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what does so mean in baseball

“SO” became the most used word in baseball by players and fans alike. Players use it to show frustration or excitement on the field. Fans use it to express disbelief or joy. But what does SO mean in baseball?

SO is a statistic used in baseball that stands for “strike out.”They are called strikeouts when a batter strikes out on three pitches.

The Importance of SO in Baseball Stats

The goal of strikeout is to put the ball in play as close to the strike zone as possible without a hit.

There are two ways to calculate strikeouts:

  • By using strikeouts per 9 innings pitched, which is calculated by dividing strikeouts by innings pitched.
  • By using strikeouts per batterw faced, which is calculated by dividing total strikeouts by batters faced.

SO baseball stat can be used to determine the effectiveness of a pitcher. It is often overlooked by many players and coaches as they focus more on other statistics such as batting average and wins.

However, when you’re on a team that’s struggling to win games, it becomes important to focus on the strikeouts because they are often tied into the number of runs scored in a game since strikeouts lead to outs – which means fewer runs scored for your team.

How Does Strikeout Happen?

The SO baseball meaning can be further explained by how it happens in a game. In baseball, SO occurs when the batter fails to put the ball into play on three pitches.

The pitcher delivers three balls and then throws a fourth ball that is outside of the strike zone. The batter is out, and the pitcher has recorded an out.

A few reasons for a strikeout can be:

  • The batter swings at a pitch too close to their body, resulting in a swinging strikeout.
  • The pitch was thrown too high, resulting in an uppercut swing-out.
  • The pitch was thrown too low, resulting in a swinging strikeout.

On the other hand, umpires are in charge of determining whether a pitch is a strike or out. They use the strike zone to make this decision.

There are two parts to the strike zone: the home plate and the first and third bases. The umpire calls balls and strikes based on what part of the zone they are in.


In this article, we have discussed “what does SO mean in baseball” and its importance to keep track of how well a team is doing. While the stats don’t always tell the full story, they provide a good indication of a player’s performance.

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