Where are Wilson Baseball Gloves Made? Here’s the Answer!

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where are wilson baseball gloves made

You might wonder where to find Wilson brand gloves that suit your need and demand. And maybe until now, you are still searching for legit stores that sell the original Wilson brand in town. And hey, where are Wilson baseball gloves made?

Wilson baseball gloves are greatly made from the Wilson Sporting Goods Company. The maker of quality sports paraphernalia is situated in Chicago, Illinois.

Where are Wilson A2K and A2000 Baseball Gloves Made?

The famous A200 model – the pride of Wilson Baseball that changes how the industry designs baseball gloves are made in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the professional pair of Wilson A2K’s manufacturing process is in Japan.

In fact, professional players often have their gloves made in Japan to ensure product quality for their games.

Wilson Sporting Goods History: How it All Started?


It all started from the brilliant minds of Thomas E. Wilson, an American railway worker before. Because of hard work and determination, he successfully became the founder and the owner itself of Sporting Goods named Wilson. The supplier Wilson brand and other in-demand baseball equipment.

It’s not a Wilson brand before, but instead, it’s called Sulzberger & Schwarzschild. Eventually, it became a Manufacturing Company of Ashland, Wilson & Co. in 1916. Through his good leadership, he became the supplier of the said industry and established a business that supplies a sporting goods product.

In 1921, the catalog of Wilson Sporting Goods exhibited their products like a woman’s gloves or known as mitts, gloves, balls, bats made of wood, and some other bat bags. He even showcased catcher’s masks, armor suits, and many others. It’s a complete package that a player needs.

One of his well-known model gloves is the Wilson game model gloves. It’s a well-crafted model that only Thomas Wilson could ever do.

Is the Wilson Brand a Good Quality Glove?

The answer is Yes! The Wilson brand is known for crafting one of the perfect gloves in the sports industry, basically in the baseball game. One of his finest, durable outfield gloves is the pro stock leather with super skin. It is made with high-quality materials making it long-lasting and comfortable to use.

How Much Does the Wilson Brand Glove Cost?

The price is dependent on its brand and the material being used. But, usually, it ranges from $25 – $400. That is why, if you are buying it for recreational purposes, then choose the cheaper one. But, if you aim to be like a pro, then much better to buy the best glove you can afford.

Final Thoughts

So, hopefully, we have commended all the information you’ve needed about where are Wilson baseball gloves made? To reiterate, it’s from Wilson Sporting Goods Company, located in Chicago, Illinois. This Wilson brand is perfectly crafted to provide quality products to its avid buyers. In addition, other brand like rawlings also has manufacturing plants in other parts of the world, click here to explore. Of course, you can also learn more about how to make a baseball glove and what materials are they made of here.

So, if you’re planning to buy one for yourself, you can check it through our website. There’s a lot of Wilson brand products there to choose from. See you!

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