How to Throw a Baseball Faster – Quick Tips For Beginners

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how to throw a baseball faster

The ball is the item that signifies baseball more than anything else.

It is the first thing you think about when you want to play the game, so it would only be reasonable to improve your ability to use it.

Anyone could throw a baseball, but to throw it fast is rarer. Read on to find some quick and easy tips on how to throw a baseball faster.


What to Prepare


1. Baseball

A few baseballs would be great if you are practicing. Having a single one is still possible, but owning spares would save you the time of picking the ball every time you throw it.

You can’t go wrong in picking a Rawlings or Wilson for pitching.

2. Helmet

If you have a partner that will help you throw back and forth, do not forget to wear a baseball helmet when throwing a fastball.

This equipment is essential since there is a high possibility that you could miss and the ball could hit somewhere else.

3. Baseball Glove

Should you need to catch a ball from the outfield while practicing, it is highly advisable to have a baseball glove at hand.

It protects your hand while you pitch a baseball faster.

Step by Step Guide


Step 1: Warm Up.

Doing your warm-ups is just as important as pitching hard.

You have to go through this to avoid injury when pitching faster and to get your body in the right condition to handle strenuous arm movements.

  • Try rotating your shoulders back and forth, then raise your arms to stretch them. This gesture will loosen your muscles and warm them up.
  • Make sure to stop when you feel pain, whether you’re warming up or throwing balls.

Step 2: Practice easy and light throwing.

If you have a partner, try doing some light throwing.

  • Listen to your body and align it to find the right stance
  • Position your feet a shoulder-width apart
  • Position your baseball at the sternum or chest level
  • Throw the ball a few times

These tips will help you find the stance you are most comfortable using later when you are already trying to pitch faster.

Remember that throwing is all about finding the correct stance, timing, and muscle action.

Also, if your partner is great at pitching, you can ask them for pointers.

Step 3: Grip the baseball properly.

You might be tempted to hold it with all five fingers, but you only have to use your index finger, middle finger, and thumb.

Using more could only add unnecessary grip and slow down your throw.

When handling the ball, use your dominant hand as it will have more force and throw a ball quicker.

You should constantly practice your grip at the beginning of every throw until you find the best position to throw a fastball in baseball.

Step 4: Develop a solid body stance.

Although it seems like the arm is doing all the movement here, it is actually the whole body that you need to train and strengthen to throw a faster pitch.

You may wonder, what is the secret of throwing a baseball faster?

The ligaments stretch and give you the ability to throw a ball faster.

Your rear leg should push your body forwards, and your elbow should be as high as your shoulder. It’s also best to rotate the hips just before setting down the front foot.

Step 5: Consider distance.

Building your stamina and power to throw better can be done if you do it regularly.

  • Start with throwing at a distance of 30 ft. and increase it gradually.
  • After every ten throws, increase the distance progressively by 3-5 ft.
  • Do this every day until you can throw faster pitches in succession.

These steps will also help you adjust the amount of force needed to increase pitching velocity, whether you’ll throw the ball to a nearby location or somewhere farther.

Additional Tips

1. Rest.

Make sure to listen to your body and rest when you feel beyond your limits. Rest if you feel that your body needs one.

Pushing yourself could do more harm than good, and causing an injury could set you back from your goals. Your body will thank you later.

2. Work out.

Do not limit yourself to building strength only on your arms; work on other muscles as well.

These include your legs, shoulders, and hips, and you can do exercises like pushups and Bulgarian split squats. It takes a full-body movement to throw faster and harder.

3. Consult a professional.

While learning to throw a ball harder seems easy, you cannot go wrong with consulting professionals.

You can ask your school coach for tips and corrections on how to pitch fast.

They can spot what you have been doing wrong at a single glance. If you really want to excel in baseball, get a good coach.

4. Do it every day.

It would help if you practice every day.

Doing exercises to throw could help immensely in the long run, as it will give your body the muscle memory to throw faster in baseball.

5. Eat well.

You can not expect your body to function at its best if you do not take care of it. Stop eating junk foods and soda if you’re consuming them regularly.

It’s recommended to gain more muscle mass, so eat more high-quality protein. Don’t forget to hydrate as well.


Everything stated above is just the basics on how to throw a baseball faster.

Doing basic movements properly and practicing every day to build strength will surely increase your pitching momentum.

There is no shortcut to this other than making gradual changes to your technique. Also, do not forget to handle your ball correctly and be healthy.

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