What Does NLCS Stand for in Baseball? – Explanation

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what does nlcs stand for in baseball

Baseball ranks as one of the most exciting sports in the world. It unfolds in the forms of championship series, matches, playoffs, etc.

The NCLS format or National League Championship Series is a challenging baseball event. Teams, players, and fans would flock over the postseason to witness which team gets the NL pennant and proceeds to the World Series.

But what does NLCS stand for in baseball? Read this article to find out!

What Does the NLCS Stand for in Baseball

The NLCS in baseball stands for National League Championship Series, which is the Major League Baseball’s (MLB) postseason. It will help find teams to play against winners in the American League in the World Series.

The NCLS is the final round for the National League playoffs. It will determine the winner of the National League Pennant.

How Does the NLCS Work?


The NLCS History started with a best-of-five playoff, then in 1985, a new NLCS format was adopted.

Since then, The NLCS baseball has been played as a best-of-seven game series.

So, how many games in NLCS must a team win to be the champion?

The first team that wins four times will be the National League Division Series or NLDS champion. And, one of the actions that occupy the NLCS is the bestowing of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

What Is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award?

The League Championship Series Most Valuable Player (MVP) is awarded every year to an MLB player in the World Series. The player must show impressive performance that drives the win or have the most impact on the team’s records and performance.

Who is The Latest Most Valuable Player?


For 2021, the MVP was awarded to Eddie Rosario, who plays for the Atlanta Braves. Rosario batted .560, .607 and 1.040 in six NLCS standings.

Based on an interview, Rosario stated that he had always dreamt of the moment that he would win the NLCS MVP since he was a kid.

What Is the NLCS Schedule for 2022

This year’s NLCS will be the 53rd game in its history. As usual, it occurs after the regular season, meaning the first game will be played at the end of September, ad the last one will be held in October.

How Many Games Are Needed to Win the World Series


To get to the world series, a team has to win seven (7) games. The information here addresses “how many games to win.”

In the NLCS meaning, the first team that wins four times will be the National League Champion, advancing to the World Series.

So once the four games have been won, playing the whole seven games will no longer be necessary.


So What does NLCS stand for in baseball? The NLCS definition stands for National League Championship Series.

It is the penultimate event in the NL playoffs where NL pennant winners eventually come about. The winning team also gets to push through the World Series.

The NLCS was originally played in the best-of-five format but later turned into the best of seven. The best league championships that elevated ALCS and NLCS in MLB history were the Blue Jays vs. Royals in 1985, the Astros vs. Mets in 1986, etc.

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