How to Wear a Baseball Cup? – A Complete Guide

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how to wear a baseball cup

Can you imagine the pain from a speeding baseball hitting your groin? Even if we do not see that often, groin injuries are real and debilitating for the baseball player.

Fortunately, all sorts of protective gear are available for athletes to protect them from these injuries! Wear a cup for baseball so that you can keep your genital area cushioned from unwanted collisions.

You can understand how to wear a baseball cup if you read on! Learn the proper way of wearing a cup everyday to protect your manhood.

Ways to Wear a Baseball Cup


Baseball players need to wear athletic cup as part of their protective gear to save them from unwanted injuries. This nut cup is available in different sizes to fit all kinds of players, regardless of age.

So, in what way does a baseball cup go and become part of a player’s routine get-up? You can wear a sports cup with a jockstrap or compression shorts.

#1. With a Jockstrap


What to prepare

  • Appropriately sized jock cup (you can check the brand’s size chart first to find your perfect size)
  • Jockstraps
  • Underwear and baseball uniforms

Step 1. Choose a jockstrap and protective cup

A jockstrap, or an athletic supporter, is a supplementary gear that keeps a cup in place. In contrast to compression shorts, these jockstraps are much more inexpensive.

Aside from the support, you also need to have the actual cup. Choosing a cup with comfortable material and appropriate size would be best. A cup too small or too large will not be able to properly protect you.

Step 2. Wear snugged underwear

Before putting on the actual protective cup, you must first have your usual underwear brief. It would be best to choose snug underwear so that it will not interfere with the cup you put on.

Step 3. Put the cup on

Slide your legs through the elastic bands to put on the jock strap. When your waistband is around your waistline, you can make further adjustments with the elastic bands to ensure that you are comfortable.

Step 4. Slide the cup into your jockstrap

With the narrower end of the cup facing downward, gently insert the cup into the front pouch of the jock strap. After completing this step, your genital should be inside the cup.

If your jock strap has other securing features, like a Velcro or a snap closure, assemble them now. Make sure that the cup is in place, is comfortable, and is not slipping off.

Step 5. Put on the rest of your uniform

Once you are confident with your setup, you can put on the rest of your uniform.

Step 6. Test the fit of the cup

After you put on a cup for baseball, try to move around and simulate movements while playing. Take a few steps, lunge forward, or jog in place to see if you can move well.

Make adjustments when you feel something uncomfortable or pinching with the cup. You will wear the cup all day, so make sure you deal with the discomfort now!

#2. With Compression Shorts


What to prepare

  • Appropriately sized athletic cup
  • Compression shorts
  • Your underwear and baseball uniforms

Step 1. Get the cup and compression shorts that you need

Similar to jockstraps, you need to choose compression shorts that best fit you.

Recently, compression shorts are the more popular option for athletes because they are stretchy, more comfortable, and provide a lot of support.

Furthermore, compression shorts are suited for multiple layers of support, like how players put multiple layers of underwear over the compression shorts for football.

Step 2. Wear compression shorts.

With the cup pouch facing forward, wear the compression shorts similar to how you’d put on biking shorts.

Step 3. Slide the cup in

Like the jock strap, you need to slide the narrower end of the cup facing down and slide it in place to cover your genitals.

Step 4. Wear your uniform and test out the fit of the cup

Again, wear your uniform like you usually would and do some simple movements to check the fit and comfort.

Step 5. Wash your cups!

Wearing cups for periods would leave you sweaty down there. This phenomenon is indeed normal, so you need to wash an athletic cup after use!

Simply treat it as your laundry, wash it with soapy water and leave it dry. You can also use hot water to rinse your cups after cleaning them with a sponge and antibacterial soap. This way, those pesky germs will not make their way to your next game.

Similarly, both the jockstrap and compression shorts need washing too. You can put them into the washing machine along with your everyday clothes.

Helpful Tip/ FAQs


At what age should young baseball players wear a cup?

Baseball kids as young as five can begin playing, but they don’t usually don’t have enough strength to hit with enough force that may cause harm to others’ groins.

Meaning, the earliest age to wear cups would be seven. It is wise to start safe because competition tends to increase among children seven and older.

Does a cup protect your balls?

A protective cup is a sturdy piece of plastic or metal that cover the crotch area. Players appropriately wearing the correct cup size are sure to serve their purpose!

In fact, even a homemade athletic cup can protect you as long as you wear it correctly.

Who should wear a cup in baseball?

Ideally, all baseball players should wear a cup. There are many risks of having your genitals hit by a speeding baseball! So, pitchers, batters, and outfielders are encouraged to use a cup.

Unfortunately, no written rule in Major League Baseball requires wearing this personal protective gear, so it may sometimes get overlooked. However, catchers must wear a protective cup, as they’re the ones most likely to get hit by a ball.


The two ways of wearing a cup are with either a jockstrap or compression shorts. Both are effective in protecting your private parts, and the choice would boil down to your personal preference! You can also watch the video below to learn what cup you should wear.

Now that you know how to wear a baseball cup, you are now ready to face your next games with the utmost level of protection. Good luck!

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