How to Get Out of a Hitting Slump in Baseball?

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How to get out of a hitting slump in baseball

We might encounter a slump at some points in our career, holding us back from performing our best games. Of course, some of us put up a good fight for a while, but a slump can make us feel like it will never stop. But that is definitely never the case, as, through time, everything will get better.

But in the meantime, when we feel like we cannot even score a hit properly and it becomes a never-ending streak, try to relax and opt for some advice we offer on how to get out of a hitting slump in baseball.

Do Not be Too Hard on Yourself

This might not be new to you, but even the best players in the world experience a slump. Francisco Lindor — the Mets shortstop, took a season off as he was stuck in a 0-for-25 streak of no-hit. And other names might ring a bell to you, like Bryce Harper, Paul Goldschmidt, or Mike Trout.

Are these names supposed to cheer us up? No, but it is comforting to know that everyone can experience the same thing, and we should not be too hard on ourselves to go through some natural process of our careers.

Also, most of the time, the hitting slump in baseball does not come from physical deficiency or improper mechanics. The period can start with mostly our negative visualization and overthinking before the games.

Baseball is not just a physical game; it is also a mental battle, as the confidence inside us can pull us through the game and help us strive for the best. But high expectations also lead to insecurity and worry, so we need to do some mind control before games. Of course, you want to try your best, but do not focus on the train of thought about failure.

Monitor Your Mechanics and Hitting Fundamentals


If you suspect that your practices are not enough to improve your playing mechanics or your hitting fundamentals are lacking, it is advisable to do an analysis. This does not require the constant appearance of your trainers, as you can rely on advanced technology to monitor your games.

Many apps are available, offering you a wide range of slow-motion videos to see what’s going on with your swings. These baseball swing analyzers are applicable for baseball enthusiasts and young players who want to monitor their moves. And they are ideal for people who experience a hitting slump, too, as they might be just the answer for the long no-hit strike.

Practices More With the Batting Cages

With all the data collected from the baseball swing analyzer, it is time you start practicing more to correct the wrong stand or hitting mechanisms. It is undeniable that you will want to polish your movements to get great results, but make sure you practice with the proper guides.

Besides the official games and practices with fellow players, it is essential you have time for personal improvement. By being alone in the batting cage, you can be as comfortable as needed to feel the movements of your bat.

The cracking sound of the ball that resonates all over the cage indeed puts in us a thrilling feeling that encourages long hours of practice.

So, this is an excellent way to train our baseball attitude and allow us to be more patient, calmer, and more precise as we wait for our pitch.

Utilize the Power of Visualization


According to studies, we can learn new skills by watching, then visualizing ourselves acting out the same routines. This can be helpful when experiencing a slump that takes away the confidence and will to go to actual practices too often.

So if you feel exhausted with continuous and suffocating training without result, it is time to sit down and practice hitting visualization.

Here’re some recommendations for this special practice:

  • Rewatch major league players’ videos while recording their swings and noticing their actions. After several times of watching, you should try to mimic those swings repeatedly.
  • You can run through your mind the sequence of those positive swing actions, paying attention to all the details and steps. It would help if you visualized their stride and preparation, how they position their hips, and more.
  • Furthermore, it is vital to know how the pitcher delivers to mimic the right rhythm, timing, and release point of their swing. Thus, start your mental rehearsing over and over again.
  • Also, before the game, maybe review the image of the strike zone. Then, see yourself taking a bad pitch while swinging at a good one.

Check Your Eyesight

Some people might consider this a trivial matter. I mean, what do our eyes even have to do with a hitting slump? But, prolonged-time playing baseball and other activities in your daily life might take a toll on your eyes. And it’s your job to take care of them for the best performances in your games.

So, it is recommended to take an eye test, making sure that you can get the glean look from small objects or in a quick moment. Also, since a baseball pitch can be at 80 to 105 Mph, eye and hand coordination will contribute to an exact and nice swing.

Equip or Upgrade Your Gear

As we might agree, a bad record might not only come from your skill and health, as it can be due to inadequate equipment. In that case, the matter will be easier than we imagine because we can just pick out the best gear needed for our baseball games.

You should check out the high-quality baseball bats that are widely used, which of course, fit the bill. We have reviewed some of the best softball bats available and more equipment, so you can reduce the hassle of checking out numerous products.


When working on how to get out of a hitting slump in baseball, we hope you can embrace your mistakes to continue the long journey of playing the game.

And please remind yourself that you can solve all issues with a bit of courage and patience. Also, as an old saying (or a bit of a cliché) goes, practice makes perfect. Maybe not now, but give it some time, you will be back, excellent and well!

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