The Longest Winning Streaks in MLB History? 2023 Updated

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the longest winning streaks in MLB history

A winning streak could also refer to either hot streak or win streak. Baseball experts look into a team or an individual’s winning streak to gain a good footing of their credentials.

Thus, a winning streak reveals the continuous wins of a particular baseball team or player. The weight of such credentials lies in how long the succession of wins went on uninterrupted by losses, draws, ties, etc.

This article ranks the longest winning streaks in MLB history.

What Are the Longest Winning Streaks in MLB History?


The longest winning streak in basketball was 26 straight wins by the New York Giants in 1916.

But even this declaration did not transpire smoothly during that time. After winning 12 straight games, the New York Giants tied unexpectedly with the Pittsburgh Pirates during the pause due to bad weather and low visibility.

As stated in the rule, the tie did not make it in the standing but had to revert to restarting the game (doubleheader). The contestation sparked when the statistics of the game went on despite the rule that says the game is not to be counted.

Fortunately, things came to a settlement when the New York Giants once again proved their worth by winning another uninterrupted 13 games against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The New York Giants garnered the longest MLB win streak of 26 wins that year.

Here are other top ten long winning streaks (after the New York Giants) in baseball history (ranked):

  • Cleveland Indians (22): For one point in time, Cleveland Indians’ 22-game winning streak in 2017 overwhelmed baseball historians as the longest one on record.
  • However, claims of this brevity required utmost statistical analysis and revisiting. Thus, upon review, the Indians’ 22-game winning streak modestly settled in the number two position.
  • But even the Indians themselves would dare admit that they had their share of struggles during that time. Imagine going through a total of 196 innings just to achieve such a record.
  • Chicago White Stockings (21): Not only does the 21-game winning streak by the Chicago White Stockings prove one of the toughest winning streaks, but it also ranks as one of the oldest achievements ever to make it to the historical record.
  • Tying with the Chicago Cubs fifty-five (55) years apart, the Chicago White Stockings turned out as a worthy opponent against the Boston Braves and the Cleveland Blues. It all happened in 1880.
  • Chicago Cubs (21): The Chicago Cubs 21-game winning streak happened in 1935 on two separate dates, respectively, September 4, 1935, and September 28, 1935, against opposing teams Philadelphia Phillies (first victory of 8-2) and the St. Louis Cardinals (first defeat of 5-7).
  • The winning streak by the Chicago Cubs ties with that of the Chicago White Stockings.
  • St. Louis Maroons (20): St. Louis Maroons’ 20-game winning streak happened in 1884 against opponent teams Boston Reds and Pittsburgh. This achievement earned them the total season record of 94-19.
  • The St. Louis Maroons tied with the Providence Grays for this record.
  • Providence Grays (20): The year 1884 worked out like gold for the team, thanks to brilliant pitchers Old Hoss Radbourn and Charlie Sweeney.
  • It is worthy to point out that this 20-game winning streak by the Providence Grays (tying with St. Louis coincidentally the same year) almost caused it to tip the Chicago White Sox’s (1880) National League record.
  • Oakland Athletics (20): This winning streak (20) by Oakland Athletics ranks as one of the longest winning streaks, and also Oakland Athletics’ longest winning streak ever.
  • This record happened in 2002.
  • And despite tying with the Providence Grays and St. Louis Maroons one hundred twenty-two 122) years apart, the team’s famous success still managed to make it stand out as a modern achievement.
  • Thus, it made it into Michael Lewis’ book entitled Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game (2003).
  • Chicago White Sox (19): The 19-game winning streak by the Chicago White Sox happened in 1906. And it will tie with the New York Yankees 41 years in the future.
  • The team’s achievement earned it a total season record of 93-58. Their first victory with a score of 3-0 happened on August 2, 1906, against the Boston Americans.
  • New York Yankees (19): The New York Yankees’ longest MLB record for wins in a row of nineteen (19) games transpired in 1947, tying with the Chicago White Sox and earning them a total of 95-57 season record.
  • Chicago White Stockings (18): The Chicago White Stockings’ second-longest winning streak (18 games) in MLB history in 1885. The team savored their continuous success from June 1-June 25 that year.
  • On the other hand, its opponent team, the Philadelphia Phillies, had to settle with a 2-0 score on June 25, 1885.
  • Boston Beaneaters (18): The Boston Beaneaters earned one of the longest baseball win streak records of 18 games in MLB history. Their achievement happened in 1891, tying with the Chicago White Stockings.
  • This achievement earned them a total season record of 87-51.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which team ranks as the most winning team in baseball?

The New York Yankees, apart from its longest win streak in MLB, also prove as the most winning team in baseball.

Accordingly, it won 4 (four) straight games in a span of three years (1936-1939).

In addition, the team holds a record of 40 AL pennants, the highest mark so far. In this regard, the team easily champions as the most successful franchise with the highest number of wins.

Does a team’s losing streak affect its winning streak in the future?

No. That is because no solid evidence can show that the losing streak affects the team’s MLB consecutive wins record in the future. Otherwise, the winning streak would not be called a run of luck for no reason.

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What is the longest pitching streak in baseball history?

The longest pitching streak in baseball history reveals 23 and 28 wins (two seasons apart) maintained by Richard “Rube” Marquard beginning in 1912.


The longest winning streaks in MLB history range from twenty-two (22) down to sixteen (16).

The teams responsible for these records include teams like New York Giants, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Stockings, Chicago Cubs, and many more.

Of these winning streaks, the longest record figures twenty-six (26) uninterrupted wins by the New York Giants.

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