Why Are Baseball Players Wearing 44? – MLB All-Star Game

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why are baseball players wearing 44

For baseball fans, 44 is a significant number. Last year, many watchers asked “why are baseball players wearing 44” during the MLB Home Run Derby.

You may already know that this took place during the 2021 All-Star Game festivities.

The number 44 is a jersey number retired by the MLB. It was worn by Hank Aaron, who broke Babe Ruth’s all-time home run record in 1974. Hank Aaron’s No. 44 jersey symbolizes success, achievement, and excellence.


All-Stars Wearing 44

Legendary baseball player Hank Aaron passed away earlier in 2021. To honor his legacy, the 91st edition of the All-Star game was attended by MLB players wearing 44.

Players wore their usual uniforms with the numbers replaced with 44 at the back.

This is one of the most memorable events in American sports history. For coaches and players, wearing 44 at the All-Star game relived Aaron’s outstanding career as a baseball player. His professional status was also an essential milestone in the civil rights movement.

A one-time National League Most Valuable Player (MVP), Hank Aaron led the league in home runs three times and won three Gold Glove Awards during his 20-year career.

He was selected to appear in 24 All-Star Games, and he holds the record for most All-Star Games played. At the prime of his career, Hank Aaron also appeared in the World Series.

Aaron’s wife, Billye, and other family members were part of those who wore 44 at the Coors Field in Denver.

The Home Run Derby

“Home Run Derby” is a popular event in the MLB. It is a contest where players hit as many home runs as they can within the allotted time. It is usually held at the All-Star Game and consists of four rounds, with each round lasting two to three minutes.

The first three rounds are timed, and the final round is judged on distance alone. The biggest difference between a Home Run Derby and regular baseball games is that there are no outs recorded during this game.

During last year’s 44 Home Run Derby, there were 319 home runs at Coors Field while RePete Alonso won the Home Run Derby. He stood against Mancini in the final round.

Hank Aaron’s Baseball Career

Hank Aaron was born on February 5, 1934, in Mobile, Alabama. His father was a shipyard worker who had immigrated from Georgia, and his mother was a domestic worker from Tennessee. He developed interest in playing baseball at a young age.

Aaron is considered one of the greatest hitters in baseball history and the all-time home run king.

His record-breaking home run was a milestone in the history of baseball. It marked the end of an era where MLB players were mainly white and American-born before racial integration began in the late 1960s.

Aaron’s baseball 44 number was a symbol of diversity, and an essential step for the sport and society.

After his retirement, Hank Aaron continued to work with ESPN and as a motivational speaker. He was also an activist and philanthropist who has helped many African-American kids get into sports.


The Atlanta Braves home run record holder is a huge inspiration to many people who are interested in baseball. The 2021 All-Star Game may have been a year ago, but the answer to the question “why are baseball players wearing 44” will be part of MLB history. MLB players wearing 44 proved unity behind baseball stats.

Hank Aaron’s legacy as an athlete was influential in multiple ways and will continue to be so in the future.

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