What Size Baseball Glove for a 9 Year Old? – Sizing Guide

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what size baseball glove for a 9 year old

Wearing ill-fitting gears in any sport will give the player a hard time delivering their best performance. As such, baseball gloves should fit players perfectly.

Things do get a little tricky with young kids, though. What size baseball glove for a 9 year old should you purchase?

For infielder roles, get your kid somewhere between 10.25 and 11.5 inches. If the kid played mainly as an outfielder, a bit larger would be better at 11.5 to 12.25 inches.


The Right Glove Size for Kids


Kids sure grow fast. You would be surprised to see them get bigger and bigger so quickly.

If your kids are passionate about baseball, or perhaps you are a coach training young ones to cultivate their skills, then part of their training must include a set of gear perfect for their young age.

Very young kids aged five to six may have the smallest glove size, at 10 to 10.5 inches. As they get to seven or eight years of age, they can try to fit up to 11-inch baseball gloves.

But for 9 year old boy and older, it gets a bit tougher because this is usually the age when they experience different rates of growth. Generally, positions are already assigned to kids by this time, so it would be best to consider that as well.

  • Infielder 9-year-olds can find their best fitting gloves between 25 to 11.5 inches.
  • On the other hand, outfielders go a bit larger than this because they need the extra width for catching unpredictable fly balls or ground balls.

Of course, these are all mean values based on observation. It would still be best to have your kid fit each glove size and find the best one!

Measuring Tips for Kids’ Baseball Gloves


So, we mentioned several measurements in the previous part of this article. But what do these numbers mean?

You need to measure glove size baseball to know what size to start trying out. There are two ways to go about this.

  • The most straightforward one is just fitting samples of gloves at the store until you get the perfect fit.

Basically, you are determining the baseball glove size for 9 year old players by trial and error. This is not the most efficient, but if it works for you, go ahead!

  • Your second option is to measure the size of your kids’ hands and use the ranges above.

You can begin by getting a tape measure and note the distance between the base of the hand up to the tip of their index finger. Round up the obtained measurement and add two inches.

But if you ask me, the best way to know the size glove for 9 year old is to combine the two methods. Get your kid’s measurement and have them try out the glove before purchasing.

This helps you assess more than the size but also the comfort. Guide the child and make sure that the glove fits well. If you found the right size, but the material feels too stiff, you can do some home remedies to soften the leather for better comfort.

Why Choose the Right Size?


Kids baseball glove sizes sure get tricky because of the growth spurt differences. Still, choosing the right glove size has its benefits which you should not ignore.

The right glove size for any player helps them feel more comfortable playing. Consequently, they can be more confident and agile as they play!

And, the right glove size will help your kid a lot in training. They will learn faster and be less frustrated with catching baseballs because they know their gloves will not slip off or be too tight on them.

Gloves must also have an appropriate design for the child. Aside from the youth baseball glove size, the design must also be simple and useful. So, consider both the size and design when buying gloves for kids.

Baseball Drills for 9-Year-Old Kids


Once kids have their gloves, bats, and nifty baseball attire, they are ready for a fun time playing baseball!

The thing about 9-year-old kids is that they have developed their motor skills well enough that they can play baseball more skillfully than younger kids. This development is also why coaches tend to have more refined drills for these kids.

1. Flippers

Using their gloves, they can practice a drill called flippers. Each player will use only their non-pitching hand as they flip the ball around to their teammate. This drill will sharpen their control and wrist aim.

2. Catching outfield ball

Or, kids can practice drills on catching an outfield ball. Have them use their gloves as they catch highly tossed balls to simulate an outfield ball.

3. Hit bunts

Kids can try to practice with their bats and hit bunts. The coach will position them at a distance where they try to hit a tossed ball using a bunt, aiming to make the ball land in a specific spot.

These are simple drills that kids would enjoy and learn from. And, when the kids reach their early teens, all these drills are expected to be more natural to them!


A 9 year old baseball glove size can surely help a kid have an easier time when playing or practicing baseball. And as their coach or parent, you can help them find their size by measuring their hands or basing off the average glove size for kids.

This article gave you an idea of what size baseball glove for a 9 year old. And investing in these gloves is definitely a huge benefit for the kids to develop skills, passion for baseball, and sportsmanship.

When coaching kids, everyone will enjoy their time if no one complains of uncomfortable gloves. Similarly, you would not want to see gloves flying off during practice!

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