7 Best Molded Baseball Cleats in 2023

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best molded baseball cleats

Molded baseball cleats are a common sight on the baseball field. In fact, this type of cleat has become the most popular choice among ballplayers. 

So many ballplayers set out to find the best molded baseball cleats available. These searches often end with buyers being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options.

Below are some important features to look for in molded cleats, offering you a solid jumping-off point:


Molded cleats follow the same size as traditional footwear. Therefore, match your standard sizing with a pair of molded cleats. But remember to be cautious of cleat brands known for running small or big in their provided sizes.


The longevity of molded cleats changes from model to model. Buyers need to account for this issue by researching each other’s construction. They’ll want to look for options that utilize robust and durable materials in their design.

Level of Comfort:

Using uncomfortable footwear is a nightmare when playing baseball. So take time to confirm that your molded cleats provide ample comfort by looking for features like midsoles made from EVA material.

I also reviewed my 7 top molded baseball cleats to showcase what a high-quality choice should offer. Trust me; this entire buying process will become a breeze with these two resources at your disposal!

3 Premium-Rated Picks


WB score


New Balance Men’s PL4040K5 TPU

Color: Black/White

Ankle Height: Low-top

Weight:9.8 ounces

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Under Armour Men’s Leadoff 3025589

Color: Baseball gray

Ankle Height: Low-top

Weight: 11 ounces

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New Balance PL3000R5Men’s V5

Color: Red/White

Ankle Height: Low-top

Weight: 4 ounces

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Top 7 Molded Baseball Cleats

1. New Balance Men’s PL4040K5 TPU Molded Baseball Cleat

  • Sizes:13 sizes from men’s 5 to 17-wide (sizing runs small)
  • Color: Black/White (12 other available options)
  • Ankle Height: Low-top
  • Design Components: 100% synthetic material, TPU outsole, Kinetic stitch canvas/suede upper area, and REVlite ABZORB midsole
  • Weight:9.8 ounces

The New Balance Men’s PL4040K5 TPU Molded Baseball Cleat separates itself from competing options with several high-quality features. But I’d have to start with its durable construction made from 100% synthetic materials, which ensures it’ll last a long time.

I was thrilled to find out these men’s molded baseball cleats offer top-tier comfort. I couldn’t believe the difference its REVlit ABZORB midsole and Kinetic stitch upper areas made: its comfort was a whole new world compared to my prior Nike molded baseball cleats.

Another area where this product excels is its provided traction. New Balance achieved this benefit using a TPU rubber outsole, which effortlessly grips the turf and natural surfaces. 

The low-cut ankle height certainly helps my performance, as well. It offers excellent mobility and flexibility to ensure I can move around with complete freedom. It’s an ideal fit for my needs as a second baseball who needs to track down hard-hit ground balls.

I also look good on the field when wearing these cleats. After all, they offer a straightforward, stylish design that perfectly meshes my taste. Plus, there are 13 color options, so each buyer can find an ideal fit.

My one concern is that the trim color has a rep for peeling off quicker than other cleats. But luckily, it hasn’t happened with mine even after months of use.


  • Ensures longevity with durable synthetic construction
  • REVlit midsole and Kinetic Stitch uppers offer top-tier comfort fit.
  • Top-tier traction for turf and natural surfaces via TPU outsole
  • Low-top ankle height for excellent mobility
  • Stylish design with numerous color choices


  • Trim color peels off easier than other options

2. Under Armour Men’s Leadoff 3025589 Molded Baseball Cleat

  • Sizes: 16 sizes, ranging from men’s 6.5 to 15
  • Color: Baseball gray (3 other colors available)
  • Ankle Height: Low-top
  • Design Components: Rubber base material, a synthetic upper area with perforations, EVA midsole, padded collar/heel, toe cap overlay, and standard lacing system
  • Weight: 11 ounces

Breathability is often overlooked when looking into molded baseball cleats. But the Under Armour Men’s Leadoff 3025589 Molded Baseball Cleat shows why it’s crucial. The synthetic upper area with its perforations has been a game changer. It offers breathing room to prevent sweat build-ups when playing and stops smell-related issues.

Furthermore, the toe cap overlay helps prevent toe-related injuries. Moreover, it provides more durability for the area.

Under Armor also did an excellent job optimizing this cleat’s comfort level. They added an EVA midsole and padded heel/collar to ensure I felt like I was running on a cloud. It’s a vast improvement over what I usually expect from men’s rubber baseball cleats.

I found myself loving this cleat’s standard lacing system, as well. This attribute makes putting the cleats on and removing them an effortless process. It might not seem like a massive deal, but many other options make it overly complicated for no reason.

If all these features weren’t enough to sell me, the price sure would. It’s actually one of the more affordable options on this entire list, especially compared to an option like Mizuno Men’s Ambition 2 Molded Baseball Cleat.

On the downside, there are only four color choices, and they need to be more stylish. So these cleats will likely never win an award for being the drippiest baseball cleats.


  • Synthetic upper area offers peak levels of breathability.
  • The toe cap overlay provides additional protection and durability.
  • Optimal comfort via EVA midsole and padded heel/collar
  • Easy to put on and remove with a standard lacing system
  • A more affordable price


  • A small number of color options

3. New Balance PL3000R5Men’s V5 Molded Baseball Cleat

  • Sizes: 14 sizes, ranging from men’s 5.5 wide to 16-wide (sizing runs small)
  • Color: Red/White (15 other available colors)
  • Ankle Height: Low-top
  • Design Components: 100% synthetic material, TPU molded plate, mesh upper area, fresh foam midsole, and laced caged tongue,
  • Weight: 4 ounces

New Balance’s PL3000R5Men’s V5 Molded Baseball Cleat immediately impressed me with its lightweight and comfortable design. Its fresh foam midsole makes it possible by ensuring this product is among the most comfortable cleats available without compromising mobility.

Meanwhile, the mesh upper area improves my ankle flexibility during games. Doing so allows me to turn or run in any direction without worrying about tripping or twisting an ankle. As a result, it has enhanced my performance on the field considerably.

The lace-caged tongue offers similar benefits by increasing this cleat’s security. I have yet to have them come unknotted once during play, which isn’t something that I can say about my old cleats.

As with the prior New Balance cleat, this option also offers excellent grip quality. It’s a benefit that extends to all playing surfaces without any issues. So I never have to worry about slipping even when the conditions aren’t ideal.

I was thrilled to see it was available in sizes for youth baseball cleats and adult baseball cleats, as well. I’ve even been thinking about getting a pair for my nephew. Plus, there are plenty of color options, so it will be easy for a kid or adult to choose one that fits their style.

However, some customers noted that their studs wear down quicker than other New Balance options. I haven’t seen any wear or tear yet, but it’s worth keeping in mind.


  • Lightweight, comfortable design with a fresh foam midsole
  • Mesh upper area promotes more flexibility
  • Top-tier security with lace-caged tongue
  • Excellent grip quality on all playing surfaces
  • Suits youth and adults with a wide selection of sizes and colors


  • Studs wear down quicker than expected.

4. Adidas Men’s WF093 Icon 7 TPU Baseball Shoe

  • Sizes: 10 sizes, ranging from men’s 6.5 to 17
  • Color: Black/Silver Metallic/White (5 other available options)
  • Ankle Height: Mid-top
  • Design Components: 100% synthetic textile materials, lace closure, TPU cleat outsole, an upper textile area with leather lining, and light strike EVA midsole
  • Weight: 3 pounds

Not every molded cleat is designed to help players hit homers, but the Adidas Men’s WF093 Icon 7 TPU Baseball Shoe is with its lightweight, supportive construction. It has made me feel much more confident at the plate while ensuring I get a little power under my swing.

A massive factor in providing these results is its mid-top ankle height. This cut offers a perfect balance between support and mobility. It allows me to drive through the baseball with as much power as possible with total confidence. Plus, its textile synthetic construction has ensured top-notch durability as well.

Adidas did a spectacular job incorporating various components with the sole purpose of increasing comfort. A few examples include the EVA midsole and a textile upper area fitted with leather lining.

Grip quality is also second to none with these molded cleats. Their rugged TRU outsole ensures excellent traction on any baseball field surface. It’s no surprise my baserunning has improved dramatically since putting on these cleats.

All these top features are also packaged into a stylish and classic design. It offers an appealing look anyone would love with six distinct and impressive color choices.

As for its flaws, this cleat does have a narrow design. It was mentioned more than once among other customers. Baseball players with wide feet may be better off choosing a different option.


  • Ideal for power hitters with lightweight, supportive construction
  • Mid-top ankle height promotes balance of mobility and support
  • Comfortable fit via EVA midsole and upper textile area with leather lining
  • Rugged TPU cleat outsole promotes excellent traction
  • Stylish, classic design with appealing color choices


  • Narrow design is an issue for wide feet

5. Under Armour Men’s 3025587 Harper 7 Molded Baseball Cleat

  • Sizes: 15 sizes, ranging from men’s 6.5 to 14 (sizing runs small)
  • Color: Black/White/Black (4 other available options)
  • Ankle Height: Mid-top
  • Design Components: Rubber base material, synthetic mesh upper area, TPU lacing system with velcro strap, and full-length EVA midsole
  • Weight: 2 pounds

The Under Armour Men’s 3025587 Harper 7 Molded Baseball Cleat stands out from competing options with several ingenious features. An excellent example would be its TPU lacing system fitted with a velcro strap.

It’s also hard not to love this product’s breathable and snug fit. Its synthetic mesh upper area makes it possible to ensure excellent airflow during games.

This product’s lightweight design certainly doesn’t hurt, either. It’s among the lightest molded baseball cleats in the marketplace. It then adds this lightweight feel with a full-length EVA midsole, providing exceptional comfort that any player would enjoy.

The 100% rubber construction has a reputation for being durable and long-lasting. Plus, I haven’t seen any sign of wear or tear despite having used them religiously for months.

Furthermore, buyers should pay attention to its unbelievable traction. This attribute allows these cleats to be suitable for any surface or field. Under Armor took the time to create an all-purpose baseball cleat and succeeded.

But a few customers did express concerns with its packaging. It’s unsurprising, considering these cleats arrive in a thin plastic bag. I’d expect something else from a top brand like Under Armor.


  • Extra security with velcro strap and TPU lacing system
  • Snug, breathable fit via synthetic mesh upper area
  • Lightweight design fitted with full-length EVA midsole for exceptional comfort
  • Durable, long-lasting, 100% rubber construction
  • Suitable for any field or surface with unbelievable traction


  • Packaging issues (container doesn’t offer enough protection)

6. Mizuno Men’s ‎AMBITION 2 TPU Molded Baseball Cleat

  • Sizes: 4 sizes, ranging from men’s 9 to 13
  • Color: Multi (white/black)
  • Ankle Height: Mid-top
  • Design Components: Synthetic outer material, I-shaped TPU studs, C-flex outsole, full-length midsole, and U4icX Strobel lasting board
  • Weight:‎ 1.05 kilograms

Adult players won’t find a more suitable choice for their needs than Mizuno Men’s AMBITION 2 TPU Molded Baseball Cleat. It’s available in ideal sizing for adult baseball while offering several useful features.

For instance, the ultra-lightweight construction is an absolute home run. It has improved my stability, flexibility, and traction while on the baseball diamond. Honestly, it could be a perfect fit for pitchers, catchers, infielders, and outfielders.

It also features top-notch cushioning from heel to toe. So there isn’t a second on the field where I don’t feel comfortable wearing these cleats. In fact, I haven’t suffered a single blister or callus since switching to them a few months ago.

The pressure-reducing C-flex outsole certainly plays a massive role in this comfort. It’s engineered specifically to help ball players withstand long games. So if a game goes into extra innings, I know my cleats can easily handle it.  

Mizuno didn’t mess around with the appearance of this product, either. It offers a traditional black/white design that’ll mesh with any uniform. Therefore, it becomes one of the more versatile choices within this marketplace.

But sadly, this option is more expensive compared to most other available options. So buyers will need to decide whether its top-end features are worth its high price. I certainly feel fine paying extra, especially with my disappointing experiences using cheap baseball cleats.


  • Ideal sizing choices for adult players
  • Ultra-lightweight construction promotes excellent stability, flexibility, and traction
  • Top-notch cushioning from heel to toe
  • Built to withstand long games with pressure-reducing C-flex outsole
  • Traditional, classic color combination and design


  • A higher-priced option

7. Boombah Men’s MBB-0200203-3023 Molded Baseball Cleat

  • Sizes: 20 sizes, ranging from men’s 3 to 13
  • Color: Black/Charcoal/White (10 other available choices)
  • Ankle Height: Low-top
  • Design Components: PU (Polyurethane) outer material, synthetic/water-resistant upper area, PU foam insole, toe cap with rubberized skid plate,
  • Weight: 12 ounces

Our final option, Boombah’s Men’s MBB-0200203-3023 Molded Baseball Cleat, has a known reputation for resisting wear and tear better than most cleats. It earns this praise through features like its rubberized skid plate within its toe cap. It has let me move around the field without worrying about blisters or any structural issues.

But this skid plate wouldn’t be too valuable if this cleat was uncomfortable. Luckily, Boombah inserted a cozy PU foam insole into the shoe to provide comfort for the entire game. I’ve heard people say this option feels more pleasant than their custom baseball cleats.

This cleat also has a sizable impact on performance. As with the prior low-cut options, its ankle height ensures I have complete freedom of movement. I always feel supported and can stretch and reach a hard-hit double-play ball.

Boombah did a solid job limiting potential stretching or water damage, as well. Its high-quality synthetic upper area prevents these issues from becoming a problem. It shouldn’t have much trouble remaining in good shape for several years.

The true-to-size sizing was another attribute to catch my eye. In this regard, many brands fail, and their cleats run smaller or bigger than expected. But Boombah took the time to ensure their product didn’t have these concerns.

Despite these many benefits, I could see some buyers being thrown off by the camo designs. It’s a shame that Boombah doesn’t offer any color without it. Honestly, it seems like an oversight to me, especially with these obvious contenders for the coolest baseball cleats.


  • Rubberized skid plate offers high resistance to wear and tear
  • Cozy, PU foam insole for all-game comfort
  • Maximizes mobility via low-top ankle height
  • High-quality synthetic upper area prevents stretching and water damage
  • True-to-size sizing


  • Only available in camo designs

Factors to Consider When Buying Molded Baseball Cleats



Finding a properly-sized pair of molded cleats is relatively easy. Manufacturers will use the exact sizes as your regular shoes. So if you wear men’s 11s, choose cleats with this accurate sizing.

If they’re too small, your feet will be in considerable pain while moving around the field. This situation will also lead to chipped nails and more severe injuries. It’s not ideal for anyone who considers themselves a ballplayer.

Meanwhile, cleats considered too big provide their own set of issues. Baseball players can expect blisters, bunions, and other painful toe/foot-related conditions. Plus, these cleats will affect your performance on the field by causing slippage.

Design Durability:

Look for options made from materials capable of resisting wear and tear. Otherwise, these molded cleats will only last for a short time.

A good starting point would be investigating the toe caps. You’ll want them made with robust rubber designs to ensure they can handle constant running and quick maneuvers. It’ll also provide excellent protection against issues like blisters. You’ll also want to look at the outsole and upper area. A rubber construction made from TPU material is always a solid choice for the outsole. Tough leather or synthetic leather will be ideal for the shoe’s upper area.

Ankle Height:

Molded cleats are designed with ankle configurations, including low, mid, and high top. Each style provides benefits that ensure a baseball player can gain certain advantages on the field.

  • Low tops are much more suitable for speed and mobility. The lower cut around the ankle provides it by offering more flexibility. So quicker players constantly making sharp movements would benefit from them, such as shortstops or second basemen.
  • High-top molded cleats offer a higher cut around the ankle. Doing so puts more focus on support rather than flexibility. Therefore, these cleats are suitable for players who often come into contact with sliding baserunners or suffer from frequent ankle issues.
  • Mid-top molded cleats are suitable for everyone by providing support and flexibility. In other words, they offer an acceptable balance between low- and high-top molded cleats for players who don’t need extra support or flexibility.

Stud Length:

Stud length refers to the pieces of plastic on the footwear, which helps provide grip. This choice will often be solely (see what I did there) on your regular playing surfaces.

Players who play on harder surfaces, such as artificial turf, should choose shorter studs. It’ll ensure there is no slippage while promoting more effortless movement. Some molded cleats with shorter studs even rival the quality provided by turf-specific footwear.

Meanwhile, cleats with longer studs are for softer surfaces like natural grass. These shorter studs will offer the best traction possible and help prevent any injury issues. They’re a better choice for fields constantly facing nasty weather conditions.


Molded baseball cleats are available in many colors. So choosing one that meshes best with your personality and team colors is essential. This factor isn’t the most crucial on this list, but it significantly impacts buyer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the number of options makes it easy to find the perfect choice. Settling for a cleat with unappealing color combinations should never happen. Instead, keep searching until you find a pair capable of bringing your on-field style to the next level.

Level of Comfort:

I suggest looking into cleats with easy-to-use laces and ankle straps. These components help ensure a more customizable fit. As a result, it becomes much easier to control the comfort level provided by the cleats.

Furthermore, cleats with breathability in the upper areas are vital. Look for mesh or similar materials being used in these areas. Your feet will be a sweaty nightmare during and after games if they don’t use them. Cushioning throughout the shoe’s design is also essential. Only consider molded baseball cleats with midsole, insole, collar, and tongue cushioning. It’s an easy way to prevent comfort issues while on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Metal or Rubber Baseball Cleats: Which is Better?


Most people choose rubber or molded cleats over metal baseball cleats. It comes from them being more comfortable and less expensive. So buyers get a better bang for their buck than spending a fortune on high-quality metal cleats (plus metal cleats aren’t allowed in youth leagues).

However, metal cleats do offer several advantages. They can provide better grip quality, traction, and surface versatility. As a result, professional baseball players usually use metal cleats to deal with constant wear and tear.

Are Molded Baseball Cleats the Same Size as Regular Shoes?

Molded baseball cleats often use the exact sizes as regular shoes. So if you’re a size 12 in regular shoes, your cleats should be size 12. But please remember that cleats are better suited for a tighter fit than traditional footwear.

What Are Some Top Brands of Molded Baseball Cleats?

This marketplace is full of brands who describe themselves as the best. But in my opinion, only these six brands have the right to that title:

  • New Balance
  • Mizuno
  • Adidas
  • Under Armor
  • Nike
  • Boombah

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Molded Baseball Cleats


I always recommend cleaning after each use with an old soft-bristle toothbrush. It’ll scrub away these build-ups and have the cleats looking brand new.

At first, this scrubbing should be done without any cleaning solution. If there’s still residue, do a thorough scrub using some detergent. You then let the cleats dry out.

Lastly, the insoles and laces must be cleaned separately from the cleats. Please place them in a laundry bag and use your washing machine on the lowest/gentlest cycle. It’ll ensure both components come out clean and fresh.

How Long Do Molded Baseball Cleats Last?

High-quality molded baseball cleats shouldn’t have any issues lasting several seasons. But the subpar options will only last for a month or two.

Another real problem is kids grow out of them quickly. So parents will likely have to buy new ones every year until their growth stops. It’s something to remember when purchasing your kids’ molded cleats.

What is the Cost of Molded Baseball Cleats?


Most molded baseball cleats will cost anywhere between $25 to $200. The final price will depend on provided features and the brand. Sizing will also impact price as larger shoes cost more to manufacture, so they cost more.



After reading this article, finding the best molded baseball cleats should be much easier. It’s just a matter of using and applying what you’ve learned during your search. If you do, I promise the right choice will be abundantly clear.

Lastly, feel free to share your experiences or concerns in our comment section. I’d love to continue the conservation and help you with any issues during this process. Thanks for reading!

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