How to Throw a Baseball Farther and More Accurately

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how to throw a baseball farther

So you’re playing baseball yet having a hard time executing a solid throw during the game. You want to become better and know how to throw a baseball farther and harder. But the thing is, you don’t know where to start and what’s the first thing to improve. Relax! We got you covered.

In this article, we’ll dig deep enough to provide a comprehensive guideline on improving your baseball throwing capability and increasing winning chances!



Before you start, make sure that you have these two important pieces of equipment in your possession:

  • A baseball glove
  • A baseball

Wide-open space is also highly recommended for anybody planning to practice in their respective homes. Trust me; you don’t want to damage anything valuable just because your throw is out of control.

Step 1: Use the 4-seam grip


Many baseball players, especially those still starting out, are not using the proper grip when throwing. Utilizing the correct grip plays a vital role in efficiently executing a perfect baseball throw.

Using the 4-seam grip, you’ll get good control of the baseball and, therefore, can produce a baseball thrown more accurately than before. It makes the baseball travel faster and straighter because of how it was thrown.

How to do it?

In a 4-seam grip, you must place your index and middle fingers at a right angle to the baseball “horseshoe” seam. You must not go parallel with the seam and your fingertip position at the curved end.

By placing your fingers on the seam, establish a better grip on the baseball when pulling it back the moment you attempt to throw the baseball straight and hard.

The baseball can travel straight and fast without dealing with much wind resistance because the right throwing mechanics are implemented.

Step 2: Get comfortable with the right grip

To ensure you use the right grip all the time, practice every day to develop a habit. Get comfortable using it when you throw a ball far as this is where the mistakes tend to happen.

Make sure not to grip the ball too tight or too loose.

Step 3: Play catch and long toss

Apply the proper grip mechanics as you play catch and long toss exercises to throw farther. Start with short distances, and eventually, as you get comfortable, try longer distances.

Do it in a progressive way, and do not attempt to test yourself at farther distances right away. Trying to throw farther without slowly getting accustomed to it could potentially injure your arm.

Step 4: Fully rotate your shoulder


Always get your shoulders to a complete rotation. A full shoulder rotation benefits the arm. If you’re quick and can rotate your shoulders entirely, you can produce a fast arm to throw faster in baseball.

  • If you’re right-handed

If someone’s at the receiving end, you should end up with your right shoulder facing him after you throw the baseball and your chest facing your left.

  • For a lefty

Your left shoulder should face him after the throw, and your chest facing your right side.

If you end up with you’re chest facing that person, then surely that means you’re only using your arms and not rotating your shoulders, thus you cannot throw a baseball harder and farther.

Step 5: Rotate your hip

A common misconception is for you to throw a baseball straight and hard, you have to have a strong arm.

Little did they know that the primary source of power would be your legs.

From there, it would travel to the hips and eventually translate to your upper body as you throw the baseball.

  • For a proper hip rotation, your hip should begin to rotate as your foot strikes and before it would even hit the ground forward
  • Bring your hip all the way around until the release of the baseball.
  • After the release of the baseball, your hip should be facing forward parallel with your lead leg.

Many players do not rotate their hips all the way around as they throw. Therefore, they sometimes lose their balance and do not generate enough power for the throw.

  • Rotating your hips properly develops a torque that generates power for you to throw harder and faster.

Step 6: Observe good foot placement

Good foot placement is essential to maintain balance and create momentum to throw effectively.

Before the hip, power resides in the legs. Accurate foot placement ensures that this power can translate well as you throw.

The leg not under your throwing arm must be positioned to where you aim the baseball should go.

As you throw, you can use shuffling steps to help you generate more power and better accuracy.

Step 7: Keep your head properly aligned

Keep your head positioned upright with eyes wide open to maintain accuracy when throwing.

Do not tilt your head on one side as this could result in you throwing a sidearm. I’m not saying that a sidearm is bad, but you can definitely do better than that.

Helpful Tips to Remember


1. Always Warm-up

Make it a habit to warm up before practicing. This is important because it helps to loosen up your tight muscles for flexibility and efficiency and progressively raises your heart rate in a way that doesn’t cause too much stress.

2. Listen to your body

Do not abuse your body when practicing your throw. A painful feeling means something’s not right, so learn when to stop and give it time to recover.

Always be mindful of your body’s current state to avoid any injuries.

3. Cool down

After any practice, do not forget to cool down.

Cool-down exercises help gradually decrease blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, and muscle stresses. Stopping abruptly without any form of cool-down is dangerous for anybody.


The baseball in-depth guide has provided you with steps to follow on how to throw a baseball farther. You can utilize a guide to correct grip and stance when throwing and additional tips in maintaining a healthy body for you to enjoy the sport more.

If properly followed, one can expect improvements in their baseball throwing capability and will enjoy the game more. Such fundamentals can impact your game in many ways you can imagine and prepare you if you have any plans on going to the higher level of baseball.

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