How to Get Into Baseball? – A Beginner’s Guide

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how to get into baseball

Baseball is a competitive sport where two teams face each other on a playing field and aim to score more runs than their opponents.

Through decades of the existence of the sport, many people develop a burning passion to engage themselves more and more in the game. Indeed, baseball established its feat as one of the most influential games worldwide.

So this article will guide you on how to get into baseball. We will explore different steps you can follow to fuel your passion for the sport and get more indulged in trying it out yourself.

Step-by-step Guide to Get Into Baseball


As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” You will eventually get good at baseball as long as you know how to cultivate your talent for the sport.

If you search around the internet and Reddit, you will find numerous ways to get into baseball. However, these are usually difficult for the absolute beginner in the sport because it assumes that all interested players are well-oriented with the nitty-gritty details of the sport.

The best way to get into baseball is to get acquainted with the game’s rules, watch the pros play, and start out yourself!

1. Get acquainted with the game’s rules


Before you start playing baseball, the best thing to do first is to understand baseball. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get acquainted with all the baseball rules to guide your journey toward getting into the sport yourself.

  • Learn all the things to know about baseball.

Begin by trying to learn about baseball. Know the most basic information, and move to the more complex rules.

There are two competing teams consisting of nine players. Each game in the MLB and colleges would have nine innings. Meanwhile, other minor leagues and high school games would only last for seven innings.

Hitting a baseball starts the series of different strategies players can do to score or put their opponents out.

  • Take a close look at how each baseball game goes about.

An exciting part about baseball is the numerous strategies that teams can do to try to win over their opponents. Hence, it is important to look at how actual baseball games go about.

After learning the basics of the game, dive deeper and look at how players try to score. you will unravel many baseball rules that you might not know even existed!

  • Memorize all the player positions and their importance for the game.

Memorize every detail about player positions. In baseball, a team consists of nine players, namely the pitcher, catcher, three basemen, shortstop, and three fielders.

Each of them holds a specific location in the diamond-shaped playing ground. Understand the essential tasks of each position to get a glimpse of what is in store for you when you are the one to finally play in a baseball game.

  • Be proficient in understanding the game’s scoreboardslearn-about-baseball

To complete your knowledge of the game’s know-how, equip yourself with a basic understanding of the game’s scoreboards. These are not some random crooked numbers in baseball, and you need to know what each number means!

In every game, you will see a huge scoreboard. Essential information about the progress of the game is listed here. The information that you would see includes the teams playing, runs by innings, runs, hits, errors, and win or loss for the pitcher.

2. Keep a close eye on the actual baseball pros


You will surely learn a lot by watching the professionals in action. Every year, the MLB season opens its stadium for fans to enjoy exciting games made by professional teams.

  • Pick a team or players that you would love to support.

You will be surprised to see how far you will get into baseball if you have a team or players that you would support!

Try looking for teams who play for your state, or a very skilled player whom you are sure to learn a lot of great moves from.

  • Follow and root for baseball players.

The psychology here is that you will be more likely to focus on your favorite team or player. Eventually, you will get an idea of how they play and how they can be more successful than their opposing team.

  • Watch how they play in their pro-leagues

Of course, a great way to see the pros play is by watching them live in the stadium. It would be great to do this if you have access to these live games.

As an alternative, you can play baseball videos of your favorite pro-league games. Since we have smartphones and internet access to provide us with game updates, this is the more accessible option for most people.

3. Start playing the game yourself


What makes a good baseball player? Of course, with their actual training in playing the sport!

  • Be part of a local team.

If you are in high school or college, you can sign up for local teams and begin your training with a professional coach.

Usually, younger players have more opportunities as there are many coaches and local teams that offer relevant training in molding future baseball athletes.

  • Acquire the necessary baseball items to allow you to play the game.


Bats, gloves, and protective gear are important things for baseball players. If you want to get into baseball, make sure to invest in good quality baseball gear to help your journey.

  • Consistently join practices and find the role that suits you best

Finally, you are now ready to be more consistent in working on yourself. Baseball is indeed a sport that needs time to master. As you join practices and participate in baseball games, you will develop your skill and passion for the sport.

As you consistently train for baseball, your coach and your team will help you find your strong points and weaknesses. Hopefully, you will find a role that you would enjoy playing and training would further cultivate your talent for it.

Frequently Asked Questions


How hard is it to get into baseball?

Baseball is one of the toughest sports to get into, especially for professional play. There may be many opportunities to train young players and increase their chances of being in the professional league.

Unfortunately, only an estimated 10.5% of NCAA senior players get into the MLB teams indicating the scrutiny required before players get the prestige of playing on the professional scene.

Can anyone join the MLB?

Certain requirements are needed before a player can join the MLB. For example, they may be drafted if they reside in the United States, graduated high school, and be 21 years old.


Several steps on how to get into baseball consist of learning all about the game, watching the professionals play, and getting actual training yourself.

These are the core things you need to do if you really want to be like your baseball idols in the big leagues.

Indeed, it is a difficult journey if you aim to play in one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world. However, it is not entirely impossible as you can always work on yourself and get into baseball!

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