How to Teach a Kid to Throw a Baseball Properly?

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how to teach a kid to throw a baseball

As a baseball coach, one of the toughest things to do is cultivate a child’s passion and talent for the sport!

To aid their early career, kids need to have proper training for throwing, catching, and hitting baseballs.

In this article, we will dive into how to teach a kid to throw a baseball in a way that is effective and enjoyable for them.

Ways to Teach a Kid to Throw a Baseball


It is never too early to teach kids about their favorite sports. Some of the most prominent athletes in the world started training when they were young children!

For beginners, a simple but crucial skill that they need to learn is how to throw a baseball properly. If you are training kids to kick start their baseball journey, begin by teaching them the L method of throwing a baseball.

The L method is basically a throwing motion similar to a catapult. With the correct grip, the baseball will be thrown by accentuating shoulder rotation. And here is how to teach it to a kid as simply as possible.

What to Prepare:

  • Baseballs. You need a lot of baseballs, so kids can get used to how they are used in actual games.
  • A playing field. Kids can learn to throw a baseball on an actual field, or indoors first, depending on the space you have available.

1. Teach the Correct Grip.


After doing simple warm-up exercises with the kid, it is best to begin by teaching them how to hold a baseball. The correct grip will build a foundation for correct throws.

You can start by showing a kid how to do the four-seam grip as this is the straightest and fastest way to deliver a ball. Use the middle and index fingers and place them perpendicular to the ball’s seams. Then, use the thumb as support underneath.

2. Assist the Kid in Finding the Correct Stance for Throwing.


With their throwing hand ready, help the kid get into the correct and comfy stand. Position their feet so that they are apart by a shoulder’s width. The child should stand sideways to their target, at around 90 degrees, and turn to the hand side they’re throwing with.

3. Ask the Child to Point Toward Their Target.


With the correct stance, gently guide the child to face their target and even point at it. This will help them determine where they need to throw and develop a sense of accuracy.

4. Teach the Kid the Correct Arm Position and Release!


Now, here is where the L method comes in. Help the child’s dominant arm to make an “L” shape.

The ball must be parallel to their ear, and the kid must be able to see the back of their hand that holds the ball. Once they are ready, have them step forward with their right foot, twist their body, and release the ball as straight and hard as they can.

The key here is to help the child throw from their shoulders, and not the elbow.

5. Practice Consistently.


The hardest part of the training is to encourage the kids to practice consistently. Once they have an idea of the baseball throwing mechanics, the next important thing to hone is consistency.

Have them practice the throw with the correct form a bunch of times a day. Eventually, they will develop the habit, accuracy, and arm strength needed in throwing baseballs.

6. Keep It Enjoyable for the Kids.


Lastly, do not forget that they are still kids! And kids need to have fun with what they are doing. For 5 years old or 4 years old, avoid being too stiff in correcting their mistakes as they can be discouraged easily.

Moreover, use encouraging words like “not bad,” “keep up the good work,” and “very good!”

Helpful Tips

When kids learn something repeatedly, it will be hard to fix it in the future. A common mistake in throwing a baseball is short-arming. In short-arming, the player releases a ball without making use of the entire range of motion of the arms. So, their throws have less distance and velocity.

To fix short arm throwing, practice long-range drills. Also, make sure that the kid is doing the correct grip, stance, and throw all the time!


If you are training kids and guiding them in their baseball journey, this article helped you get an idea of how to teach a kid to throw a baseball.

It is best to teach children the correct grip, stance, and make the practice as enjoyable as possible. Keeping them motivated is the key to ensuring that they develop their passion rather than get discouraged in playing.

As a coach, it is best to practice patience as it may be difficult to teach very young kids. Mistakes will be inevitable, but a positive attitude will help teens a lot in their baseball journey!

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