5 Best Baseball Bags for Youth, Adults, and Pros

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Every baseball player will need a convenient way to carry their equipment. It’s the nature of this beautiful sport as it requires significant amounts of gear. So it makes sense why most ballplayers spend time trying to find the best baseball bags possible.

The number of options and features make these bags a much more complex product than expected. It even threw me for a loop during my first attempt at buying one. So I created this buying guide to help make this process much more manageable. It’ll take you through all the crucial buying factors impacting

Design Materials

The best baseball bat bags aren’t only made from a single fabric or material. So you’ll need to research and select them based on their preferences. In most cases, buyers find the combo of a polyester outer material and soft mesh inner material ideal.

Bag Size

Duffle baseball bags often fall between 26-34 inches long and 11-14 inches wide. Meanwhile, backpacks will be smaller, while wheeled options will be larger. But it’d be wise to use the duffle’s standard measurements and adjust based on our specific equipment’s dimensions.


A buyer’s chosen option should come from a brand that provides reliable and convenient baseball bags. I’d recommend using other customers’ experiences and similar resources to weed out subpar brands from the top ones.

Aside from the buying guide, I also selected and reviewed 5 of the best baseball bags. These reviews will provide a look at what to expect from top-tier options. So let’s begin!

3 Premium-Rated Picks


Athletico Baseball

Size: 13 x 8.5 x 19.5 inches

Age range: Youth and Adult

Warranty: 1-year warranty


Easton‎ 8014584

Size: 35 x 7 x 8.5 inches

Age range: Youth

Warranty: N/A


Franklin Sports ‎23359C1

Size: 19.25 x 14 x 7.25 inches

Age range: Youth

Warranty: 90 Days Limited

5 Top-rated Baseball Bags

1. Athletico Baseball Bat Bag

Size: 13 x 8.5 x 19.5 inches

Design Material: 600D Oxford fabric and polyester

Color: Blue (6 other available options)

Bag type: Baseball backpack

Age range: Youth and Adult

Weight: 0.65 pounds

Closure mechanism: Zipper

Warranty: 1-year warranty

Athletico’s Baseball Bat Bag earns its way onto this list with various top features. But the beneficial traits all start with a construction made from 600D Oxford fabric and polyester. These materials give the backpack durability to ensure long-term performance.

This bag comes with a massive main compartment and additional pockets. In fact, I didn’t have a single issue packing all my baseball equipment and accessories in it. Sadly, I can’t report similar success with my prior bat bags for baseball and softball players’ gear.

The bag’s padded shoulder straps were another intriguing feature to catch my eye. It allows me to find a comfortable fit for my particular circumstances. As a result, carrying this large baseball or softball bag becomes much easier, even with all my slowpitch gear inside it.

On a similar note, the bag comes with built-in ventilation. It’s crucial to help make carrying this huge bag in hot weather much less stressful and sweaty. I couldn’t believe how much easier my life became when using this bag on a recent hiking trip.

Buyers will love this product’s versatile design as well. Althetico did an excellent job creating it to be usable as an adult and youth baseball bag. So it provides more convenience than more advanced adult-only bags, similar to Boombah Baseball Bags.

As for its flaws, the bag’s zipper quality could be better. It feels flimsier than I’d expect from high-quality bat bags for baseball players. But I’ve learned to be extra cautious when opening and closing this fairly large bag, so I can’t complain too much about it.


  • Durable construction made from 600D Oxford fabric and polyester
  • Excellent storage with a large main compartment and additional pockets
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfortable and easy carrying
  • Built-in ventilation offers cooling properties.
  • Suitable for youth and adults with a versatile design


  • Zipper quality is questionable.

2. Easton‎ 8014584 Baseball & Fastpitch Duffle Bag

Size: 35 x 7 x 8.5 inches

Design Material: Rip-stop600Dpolyester

Color: Royal (7 other available options)

Bag type: Baseball duffle bag

Age range: Youth

Weight: 0.85 Pounds

Closure mechanism: Zipper

Warranty: N/A

The Easton‎ 8014584 Baseball & Fastpitch Duffle Bag features incredible storage capabilities. For instance, it’s fitted with a large main compartment and a separate compartment for multiple bats. So I had no issues fitting my nephew’s baseball gear into this duffle bat bag for youth players.

Also, I was delighted with its built-in fence hook. It’s a minor feature, but it allows me to hang the bag in a baseball dugout. So it’s much more accessible during games and practice for my nephew.

Parents won’t have to worry about replacing this bag soon, either. Instead, they can rely on this kids baseball bag as a long-term option with its material of rip-stop 600D polyester. It would take a significant force to cause tears or other structural issues with this bag.

The zipper quality and security were other highlight-worthy traits. They will make sure the main compartment remains secure while avoiding any malfunctions. This aspect was a massive relief for me, as there’s nothing more annoying than replacing a broken zipper.

Youth players will also be drawn to the multiple color options. I find them all appealing, especially compared to blander travel baseball bags like Franklin Sports’ ‎23359C1 Backpack Baseball Bag. It never hurts to have equipment with a bit of style.

I only wish this bag’s carrying strap was adjustable. It’d make this product much more convenient while ensuring a user can feel as comfortable as possible. As a result, it becomes essential to look at the strap’s measurements before making a final decision.


  • Top storage capabilities with main compartment and enough room for two bats
  • Built-in fence hook promotes accessibility
  • Prevents rips and other structural issues (rip-stop 600D polyester construction)
  • High-grade zipper security and quality
  • Multiple stylish color options for buyer convenience


  • The strap isn’t adjustable.

3. Franklin Sports ‎23359C1 Backpack Baseball Bag

Size: 19.25 x 14 x 7.25 inches

Design Material: 600D polyester and nylon with mesh ventilati

Color: Black, red, and white (4 other available options

Bag type: Baseball backpack

Age range: Youth

Weight: 1.01 pounds (‎0.46 Kilograms)

Closure mechanism: Zipper

Warranty: 90 Days Limited

Bargains are often tricky to find within this marketplace. But in this regard, the Franklin Sports ‎23359C1 Backpack Baseball Bag is an outlier. It’s easily one of the more affordable choices, providing various top-level features.

An excellent example would be its valuable storage areas. It has a large main compartment with helmet holder capabilities, bat compartments, and accessible top/front pouches. So it allows me to place each piece of equipment inside this bag without cramping them together.

I’m also quite fond of the product’s breathable mesh pockets. This aspect helps manage and reduce the impact of smelly equipment. Therefore, the ride home from my nephew’s games has become much more bearable. I’m no longer stuck with a stinky stench wafting through the vehicle without a way to escape.

The comfortable shoulder straps and light design are two other vital aspects. Both these features work together to ensure carrying this baseball kit bag is much easier.
My nephew doesn’t even need help carrying it himself when it’s full of his equipment.

Additionally, I don’t have to worry about this bag wearing down. It offers a thick, water-resistant construction to ensure long-term performance is a given. I prefer thicker designs’ reliability over thinner options like Rawlings’ ‎AMARTBBK-G Youth Equipment Backpack Bag.

On the downside, the mesh part is smaller than expected. This aspect is vital because it holds the bottom of my baseball bat. Due to this, placing my bat into the mesh part can be a little challenging, since it’s a tight squeeze.


  • A more affordable option
  • Several storage compartments (main, two bat holders, and top/front pockets)
  • Manages smelly equipment with breathable, mesh pockets
  • Easy to carry via comfortable shoulder straps and lightweight design
  • Thick, water-resistant construction


  • The mesh part holding the bat’s bottom is smaller than expected.

4. Easton ‎Youth Game Ready Backpack Equipment Bag

Size: 16 x8 x 12 inches

Design Material: Blend

Color: Black (7 other available options

Bag type: Baseball backpack

Age range: Youth

Closure mechanism: Zipper

Warranty: N/A

Parents of a youth baseball player would be wise to consider Easton’s ‎8064891 Youth Game Ready Backpack Equipment Bag seriously. It’s ideally suited to hold equipment for 12 year old or younger players with its 16″ x 8″ x 12″ sizing.

For instance, I bought this bag as a gift for 10 year old nephew, who couldn’t have been more pleased with it.

One of the primary reasons was its top-tier comfort level. After all, it’s fitted with padded back and shoulder straps to ensure there isn’t any discomfort. But sadly, many youth baseball bag brands often fail when it comes to crafting a comfortable product.

I was also delighted by how easy the product is to clean and maintain. I had no trouble getting mud and dirt off it after my nephew decided to play baseball in a downpour. Then, it was ready for another game in little to no time.

The product’s multiple storage compartments are efficient and spacious, as well. Buyers will get two bat pockets, a main compartment for gear, and a front pocket for any accessories. It’s nice to have room for everything, so I don’t have to decide what not to pack.

As with prior options, this product has a built-in hook to increase accessibility. It allows me to hook the bag onto the dugout’s fence where it’s in reach but not in the way. It becomes a godsend during games and practices when a piece of gear becomes needed.

My only problem with this bag is its high price tag. However, I was happy to pay extra for the quality provided by this baseball equipment bag.


  • Perfect option for youth players (16 x ‎8 x 12 inches size)
  • Top-tier comfort with padded back and shoulder straps
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Multiple compartments for storage (two bat pockets, main, and front pocket)
  • Built-in fence hook for easy equipment access during games


  • A higher-price option

5. Rawlings ‎AMARTBBK-G Youth Equipment Backpack Bag

Size: 15 x 12 x 6 inches

Design Material: 400D polyester

Color: Pink (1 other available option for backpacks)

Bag type: Baseball backpack (duffle options available)

Age range: Youth

Closure mechanism: Zipper

Warranty: N/A

Our final product, Rawlings’ ‎AMARTBBK-G Youth Equipment Backpack Bag, offers a rather versatile design capable of fitting multiple purposes. In other words, it’s suitable for baseball usage and works well for hiking, camping, and similar situations.

A massive reason for this versatility is its multiple storage compartments. So I never have to stuff all my items into a single area inside the bag. As a result, the weight is much more spread out, which reduces storage cramping.

The lack of storage cramping also helps make this bag much easier to carry. But, of course, it’s only helped out more with the comfortable straps and lightweight design. So I never feel it’s a burden to transport even when hiking up a steep mountain, unlike with big baseball bags.

I’ve also fallen in love with this product’s bright and stylish color options. It provides the bag with much more flair than I often expect from these products. It’s similar to what I’d find when looking at custom baseball bags on Etsy or similar sites.

If these features weren’t enough, the affordable price makes this bag a homerun for me. It’s easily one of the least costly options, especially compared to more substantial products like Evoshield Baseball Bags or Easton’s ‎8064891 Youth Backpack Equipment Bag.

However, the product’s thin outer material was a big disappointment. It offers less protection than I usually expect from baseball backpacks. But given its bargain price, I’m more than okay with it.


  • Suitable for various activities (baseball, hiking, camping, etc.)
  • Multiple compartments reduce storage cramping and distribute weight evenly
  • Effortless to carry with lightweight design and comfortable straps
  • Bright, stylish color options
  • Affordable price


  • Thin material

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Bags


Baseball equipment bags are a necessary item for any ballplayer. After all, it becomes almost impossible to travel with all your equipment without one. These following discussions will take you through all the vital buying considerations. As a result, you’ll soon have everything needed to pick the perfect bag.

Design Materials

A baseball bag’s design materials will impact its overall performance. So it would make sense to research what the manufacturer used when building their bag. So please, consider what design materials best suit your preferences and needs when trying to find a good quality bag.

I always recommend bags made from water-resistant materials or polyester. Both are excellent options for a bag’s outer fabric. Water-resistant and polyester bags will be much more durable than you’d expect from other choices.

Meanwhile, the inside should be a material like a soft mesh. It’ll provide a more supportive base than what you’d get from other fabrics. This feature will help reduce wear and tear on equipment when traveling in cars or other vehicles.

Type of Bag

Baseball bags often fall into one of three classifications: duffle, backpack, or wheeled. You’ll need to know about all of them before you can pick the proper style. Here’s a quick overview of each type to ensure this process isn’t a difficult one:

  • Duffle Baseball Bags

This type comes to mind whenever someone thinks about a traditional bat bag. It’s a long duffle bag with two straps and a large zippered storage compartment. You’ll find them littered all over sports stores and baseball fields.

Honestly, it makes sense because duffle or handheld baseball bag options are pretty convenient. The straps are often comfortable and easy to maneuver when carrying. I’ve also found these designs to be much more affordable than other types.

But these handheld baseball bags aren’t known for their durability (often having a fragile exterior) or versatility (lacking multiple compartments). Both issues can be serious, especially when carrying large amounts of baseball equipment.

  • Backpack Baseball Bags

Over the years, backpack baseball bags have risen in popularity significantly. I prefer them because they make holding all my equipment much more effortless. Their design aligns more with my preferences, since they function like any other backpack.

In other words, a bat pack will attach to your back to ensure an easier carrying process. But it also has two exterior pockets specially designed as bat holders. So it creates a more manageable situation when transporting gear over long distances.

Buyers will also fall in love with these bags’ additional storage compartments. With them, I always feel like there is room for necessary equipment and space to spare.

However, the best bat bags or baseball backpacks cost more than a standard duffle option. It’s why most casual baseball players opt for the standard over a backpack model. But these backpack bags are the most convenient options for high school or adult baseball players.

  • Wheeled Baseball Bags

Our last type, wheeled baseball bags, is more niche than the other two. These rolling bat bag options are more for pitchers bag, catchers bag, or positions requiring significant equipment. It’ll provide an easy way to store and move massive gear inside a big rolling bag.

But aside from using this type for catchers bags or similar positions, a wheeled baseball bag is a hard option to sell. These bags will take up significant room with wheels and other components.

The heavy-duty wheels by themselves are a genuine nuisance. Plus, they offer an unappealing design, so I’d only use these bags if necessary for your gear needs.

Bag Size

Sizing is another area that can cause buyers confusion. I can’t blame them because I had similar issues when first selecting my baseball bag. It becomes almost overwhelming when looking at all the available size options.

But I realized the proper size is more dependent on my specific equipment. So I measured my bat, glove, and other essentials before selecting a bag. As a result, finding a perfectly sized option was almost effortless. I’d recommend any buyer do it when trying to find a perfect size.

In most cases, you’ll find most duffles are between 26-34 inches long and 11-14 inches wide. These dimensions will provide a good starting point, while you can adapt based on your equipment’s measurements (backpacks will be smaller and wheeled bags will be larger).

Number of Pockets

Never buy a baseball bag without considering the number of pockets. It may not seem very interesting, but it’ll determine whether your bag meets expectations. So think about how many are needed for your specific equipment before deciding.

For instance, additional pockets become very handy if you want to store gum or similar accessories. You won’t have to keep these non-essential items with your bat or glove where problems could occur.

But these pockets will only do so much good if they are easy to use and access. Therefore, it’s wise to consider these aspects when considering what’s the best baseball bag. Customer reviews are an incredible resource to help determine the usefulness of a bag’s pockets.


These products are a popular commodity within the marketplace for sports products. This popularity has made many manufacturers attempt to make them. But sadly, not all of these manufacturers/brands are reputable or reliable.

It’s why doing prior research into these brands is an essential part of the process. Otherwise, you may purchase a dud without a way to return it.

An easy way to avoid subpar brands is by looking at other customers’ experiences. You can find them via reviews or on forum sites like Reddit. These buyers will tell you whether a brand can be trusted.

I should also note that any brand mentioned in this article is reputable. I’m confident in their abilities to meet product quality and performance expectations.


Cost plays a massive role in buying baseball bags, as with any product. Most options will be relatively affordable and rarely reach over $100. But there is significant variation among available prices, even within this small range.

Given this info, building a budget based on your specific needs would be wise. It should account for how certain features like a wheeled bag or additional pockets could increase the cost. You can then use it to lower the available options to a more manageable number.

How Do You Fly With a Baseball Bat?


Baseball bats aren’t considered an acceptable item for airplane cabins. You’ll need to check any bag with your bat, or serious issues could arise. It’s another reason why getting a top-notch baseball bag should be high on a ballplayer’s to-do list.

Furthermore, a high-quality bag can protect your bat and other equipment during flights. An excellent example of one would be Athletico’s Baseball Bat Bag. Its durable, polyester fabric and metal hardware will keep sport gear safe from scratches and external forces.

What Are Baseball Bag Sizes?

As I mentioned earlier, the size will depend on your preferred type. Duffels fall right in the middle (26-34 inches long and 11-14 inches wide), while backpacks are smaller and wheeled options are larger.

So since there isn’t a standard set of sizes, I use the types as my barometers. It also makes figuring out what bag type meets your needs much easier.

What Should I Put in My Baseball Bag?

Packing any bag is always much easier with a checklist. So let’s save everyone some time and create one for your baseball bag:

  • Baseball bat
  • Batting helmet
  • Cleats
  • Batting gloves
  • Water bottles
  • Towel
  • Extra baseballs
  • Some snacks
  • Gum
  • Additional position-related gear (catcher’s mask, chest protector, leg guards, etc.)

Backpack-style and a Duffle Bag for Baseball: What is the Difference?

A backpack baseball bag will function much like a traditional backpack while having two outer pockets for bats. You’ll find them to have multiple storage compartments and fit right onto your back for easy carrying.

Meanwhile, duffle options use a duffle bag-style design. They have one large storage compartment with two convenient straps for carrying. Therefore, all your equipment will be in a single compartment rather than several, like with backpack bags.



Finding the best baseball bags to keep all equipment safe and protected should now be a breeze with our guide. Finally, you have all the information to determine what options suit your needs. It’s now time to trust yourself and start moving toward making a final decision.

But the comment section is always open for anyone who needs more help. I’ll happily answer each post and point you in the right direction. Thanks for reading!

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