Wilson A2K Vs A2000 Baseball Gloves: Are They Alike?

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wilson a2k vs a2000

Wilson A2K and A2000 are the most in-demand gloves with outstanding performance compared to other gloves in the market.

What is the comparison between Wilson A2k vs A2000? Are they alike?

The differences between Wilson A2000 vs A2k are that Wilson A2K gloves are made with leather known as Pro Stock Select, the best quality leather in the marketplace. It comes with a thicker, well-built, double palm construction. This type of leather comes from an extremely strict diet cow to have a first-class type of leather with a triple sort hide, also known as Grade A.

On the other hand, A2000 comes from a newer version of A2K baseball gloves. It is fabricated in a glove factory with the best ball glove leather around the world. Although they are both accustomed to being quality gloves, leather A2000 is available at a slightly lower price than Wilson A2K.


The Differences Between Wilson A2000 vs A2K When it Comes to


  • Liner- A2K gloves have softener liners while being thicker stronger, and tighter. It offers a softer feel, allowing players to feel more comfortable in long hour practices.
  • Durability- The materials being used between the two are different. Wilson A2000 gloves models are not as long-lasting and heavy-duty as Wilson A2K gloves models.
  • Workmanship- The Wilson’s A2K have been crafted 3 times compared to the A2000 gloves, making the leather of A2k softer leather, thus making it easier to break in.
  • Price- The A2K gloves are available at a higher price, at around $360, while an A200 costs players around $260. Although the A2000 model is not as perfect as the A2K baseball glove model, choosing it is a wise option. In fact, many MLB players prefer to use the A2000 rather than the A2K.
  • Shape- Wilson A2K gloves are customizable; the baseball player can request a different complex change that depends on what he desires and requires.
  • Welting- A2000 baseball glove is slightly craggy. Unlike A2K gloves, it is well-crafted with extra rolled welting, resulting in a trouble-free catch and butt in.

Features of Wilson A2K Baseball Gloves

  • It is a double-palm construction baseball glove created by glove technicians and accompanied with a long-lived kind of super skin, a leather made from Pro-stock leather that is firmer than traditional ones and lessens half in weight.
  • It is produced with dual durability, created mostly with high-end base Rawlings with perfect top Pro stock select leather. Besides, the double man-made palm pocket and an American steer hide secure the baseball glove to maintain its form for a prolonged period.
  • When it comes to its structure, there’s a slight difference simply because A2k Wilson is hand-shaped three times.
  • The factory designed it with a dual-rolled strip that keeps it in a long-lived shape.
  • The gloves have a flattened finger binding pocket for baseball players who often place their wrist outside their glove; this would help the baseball players to catch and experience better control and consolation infield.
  • A well-crafted pair fits small and big-sized hands. And, the gloves are sketched with a Dri-lex lining at the wrist that gives fresh quick-drying items.
  • It has more heel padding compared to A2000 baseball gloves.
  • And lastly, A2K is softer and is a line in the marketplace for both right and left-throwing fieldsmen.

Indeed, the A2K Wilson gloves are made by glove technicians for a high-speed execution in the field, giving the players a more comfortable feeling and would last for a longer time.

Let’s Now Eeview the Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Features


  • The glove technician uses pro stock leather and a super skin to achieve a standard Wilson glove.
  • The A2000 uses a dual-rolled welting that provides a thicker, more robust, great support, better shape, and quality gloves that hold for a more extended time.
  • The glove technicians designed it with flattened binding to provide players with a manageable, softer, and easement in the field. Such a design minimizes the liner in the glove’s back and the thumb to secure a painless experience and a softer feeling while playing.

Which One is Better?

These two baseball glove Wilson models are quite the same in many ways. The only difference between A2K and A2000 gloves is that they were designed with different properties, but both were made with a top-of-the-line material. And each one was crafted by Wilson to have an edge on top of the other glove series.

One thing is for sure, A2k and A2000 gloves Wilson was made to provide the best glove, ensure its durability, and great performance to players that use Wilson’s gloves. Professional players who are fans of the A2K include Jose Altuve, Tony Kemp, Mookie Betts, and Brandon Phillips.

Meanwhile, the iconic A2000 is the favorite gloves of Robinson Cano of the New York Mets, Carlos Correa – the 2015 American League Rookie, Clayton Kershaw, and more. A2000 gloves bought by Martin Prado have lasted for over 8 years in his hands already. That’s already too much durability and a money-back guarantee, right?

Final Thoughts

Choosing between Wilson A2K vs A2000 gloves can be challenging. Yet, please know that both of them are made with pro stock leather and high-quality material made by Wilson. They are extremely high-quality products from one of the biggest brands in the baseball industry.

Although, the differences between A2k and the A2000 glove are noticeable. And each of them shines in different positions, allowing players to enjoy their games in their league.

Hopefully, our article has given you an unbiased opinion about both amazing gloves from Wilson. If you find it helpful, feel free to share the article with friends and families. Thank you!

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