How to Clean a Baseball in a Minute? – 7 Easy Ways

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how to clean a baseball

Being one of the main pieces in the sport, a baseball is always bound to get dirty. Not only will this make the ball look unsightly, but dirt buildup can also reduce its grip and impact your playing experience.

As such, baseballs need to be cleaned periodically to retain their brand-new appearance.So, how to clean a baseball?

In this article, you’re about to learn the different ways to clean a dirty baseball using common household materials or specialized baseball-cleaning machines!

Ways to Clean a Baseball

Different baseball cleaning techniques fit different types of dirt stain baseball has accumulated. Ranging from simple marks to thick specks of dirt – here are 7 ways to clean a baseball!

1. Use a White Eraser


Materials needed:

  • White erasers (avoid colored erasers, as the pigments may transfer)
  • Clean cloth

A normal white pencil eraser can make an excellent baseball cleaner for thin dirt layers and grass stains. As for wet stains, you’ll want to wait for the blemish to at least dry first before attempting this method.

  • Step 1. Wash your hands and dry them, then grip the baseball so that your fingers rest on its stitches.
  • Step 2. Gently rub the eraser on the stains until they fade. Don’t use excessive force, as this will damage the ball’s surface.
  • Step 3. When you get to the seams, be more thorough, as dirt tends to get lodged here.
  • Step 4. Remove the eraser dust using a clean cloth.

2. Use a Magic Eraser

Use-a-magic eraser-to-clean-a-baseball

Materials needed:

  • Magic eraser
  • Water
  • Clean cloth

Magic erasers are an effective cleaning agent for thick buildups of stains. However, due to their effectiveness, they’re not the best tool for autographed baseball — these erasers will surely rub out the inked signatures.

  • Step 1. Dampen the magic eraser using water.


  • Step 2. Consistently rotate the baseball as you rub the magic eraser back and forth on the surface. As magic erasers are rather abrasive, you should avoid rubbing them on the baseball’s seams to prevent fraying the threads.
  • Step 3. Once the ball is free of stains, use a clean cloth to remove the residues of the magic eraser.


3. Use Dish Detergent


Materials needed:

  • Mild dishwashing liquid
  • Warm water
  • Sponge/soft brush
  • Basin

To clean a baseball caked with dirt and mud, using dish soap and warm water would be a simple yet effective approach. Follow the easy steps below for a DIY baseball glove cleaner:

  • Step 1. Mix a generous amount of liquid dishwashing soap with warm water in a basin. Stir the solution.
  • Step 2. Let the baseball soak in the solution for at least 10 minutes.


  • Step 3. If there are still traces of dirt, use a sponge or a soft brush to gently wash the baseball.


  • Step 4. Once satisfied with the results, rinse the baseball and let it dry.

4. Use Laundry Detergent


Materials needed:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Warm water
  • Cloth/soft brush
  • Basin

A store-bought laundry detergent is all you need for removing dirt and stains from your baseball. Follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1. Prepare a basin with warm water. Add a fair amount of laundry detergent powder to the water and mix until the solution gets soapy.
  • Step 2. Soak your baseball for 10 minutes.
  • Step 3. Use a clean cloth or soft-bristle brush to remove the remaining stains and dirt.
  • Step 4. If it’s hard to get the stain off, continue soaking and brushing your baseball.
  • Step 5. When you achieve your desired results, rinse the baseball and let it dry.

5. Mix Bleach With Water


Materials needed:

  • Non-chlorine bleach
  • Warm water
  • Cotton/soft-bristle brush
  • Basin

Warm water mixed with bleach is a perfect combo to remove old stains on your baseball. Remember that you’re not supposed to use undiluted bleach, as it may ruin the ball.

  • Step 1. Mix warm water with bleach to a ratio of 4:1.
  • Step 2. Dip a cotton ball or a soft brush into the solution, then rub it onto the ball to remove stains. Be gentle around the areas with threads.
  • Step 3. Rinse and air dry baseballs.

6. Use a Drill Brush


Materials needed:

  • Brush drill
  • Water
  • Basin
  • Cloth

A larger drill brush is a game-changer when cleaning your baseballs, although it’s a bit costly.

  •  Step 1. Add water in the basin, enough for you to clean the baseball, and have the brush drill slightly submerged in the water. Position your drill brush in a way it’s touching the water, then grip tightly on its handle.


  • Step 2. After, pinch the ball and let the drill brush rotate to scrub the ball.


  • Step 3. When desired results are achieved, wipe the baseball with a clean cloth and let it dry.

7. Using a Baseball-cleaning Machine


Materials needed:

  • Baseball-cleaning machine
  • Cleaning compound

To clean a large number of baseballs in one go, you’ll have to rely on an Oyster baseball cleaning machine.

  • Step 1. Put all the dirty balls into the cleaning machine’s drum. Then add your cleaning compound to start the process.
  • Step 2. Close the drum’s lid, place it back on the machine, and set the timer.


  • Step 3. Wait for the machine to finish cleaning and take out the balls.


There are a lot of ways on how to clean a baseball – all you have to do is choose a method that’s convenient and fits well with your budget. We hope this article helped you pick something you can use in the long run.

Thanks for sticking with us! Drop your comments down below; we appreciate them!

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