How to Shrink Baseball Pants? – 8 Easy Steps

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how to shrink baseball pants

Every athlete relies on their uniform to enable them to move around as agilely as possible. However, some mismatches are inevitable, and adjustments are required to achieve the best uniform fit.

Pants are a bit trickier to fit onto the body. In baseball, players must run as swiftly as possible without any problems. Hence, they need the best-fitting pants!

If baseball players’ pants are not snug, this article has a simple guide on how to shrink baseball pants with a washing machine, dryer, and hot iron!

Steps to Shrink Your Baseball Pants


Before running to buy a new pair of pants or to have the pants altered by a tailor, one can try to shrink the pants! Tight baseball pants may be achieved with a simple at-home remedy.

What to prepare


  1. The loose baseball pants.
  2. A washing machine (You can opt to use a basin for hand washing if you opt to skip using a washing machine)
  3. Dryer.
  4. A flat iron and an ironing board.

Step 1: Preparing the pants for shrinking


Before proceeding with the steps to make pants shrink, look into the labels first.

In every article of clothing, one would always see its label, including details on how to wash, iron, and dry it, and the type of material used.

Most Nike baseball pants are made with polyester, which is a strong and durable material. But be wary if the label says the pants are cotton. These would shrink much more than that of polyester pants.

Generally, the steps here would be perfect to shrink polyester pants as these are the most common type of material out there!

Some pants have prints and designs outside, and it would be best to keep their colors safe by turning the pants inside out. Moreover, if you have multiple pants to work on, avoid shrinking them all at the same time to have better control of their fabric.

Step 2: Wash the pants in a washing machine with hot water.


The best way to shrink pants is to wash them under very hot water. In this step, adding a mild detergent is optional. The main idea is to soak and agitate the baggy pants while soaking in hot water.

  • Prepare your washing machine by setting it at the highest temperature or at most 110°C.

Note: Never go below 60°C because it would not exert any effect on the fabric.

  • Baggy baseball pants would shrink due to the heat. So, wash your pants with water near boiling point. Set your machine to run over the longest cycle, which would be at least one hour long.

If you would be skipping the washing machine, you can opt to soak the pants in a basin filled with hot water. make sure to agitate it similar to that of a washing machine by spinning it around.

Step 3: Rinse and wring out the excess water.


Putting the fabric under a hot water cycle necessitates it to be rinsed under hot water as well. After the complete cycle in the washing machine, rinse and wring out the baseball pants in warm water.

If you added mild detergent in the previous step, the pants must be free from any soap residue by this step.

Step 4: Dry the baseball pants in the hottest setting of the dryer


Now, it is time to dry the baseball pants.

All you need to do is transfer the pants onto the dryer and set it to the highest temperature. Here, do not go over 80°C and check if the pants are still inside out.

Take out the baseball pants and use a clothes hanger to air the pants. Give it enough time to cool after all that time it had under extreme temperatures.

Step 5: Check for shrinkage

Tight long baseball pants may be achieved by this time. The heat may have caused a sufficient amount of shrinkage to the fabric, which may be enough to fit well to the player.

Step 6: Proceed to iron the dry baseball pants, if needed.


However, not all would go well with Plan A. For pants that need much more adjustment and shrinkage, you can opt to go for Plan B and proceed to iron them.

  1. Iron out for baseball pants adds extra exposure to the fabric to heat!
  2. Repeat washing the pants under hot water. But this time, do not put it in the dryer after rinsing. Immediately transfer it to an ironing board.
  3. The moist pants must be at bottom of a pressing cloth to prevent burning the fabric. Set the flat iron at low to medium temperature. But set it to a higher temperature for tougher fabric.
  4. Apply pressure as you iron and make sure to go over every nook and cranny of the baseball pants. You would not know that the ironing process is complete if the pants are all dry.

Step 7: Re-check for shrinkage.

Now, the pants are all dry due to ironing. Re-check for shrinkage and assess whether the needed fit is achieved, or if further shrinking is needed.

Step 8: Repeat steps 1 to 6 as needed.

Baseball pants are supposed to fit the players perfectly. So, you may opt to shrink the pants even more by repeating these steps. Keep in mind that too much heat from the entire process may lead to color fading or permanent damage to the pants.

Additional Tips for Shrinking Baseball Pants


Helping baseball pants fit better has always been challenging with the convenience of a washing machine, dryer, and flat iron. But since too much heat is needed to make the process successful, remember that some problems may be encountered.

Common issues that may arise during the shrinking process:

  • Most pants can be shrunk since they may be cotton, polyester, or nylon. However, some materials are designed not to shrink at all!
  • Too much heat can make the pants lose its color. Remember this if your uniform has a vivid or deep color.
  • Do not wash other garments while your baseball pants are in their cycle. This may cause damage to other garments or color bleeding.
  • If all else fails, consider bringing your pants to a tailor to customize their fit.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if the baseball pants shrink too much?

You can unshrink baseball pants if they become too tight. Soak it in lukewarm water with a bit of fabric conditioner. Then, pull it out of its soak and gently stretch the fabric.

The fabric conditioner will help make the fabric more pliable as you stretch. Keep stretching the pants until desired and wait for them to air dry.

Is it possible to shrink baseball pants that have already been washed and dried multiple times?

You can still try shrinking your baseball pants even if they have been washed and dried before. As noted in the steps, you can repeat the washing and drying process as needed until you get the tightness you need.

Reasons why some baseball players shrink their pants?

The tightness of baseball pants all boils down to personal preference. Generally, loose-fitting pants increase a player’s risk of injury and diminish their overall performance.

Furthermore, well-fitting pants act as a barrier to protect the player’s legs during sliding. Some players just opt for a tighter fit for the sake of comfort.

No player wants to settle for too-skinny baseball pants or ones that are too big.

Post-shrinking care and maintenance

After baseball pants have been shrunk, remember to properly store them in a place away from direct sunlight. Also, avoid tightly folding them as the tension from the creases can further shrink the fabric.

Moreover, use a mild detergent or conditioner for delicate fabrics when washing pants after your baseball games.


There are simple ways at home on how to shrink baseball pants. With a washing machine, dryer, and iron, you can make baggy pants fit better to you.

The key is to use very hot temperatures in every step as these will shrink the fabric. Keep an eye out for the amount of shrinkage as you go.

Normally, this technique works on most fabrics such as polyester and cotton. However, when this at-home technique does not give your desired outcome, you can opt to repeat the steps as long as no permanent damage or color fading occurs.

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