MLB Teams That Have Never Won the World Series

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mlb teams that have never won the world series

When we talk about MLB baseball games, we seldom cover topics about those who did not win. After all, what use are they to baseball history, right? Wrong! Losing teams have as much use as the winning ones in baseball history. In the first place, baseball history would not have happened without a good game against the opposing teams.

And since baseball, like all sports, takes shape from both sides, we will be talking about the MLB teams that have never won the world series in this article today.

Read this article and prepare to be surprised!

Which MLB Teams Have Never Won the World Series


Here is a list of MLB teams that have never won a championship (not necessarily in order):

  • Milwaukee Brewers

Founded in 1969, the team continued from the extensive efforts by the American League (AL) based in Seattle, Washington. A National League (NL) Central Division member regularly plays in the American Family Field.

The Brewers got their name from the city’s famous brewing industry.

One of the only six (6) baseball teams who have not won a world series appeared in a world series game once in 1982. And that was it. After that, they have not granted any world series appearance, lest a win.

Mark Attanasio currently owns the team’s franchise.

  • Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies MLB team resides in Denver, Colorado. The team plays as a professionally-known member (for major league competitions) of the National League’s west division. In addition, they rank as one of the youngest MLB franchises in history.

Established in 1993 as a linkage team, the Rockies only made it to postseasons for the fifth time. As a result, it never brought home a single-division title win. They competed in the World Series in 2007 and had since not returned. They also never won a single title during that time.

Brothers Charles and Richard Monfort own the team’s franchise. They oversaw the team within Coors Field and Mile High Stadium ballpark plays. Moreover, they ensured that the team won their first-ever NL pennant in 2007.

  • Texas Rangers

The team came into official operation in 1961. While initially based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (North Texas), it eventually resided in Arlington in 1972. It was also during this move that they added “rangers” into their title.

Unlike the previous teams on this list, the Texas Rangers boast of eight (8) appearances during postseasons, although not until 1996. But that was just about it, for it ranks among the MLB teams without a championship.

After losing 4-1 to the Giants in 2010, the Texas Rangers finally sealed their fate when they lost all seven games to the Cardinals in 2011. They had not since pushed through ALDS after that.

The Rangers Baseball Express, LLC., represented by Simpson and Davis, currently holds the team’s franchise title.

  • San Diego Padres

Founded in 1969, the San Diego Padres are a San Diego-residing team of professional American baseball players who engage on MLB grounds.

Representing the National League- West Division, the Padres are the only team (based in California) who has not won a single World Series title. In terms of postseason record, they hold a record of six (6) appearances, including the 2020 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Peter Seidler owns the team’s franchise at the moment. A. J. Preller, on the other hand, takes control of the team’s operations both as president and manager.

  • Tampa Bay Rays

Created in 1998 and a resident of St. Petersburg, Florida, the Tampa Bay Rays operate as members of the AL-East Division. In addition, they contend for MLB games. Thus, they rank as one of the six professional American teams that have not won a world series.

As a young franchise, the Tampa Bay Rays, according to their potential, hold a promising future. Therefore, even their two World Series Fall Classic incidents did not have enough candles to threaten their careers.

In their young career, the Rays reached the World Series two times in a row. And, not all teams can do this. Thus, this achievement by the Rays should be hailed as highly remarkable.

The last appearance they made in a World Series happened in 2008. And according to experts, they have since been gathering strength to finally earn their well-deserved World Series win.

Stuart Sternberg currently owns the rights to the team’s franchise, with Matt Silverman and Brian Auld serving as president.

Why Do Some MLB Teams Fail to Win a World Series


A compounding layer of factors prevents the MLB teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Colorado Rockies, and the Milwaukee Brewers from winning a World Series. Therefore, settling on one reason and promoting a single solution should come off as unfair and unsound.

The factors that we will be unpacking here are more speculative and theoretical.

Here are some factors we can observe from the MLB teams to never win world series:

  • Lack of unified strategies
  • Player incapacity
  • Spent too much focus on MVPs, not complementary players
  • Lack of team chemistry
  • No player development training spent
  • The team is too young to build rapport for World Series
  • Lack of veterans in the team


As it turned out, the circumstances surrounding the MLB teams that have never won the world series do not follow an easy black and white pattern. In other words, there is so much to unpack in these teams- from their decisions, player chemistry, managerial decisions, etc. Also, Are you wondering which are the longest streaks of wins in history? please click here for more details and some knowledge about MLB, maybe you are interested in how long is the MLB season, how do the MLB playoffs work, and why are MLB players wearing camo hats.

The Milwaukee Brewers (1969), Colorado Rockies (1993), Texas Rangers (1961), San Diego Padres (1969), and the Tampa Bay Rays (1998) all tell us one thing: losing does not necessarily define the team’s rapport. These losses teach us how to move on and survive in the fields in the long run!

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