What Is a Walk in Baseball? (BB) – Baseball Abbreviation

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what is a walk in baseball

Baseball is more complicated than it looks, and it’s not easy to explain what is a walk in baseball.

To answer, the term “walk” is used when a batter advances one or more bases without the benefit of an official hit. This is also called a free pass.

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If you have been watching baseball for a while, you may have noticed the BB baseball abbreviation.

This stands for “base on balls,” which is also known as a “walk.”

A walk or BB baseball stat is credited to a pitcher when he allows the batter to reach first base without the benefit of a hit by pitch, when he throws four balls outside the strike zone.

A walk can also refer to a player’s unintentional failure to touch first base on a fair ball, which allows the runner from second base to advance one base without interference by an opponent.

Walk statistics are used in baseball as part of the game’s strategy. A pitcher who has a low BB pitching stat is more likely to get more strikeouts, which can lead to higher win-loss records for his team.

1. An Intentional Walk in Baseball

An intentional walk in baseball is a situation where the manager of the fielding team intentionally sends the batter to first base without him swinging at a pitch.

In an intentional walk, the pitcher will hold his position in the pitching circle and wait for the catcher to signal that he has caught a pitch. The catcher will then signal first base for an intentional walk by holding up one finger. Once this happens, any runners on base will be allowed to advance without being put out.

Intentional walks are often used as a strategy when a pitcher has pitched enough innings and his team is not in need of another pitcher’s turn at-bat.

2. Walk-off (WO)

Aside from the baseball term BB, there is another MLB walk used in baseball. This is the Walk-off (WO).

The definition of a walk-off in baseball is a situation where the winning team scorese enough runs by the end of the game to win without having to go through an extra inning.

Walk-offs can happen for many reasons – whether it’s because of a fielder’s error or because of an infield fly ball. In either case, walk-offs have become more common with the introduction of instant replay and expanded video review rules by MLB.

Walk-off innings are a special occasion for both teams involved as well as for fans who watch at home or attend games on stadium grounds.

3. MLB Walk (WO) Stats

“Walk” is an important statistic in MLB for both the pitchers and the hitters. It helps determine how well a player is doing in terms of getting on base and scoring runs.

A high walk stat means the player has exceptional plate discipline and is able to tell balls from strikes, while a low walk stat means that the player’s plate discipline needs improvement.


This article discussed “what is a walk in baseball”, the importance of walk stats and how they determine a player’s game.

Walk stats are important in baseball because they show the pitcher’s control over the batter and how well he is pitching. The walk has been more valuable than many other stats in baseball over the years because it is not only an indicator of how well a pitcher can limit the opponent but also how well he can limit damage while pitching.

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