other high-quality balm leather conditioners, like my Rawlings Glove Conditioner.

But I was disappointed by one aspect of this Wilson glove conditioner. A few buyers mentioned it struggled to avoid melting in hotter climates. So anyone purchasing it should place this product in a cooler storage area.


  • High-quality performance via lanolin and vitamin E formula
  • Maintains baseball mitts with excellent cleaning prowess
  • Revitalizes the color and smell of leather
  • Speeds up the break-in process by softening leather baseball gloves
  • Easy to apply glove conditioner with its thick balm design


  • Reputation for melting under hot temperatures

2. Rawlings ‎GGB-TAN GLOVOLIUM Glove Treatment

Style: Thick butter leather glove treatment (rubs into gloves)

Ingredients: African shea butter blended with natural emollients

Container Size: 2-ounce can

Color: Light yellow

Weight: ‎‎0.2 pounds

The Rawlings ‎GGB-TAN GLOVOLIUM Glove Treatment is an expert at breaking in any softball gloves or baseball gloves. Its formula, made from African shea butter and natural emollients, blew me away when I broke in my nephew’s new glove. Honestly, the process was done much faster than I expected.

But this treatment’s ability to quicken the break-in process isn’t its only standout trait. I found myself loving its simple application process as well. It’s a simple matter of spreading the product across my leather baseball glove and rubbing it in with a cotton swab, sponge, cloth, or even my hands.

Once applied correctly, this conditioner will increase a glove’s longevity. It has protection and cleaning properties to ensure certain substances don’t cause the gloves issues. Basically, it’ll reduce the amount of dirt and mud that usually gets caked onto gloves.

The product’s packaging was another intriguing aspect for me. It’s a convenient, secure can with a reputation for ensuring spills or other containment issues don’t happen. Sadly, many conditioners, oils or baseball glove oil alternatives can’t offer the same security.

I was quite surprised by this product’s affordable price because of all these benefits. It’s easily among the least expensive on this list, especially compared to an option like Sarna’s ‎5333719099 Baseball Glove Leather Conditioner. However, this conditioner does have an odd odor. It could represent an issue for anyone with an overly sensitive nose. In fact, some other buyers have even deemed it unappealing


  • Butter formula effortlessly break ins any softball or baseball gloves
  • Simple application process via cloth, sponge, or hands
  • Increases glove longevity with its protection and cleaning
  • Convenient, secure packaging prevents spills
  • A more affordable option


  • Some customers find the odor unappealing.

3. Sarna Baseball Glove Leather Conditioner

Style: Spray applicator bottle leather conditioner (pours out like hair conditioner)

Container Size: 8 oz bottle

Suitable For: All leather gloves

Weight: ‎‎0.28 kilograms

Restoring old baseball gloves is difficult, which many glove conditioning products fail to do properly. But Sarna’s Baseball Glove Leather Conditioner doesn’t fall into this category. Instead, it provides high-quality restoration properties, ensuring beaten-up gloves look brand new.

But this conditioner isn’t only a godsend for old gloves. I’ve found it helpful in breaking in brand-new gloves with its top-tier conditioning performance. It has even outperformed several oils I’ve used, such as Tanners Glove Oil.

Meanwhile, it does a stellar job at keeping leather clean with its top-tier protection properties. I recently played a baseball game during a downpour without any excess mud being stuck on my glove. It was surprising, considering I spent the whole time fielding ground balls at second base.

Sarna was also smart enough to use a non-drying/non-darkening formula. It’s essential because it prevents any alerting of a glove’s leather color. I’ve applied this cleaner and conditioner multiple times without any signs of discoloration.

Furthermore, this leather conditioner offers more versatility than some products. It showcases this benefit by being usable on softball and baseball gloves. So it’s nice to know that I don’t have to buy different conditioners for my softball and baseball mitts. My only concerns with this Sarna Glove conditioner are its higher price and messy application. But I’ve found myself willing to live with the side effects. After all, the provided benefits are more than worth dealing with these slight issues.


  • Ideal for older gloves with high-quality restoration properties
  • Excellent at breaking in brand new gloves with top leather conditioning
  • Top-tier protection from various substances (dirt, mud, etc.)
  • It doesn’t alter leather coloring with its non-drying/non-darkening formula
  • Usable on all leather softball gloves and baseball gloves


  • A higher-priced option
  • Pouring/spraying application is messy.

4. Nokona NLT Classic Leather Glove Conditioner

Style: Balm leather conditioner (rubs into gloves)

Ingredients: Oil-based formula

Container Size: ‎3.5-ounce tube

Color: Clear

Weight: ‎‎0.25 pounds

Nokona NLT Classic Leather Glove Conditioner is one of the oldest products in this marketplace. It’s been softening stiff gloves for over 50 years with its proven oiling formula without any issues.

This product certainly didn’t fail to meet my expectations when I utilized it. Instead, I was thrilled with its ability to clean and preserve my baseball glove, even with regular usage. I only need to apply it to specific areas every month, let it sit for a day, and the results have been pristine.

It also does an excellent job lifting dirt and other substances from older 10-year-old gloves. It brings these well-worn gloves back to life and gives them a few more days on the baseball field. I’ve even had baseball players recommend this product when my glove looked a little worn.

The product’s lightweight, compact packaging was another thing that caught my eye. It makes storing the conditioner within my baseball bag a breeze. As a result, I never have to travel to a baseball game without this conditioner, so it’s there if I need it.

If the need does arise, the application process doesn’t take much effort or time. I rub this balm into my glove with a cloth or sponge, and it works. I couldn’t ask for much else from a conditioner for leather products. On the downside, these Nokona glove conditioner ingredients have a reputation for altering the coloring of gloves. So buyers must consider this issue and how it messes with their preferences before spending money on it.


  • Proven oiling formula has an excellent, long-standing reputation for >50 years
  • Preserves and cleans leather baseball gloves without issue
  • Restores old leather gloves by lifting dirt and other substances
  • Lightweight, compact packaging for easy traveling
  • Straightforward use with rub-in application


  • Does alter glove coloring

5. Rawlings ‎Glovolium Baseball Glove Oil Break-in Kit

Style: Bottled oil kit or spray oil kit (microfiber cloth included)

Ingredients: Lanolin wax oil, natural emollients, and cleaning agents

Container Size: 4-ounce bottle

Color: White (cloth is red and black)

Weight: ‎‎0.19 kilograms

Our final product, Rawlings ‎Glovolium Baseball Glove Oil Break-in Kit, isn’t a single oil or conditioner. Instead, it’s a well-constructed kit with all the necessary components (oil and microfiber cloth) to apply the product correctly. It’s a level of convenience that most available options don’t offer their customers.

I didn’t even mention this kit comes in two options. Each buyer can purchase the bottled glove or spray oil kit, which further shows its overall convenience. In my case, I had to go with the bottled choice as I don’t find most spray options as effective.

But this convenient kit wouldn’t be much help if it didn’t provide solid results. Thankfully, this oil for a baseball glove had no trouble softening and making my gloves more flexible. Its impressive lanolin wax oil-based formula certainly met my expectations and allowed me to grab the ball easily.

I could also use this product for multiple applications. After all, it comes in a 4-ounce bottle, larger than I’ve seen with other options. So now, I don’t have to purchase a new oil to break in baseball glove whenever needed.

If these benefits weren’t enough, Rawlings provides easy-to-follow instructions to ensure a simple application. I can’t imagine anyone having issues using it to condition an old glove or break in their new leather baseball gloves. Sadly, this baseball glove oil does have an issue with its bottle, as it’s susceptible to leaking. So I suggest being careful when closing the cap, or problems could arise quickly.


  • Well-constructed kit with all necessary components
  • Two available styles for buyer convenience
  • Stellar results for breaking in and making leather gloves flexible
  • Ensures multiple applications with a 4-oz bottle
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and application


  • Bottle is susceptible to leaking

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Glove Oil & Conditioner

Since you’ve seen several top options, let’s determine which suits your needs best. The following discussions will help you choose by considering all the essential buying factors. You’ll soon have all the resources to pick the best baseball glove conditioner or oil.

Quality of Ingredients

A great starting point with any baseball oil or conditioner is its ingredients. After all, these components are what make the product effective or non-effective. So it’s essential to research the ingredients thoroughly when considering any option.

The product description or ingredients label should tell you all about them. Lanolin and vitamin E are excellent for conditioning gloves and keeping them in top condition.

Conditioners also have additional components with benefits that oils, such as mink oil for baseball glove use, won’t provide. It stems from them keeping your glove in top-tier shape. So if you need a conditioner, look for additions capable of keeping gloves in good condition, such as moisture-wicking or waterproof components.


Purchasing your baseball oil or conditioner from a reputable brand is a must. It’s the easy way to prevent buyer’s remorse or avoid purchasing an ineffective product. Therefore, stick with manufacturers who are well-known in the baseball community.

Some glove brands will also offer conditioners for their products, such as Wilson having a glove care kit with oil for A2000 gloves.

If you want to be more careful, stick with the brands mentioned in this article. All of them have stellar reputations among people who play baseball. So it’ll never be a bad idea to purchase a Rawlings glove oil, Wilson glove oil, or Sarna glove conditioner.

Type of Application

Baseball glove conditioners and oils come in thick balms or sprays. The thick balms are products that users will rub into their leather gloves. It’s a messier application process, which can cause some overuse or other issues. But some people swear the balms are more effective and comfortable than sprays.

Meanwhile, spray baseball glove conditioners or oils are much cleaner. In most cases, people who recommend these options over balms point to their convenience and easy usage. Plus, they’re much easier to tuck into your baseball bag without any leakage.

Color Altering Properties

Certain oils and conditioners have a reputation for color-altering leather gloves. Sometimes, the change can be drastic and cause owners to be seriously frustrated. But avoiding these options is pretty easy because it’s the only aspect most buyers complain about the most. Therefore, customer reviews become a valuable resource to avoid these oils or conditioners. They saved me once or twice from ruining my glove’s leather with subpar options. It’s not a mistake any ballplayer wants to make.

Glove Oil vs Glove Conditioner: What is the Difference?


The difference between glove oil and conditioner comes from their primary purposes. Glove oil helps break in leather gloves rather than keep them in good shape. They get them ready for use instead of providing proper maintenance for them.

So a buyer looking to quicken the break-in period would pick high-quality oil. It’ll prepare the glove for the next game much quicker than a traditional conditioner. Meanwhile, a glove conditioner also works to break in the glove but less effectively. Its main priority is keeping the leather gloves in good shape for several years. So it’s much more of a care-related product than your standard baseball oil. 

Tips for Apply Baseball Glove Oil & Conditioner


Each oil or conditioner will have its own application process. It may seem straightforward, but some manufacturers like to get a little too fancy. So before I provide any tips, please read the product’s directions to ensure you know how to apply it to the glove properly.

Once you’ve confirmed the steps, here’s a quick overview of some general rules:

  • Only Use Baseball Glove Specific Oils or Conditioners: Household products shouldn’t ever be used on your baseball leather gloves, such as olive oil, vegetable oil, petroleum jelly, or Vaseline. Using them can lead to drastic results and negatively affect the glove’s performance.
  • Don’t Add Any to the Glove’s Webbing: The webbing of your glove will break in without needing additional help. Adding leather oil or conditioner will only weaken the material, affecting its durability.
  • Avoid Using Excessive Oil or Conditioner: You never want to use too much oil or conditioner. Instead, you’ll want to use glove oil/conditioner sparingly.
  • On the first application, add a thin layer over its surface (besides the webbing). You then should pick up a cloth and rub it in. Add small amounts of oil/conditioner every month or so (depending on usage and provided instructions), but never a complete layer like the first application.
  • Let the Glove Rest: Once the leather oil or conditioner is applied, the glove will need some time before it’s ready. So please place it safely away from the sun or other intense heat sources. Your glove will absorb the oil more effectively in a cooler place like a basement or closet.

Are Glove Oil & Conditioner Waterproof?

Most high-quality glove oil and conditioner will be waterproof. Using them is a simple way to ensure the glove remains in top condition even when encountering unacceptable conditions.

So if you’re ever wondering what kind of oil for baseball gloves works best, it’s usually one with waterproof capabilities. Due to this, buyers should be on the lookout for this product when purchasing a leather oil or conditioner.



Overall, using the best baseball glove oil & conditioner can do wonders. It’ll help break in your glove quicker while protecting it from maintenance issues. So use our guide to ensure you purchase high-quality oils or conditioners. Feel free to use our comment section if you have any more concerns or questions. I’ll answer them as soon as possible to get you back on track. Thanks for reading!

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