How Many Innings are in a High School Baseball Game?

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how many innings are in a high school baseball game

An average high school baseball game can last for up to seven innings. Its game length could go longer, but only for an hour more.

An MLB level could last for an average of 9 innings per game, while a minor-league can go with only six innings.

Each baseball game level certainly has its practical purpose. Regardless, a baseball enthusiast may wonder how many innings are in a high school baseball game and why.


Why Does a High School Baseball Game Take Only 7 Innings to Finish


Several factors compel high school baseball game managers, rosters, and umpires to consider seven innings as sufficient. Most, if not all of these factors, qualify as force majeure like:


The high school baseball season usually begins during the cold months (particularly at the beginning of spring).

Meanwhile, seven innings roughly equate to 2 hours and 40+ minutes. An hour more than that would prove unpleasant for the kids.


A high school gaming session does not begin until after class. High school classes in the U.S. end at 4:00-4:30 pm. Moreover, going beyond 6:00 pm in the bullpen would already feel too dark.

Restrictions in the Gaming Facility

Limitations in a gaming facility is why there are seven innings in high school baseball.

Some gaming facilities, particularly the smaller high school fields, are able to deal with limited lighted baseball arenas, restrictions in entry beyond 6:00 pm, and a limited number of field attendants who are usually off-duty after school hours.

Regulations in the Number of Pitches

Other regulations not related to time include the recent health rule that protects high school kid’s arms from fatigue. This latest regulation (dated 2017) imposes a maximum number of 105 daily pitches allowed.

In a way, this shortens the already condensed seven innings to six. However, this rule only applies to schools identified by the MHSAA institutes.

Small Number of Players

Besides baseball, all sports in the country qualify as extra-curricular activities.

Schools, to date, have since mandated that students must prioritize their studies over the “less-important” stuff.

As a result, most high school baseball teams consist only of a small number of players. Some baseball clubs struggle with the lack of players and do not produce any roster at the start of the gaming season.

How Long Does a High School Baseball Game Usually Last


With 7 completed innings, a high school baseball game can last for up to 2 hours and 45 minutes. But this run-time ranks as a maximum estimate.

Almost 70-80% of the games, although intended to take longer, get to be reduced to an official state. Once a game reaches an official state and a winner is declared, both teams should already be satisfied.

In most cases, particularly in the colder and rainy states, a completed game would simply take 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Given this counting, one high school baseball inning would take 17-20 minutes to complete.

On the other hand, an inning in an MLB baseball game takes longer to finish (at least 20 minutes). Pitchers applying different pitching strokes contribute a lot to the current inning length.

When Can a High School Baseball Game Become Official

A high school baseball game can become official once the teams are able to run in four successful innings. But this is more complicated than it looks.

As we have mentioned earlier, most high school baseball games are prone to unpredictable conditions.

Conditions like time, weather, and other phenomena add a challenge to the game’s officiality. This task daunts most especially the umpire; he/she has to ensure that a game is made official by all means.

Otherwise, it will all boil down as a waste of precious time.

Now, suppose a heavy rain is to stop the game after the fourth inning, the team which scored higher in an inning following the fourth inning shall win.

What Happens When an Umpire Calls “Time”

When an umpire screams the word “time” during an inning, the game is to stop. When an umpire calls “play,” the game is to resume.

The motivations for calling “time” include:

  • Managers requesting a discussion with players
  • Some mistakes in between innings that hinder the umpire’s judgment
  • General errors in the game
  • Accidents that disable players and umpires
  • Some incidents that require the umpire to look into the ball and other elements in the game
  • Players going out of the base/play-area
  • Some incidents that require the umpire to initiate a conference
  • Valid factors that need a player to be removed

What is the Best Settlement for a Tie After 7 Innings

After seven high school baseball innings, the best settlement for a tie involves adding an extra inning until one team outscores the other. But this does not usually yield a faster process.

And so, like an MLB baseball game, the coaches in a high school baseball game assign a runner on the 2nd base every time an extra inning begins, in the hopes that a winning team emerges in the shortest time possible.

If a tie lingers on after eight innings, the California Tie-Breaker Rule is enforced.

Why is Time Treated Differently in a Baseball Game

Time works differently in a baseball game. Unlike most sports, it takes a relatively intuitive approach in its strategies. For instance, timing an inning ends up becoming trickier since no framing could rule out the exact length of an inning.

A baseball game typically involves no clock. So instead of time, players constantly refer to pace. This unique characteristic of the play puts baseball apart from the rest.

What are Famous High School Baseball Teams

Here are some famous high school baseball teams of all time (not ranked):

  1. Russell County (Seale)
  2. Cherry Creek (Greenwood Village)
  3. Barbe (Lake Charles)
  4. Madison Central (Richmond)
  5. Start (Toledo)
  6. White Oak (Jacksonville)
  7. Parkview (Lilburn)
  8. Portsmouth (New Hampshire)
  9. South Anchorage (Anchorage)
  10. Har-Ber (Springdale)
  11. Malvern Prep (Malvern)
  12. Gloucester Catholic (Gloucester City)
  13. Deering (Portland)
  14. Northeast (Pasadena)
  15. Lakeridge (Lake Oswego)
  16. Westminster Christian (Miami)
  17. St. Mark’s (Wilmington)
  18. Bishop Hendricken (Warwick)
  19. Catholic Central (Novi)
  20. Washington (New York)
  21. Madison (Vienna)
  22. Tucson High Magnet School (Tucson)
  23. Plymouth North (Plymouth)
  24. Southeast (Wichita)
  25. Southington
  26. Lane Tech (Chicago)
  27. Lewiston (Idaho)
  28. Minot (North Dakota)
  29.  Jackson (Mill Creek)


Knowing how many innings are in a high school baseball game involves identifying factors that make it brief.

Although some of these factors are controllable ones, like the number of players and the time of the day, most deem them a force majeure.

Per experience, a high school baseball game takes 7 innings maximum to complete. Meanwhile, four innings can already stand as an official baseball game.

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