What Are the Best Seats at a Baseball Game? – 5 Ideal Locations

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what are the best seats at a baseball game

It’s not easy to be a baseball buff – that’s a fact right there. Before clasping the idea of enjoying the game, you need to ensure you have the best view to see all the action. And that’s the challenge!

So, the top question that pops your mind is, what are the best seats at a baseball game? The crowd’s answer is the section behind the home plate and further talk of why it will happen as you read on.

Guide 101 – Ideal Seating Locations in a Baseball Stadium

As said earlier, the best seats upon watching a match are near the home plate. But there is more to know about these better baseball locations. So, let us get started!

Listed below are the ideal stadium seating spots to watch a baseball game. Know more about the other seats best for a sports fan like you!

1. The Seats Behind Home Plate


If you want a close-up view, these are the best seats to watch a baseball game. Also known as scout seats, most dig this seat zone since it offers more features than other seats. In this area, you can get the odds to see all the players and even the scoreboard.

Moreover, these got club access and legroom that anyone would love. And those extra padded seats they have that will make it more comfy? A BIG YES!

Getting slots for seating behind the home plate is a bit tough. So, you need to be quick and ready.

2. Near Dugout Spot


Are seats behind the dugout good? The answer is yes.

These are the second-best seatings on the list if you want a full baseball fan experience. It is the area that can get you a foul ball and a chance to interact with your favorite players – and ain’t that the dream?

These are the spaces perfect for die-hard fans of baseball!

The only snag with this area is that it is a flying foul ball zone. It means you can catch or get hit by it. So, watch out and be careful.

Upon choosing this part of seating in the ballpark, know there are two dugouts: the home team and the away team dugouts. A friendly suggestion? Go for the home team dugout!

3. Seats Near the Outfield Section


The intense buckle of baseball is a bit far if you are sitting on this side of the arena. Despite it, outfield seats can surprise you in more ways than you can imagine.

In this part of the ballpark, things can be exciting. For instance, you can catch a ball if the player goes for a home run! Or, you see them practicing batting (only if you are an early bird).

Aside from a faraway sight, you will also need help to see the scoreboard fully in this zone. You have to turn all the way to see who’s winning.

4. Seating Near First or Third Bases


The section next to first and third bases is also ideal for watching a baseball match. It will show you a perfect infield-outfield view. Also, you need a baseball glove here, for this area has the highest chance of catching foul balls.

Note that the seating near the first base is on the arena’s right side. At the same time, the third base seating is on the left one.

5. Upper Level Rows of the Ballpark


If a full view is what you need, that is what you will get in this seating. Upper-level seats are the ones with the best sight of the whole game and away from the messy mass. Although, this area is not fit for those fans who want to see point-by-point action.

After knowing the ideal and good seats to enjoy a baseball game, it’s time to learn more.

Can you Sit Anywhere at a Baseball Game? Well, we are about to find out!

The Different Types of Seats

Given the ideal locations for you to choose seats from, you need to know the type of seats to get this time. The best seats to get are right here. Read on.

1. Field Level Box Seats


These are the type of seats that are very close to the action of the game. If you are in these seats, you are indeed around the infield. Due to that notion, some chairs have covering nets for protection.

2. Club Box Seats


If you want to feel like an almost VIP, this type of seat is the one for you! Club box seats are commonly on the top levels of the arena and come with mind-boggling features. Ready to pick from varied choices – food, drinks, and even the set seating!

3. Dugout Box Seats


Dugout box seats are seated straight, connecting to the team baseball dugouts. Seating on these box seats opens your chance to see the teams up close – and fan interactions. They also have premium offers that a lot of fans will surely like.

4. Luxury Suite Boxes


Then, save the best for last. As far as we are concerned, this box seat type is the greatest among all the classes. The premium seats of your dreams are right here with the Luxury Suite Boxes!

These are great seats with options that will level up your watching moment. It offers indoor seating, catering services (unlimited food and drinks), and star comforts. You get to choose here!

The only takeaway from this box type is the fee required. Since it is the most extra seating, you must get ready for quite a large money cut.

Up next are the pros and cons of various baseball seating picks. Know if your liking suits the best place to sit at a baseball game.

The Pros and Cons of Different Seat Locations

It would help if you secured a slot by buying a ticket ASAP to get an MLB seat view for the season. Since its price ranges by the teams playing and the baseball stadium seating location. And, of course, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your seat choice.

Learn them all today. So, check out the list below.

Choice 1: Home Plate or the Scout Spot

  • Pros: Accessible, Best Seats for Viewing Home Runs, and Amazing Experience
  • Cons: Limited Spots & A Bit Pricey

Choice 2: Seating Near the Dugout

  • Pros: Interaction with Players, Comfortable Seats, Better Price than Scout Seating, Best View to See the Game Strategies, and More.
  • Cons: Flying Balls, Weather Disturbances, Though, comes at a Better Price – still, a considerable fee for the ticket.

Choice 3: Seating within the Outfield Area

  • Pros: Interaction with other Fans, Way More Affordable, and a chance to get a Ball from the Match.
  • Cons: A Bit Far Viewing Distance to the Game, Crowded, and Noisier

Choice 4: Upper-Level Seating

  • Pros: Cheapest Ticket Fee and Best View to See the Entire Arena during the Game
  • Cons: Farthest Viewing Distance to the Game and more Prone to Weather Disturbances

Choice 5: VIP Seating

  • Pros: Vacation Treatment as a Baseball Fan and a lot of offers to enjoy!
  • Cons: Priciest Ticket to Avail

So, after knowing such differences in each seating, now it is the turn of the key factors to know. See the top facets to weigh when picking seats.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Seats


Whether you want bullpen seats or not, pointers like the ones listed below are hearty to take note of.

1. Price Range

MLB Games can be a riot in terms of demand. So, you need to ensure that your wallet is ready for cost shifts.

2. Personal Choice

The seat you choose is a risk since getting your dream seating is already tough. It is why it is only vital that you are in 100%.

3. The Layout of the Stadium

It is a good call, too, if you know all the ballpark sections. With the proper facts about them, you will have the access you need.

4. Special Deals

Promos can be everywhere when watching sports live to encourage fans to pick the best.

The following tips will give you the best of the best. Of course, be smart about it and seal the deal to get the safest place to sit.


The main question of what are the best seats at a baseball game for any avid fan is what are we curious about, right?

Tricky yet fun subject to discuss. It is one of the best ways to show how baseball is well-known and how fans can be wild. Thus, a guide like this fed a point-by-point explanation of where and how to have that great seating.

Hopefully, it worked like home-run magic.

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