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The batter’s box can be a scary place with no protection or proper gear. After all, there’s a pitcher hurling a baseball in your general direction, and some don’t have the best control. So it’s no wonder helmets have been standard baseball athletic equipment for decades.

It also makes sense why so many ball players seek to purchase the best baseball helmets for ultimate protection on the field. They want to feel comfortable and safe when at the plate. If they do, it’ll allow them to focus solely on hitting the incoming pitch.

I plan to hone this focus by offering a detailed baseball helmet-buying guide. It’ll discuss everything a person needs to find the best baseball helmet. Here’s a quick preview of some discussions about the critical factors in this buying process:

Type of Helmet

Baseball helmets are separated into three categories: open-face, jaw guard, and fastpitch. Softball and baseball players are better off choosing a fastpitch/jaw guard helmet, while an open-face model is more for baserunning or requires accessory additions.

Construction Material and Durability

The best baseball batting helmets will be made from durable outer materials that resist high pressure for maximum protection, like PVC and ABS plastic. You can also expect them to offer a comfortable helmet with inner material, such as EVA foam.


Buyers will want to measure their head’s circumference before diving into this buying process. They can then match those measurements with provided size charts to ensure a comfortable fit.

Aside from a comprehensive buying guide, I’ve also reviewed 7 top baseball helmets. These discussions will provide early insight into this marketplace. So before I dive deeper into the buying guide, let’s look at these reviews and see what you can expect from top-tier options!

3 Premium-Rated Picks


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Rawlings ‎Coolflo T-Ball

Size: ‎6 ¼” – 6 ⅞”

Type: Open-face helmet

Age Range: T-ball or youth player.

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Easton ‎8068396 Z5 2.0

Size: Junior 6 ½” – 7 ⅛”

Type: Jawguard helmet

Age Range: Youth and adults

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Rawlings ‎R16MS-MBK VELO

Size: Senior 6 7/8″ – 7 5/8″

Type: Open-face helmet

Age Range: Youth and adults

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7 Top-rated Baseball Helmets

1. Rawlings ‎Coolflo T-Ball Baseball Helmet

  • Size: ‎6 ¼” – 6 ⅞”
  • Type: Open-face helmet
  • Design Materials: ABS outer plastic and dual-density foam lining
  • Color: Black (8 other choices available)
  • Age Range: T-ball or youth player.
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

Rawlings’s ‎Coolflo T-Ball Baseball Helmet is one of the more impressive options available for youth baseball players or T-ball players. Its 6¼” – 6 ⅞” measurements and design ensure this baseball helmet will have no problem being suitable for those league levels.

Of course, sizing and design isn’t the only positive thing this baseball helmet for youth players offers. I was also thrilled with its construction, which is made from high-quality ABS plastic. It allows this product to last much longer than many other batting helmets.

Meanwhile, this helmet does an excellent job of keeping whoever’s wearing it comfortable. It offers a dual-density foam liner to ensure there isn’t any discomfort. In fact, my nephew didn’t even complain about wearing it, which is a miracle because he always makes a fuss when forced to wear helmets.

I suspect his acceptance of this Rawlings COOLFLO helmet has much to do with its venting system. It’s a crucial attribute because it improves the air circulation inside the helmet. Therefore, it offers more breathability and keeps the wearer’s head cool better than any option found at any Dick’s clearance sale.

It’s also worth mentioning that this helmet is compatible with chin guard and face guard accessories. As with other Rawlings baseball helmets, its design includes pre-drilled holes and snaps. These components allowed the wearer to attach them without any issues.

But it was alarming to see a few customers mention packaging concerns. In these cases, this youth baseball helmet arrived with scuff marks. Luckily, these issues seem infrequent and didn’t happen when I got mine.


  • Perfect size and design for T-ball/youth baseball helmets
  • Durable construction made from top-tier ABS plastic
  • Promotes comfort with dual-density foam lining
  • Excellent breathability via COOLFLO venting system
  • Compatible with face guard and chin strap accessories (pre-drilled holes and snaps)


  • Packaging concerns (some helmets arrived scuffed)

2. Easton ‎8068396 Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet

  • Size: Junior 6 ½” – 7 ⅛” ( Senior 7 ⅛” – 7 ½” available)
  • Type: Jawguard helmet
  • Design Materials: High-impact resistant ABS outer plastic and dual-density padding
  • Color: Matte black (6 other choices available)
  • Age Range: Youth and adults
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

It isn’t easy to imagine feeling safer at the plate than when wearing Easton’s ‎8068396 Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet. This attribute comes from its superior protection quality stemming from its jaw guard and sturdy ABS thermoplastic shell.

The interior dual-density foam padding isn’t anything to overlook, either. It offers reliable shock absorption to help prevent a serious injury when an incoming ball hits the helmet. Plus, it ensures this boy’s baseball helmet isn’t uncomfortable to wear.

On the comfort front, the Bio-Dri liner also helps by offering excellent moisture and sweat control. I really appreciate the moisture-wicking liner that prevents gross sweat build-ups—a common incident with other helmets.

The fully wrapped ear pads are another feature suited for my particular needs. It helps prevent wear and tear to ensure this model lasts longer. For instance, it’ll be handy when I throw my helmet after striking out, which happens more than I’d like to admit.

I’m also a massive fan of this model coming in sizes for adult baseball leagues and youth players. It’s nice to see everyone can benefit from this quality helmet’s maximum protection and other benefits. Sadly, most manufacturers pick one or the other when making baseball and softball helmets.

As for flaws, I found this top-rated helmet to be tight-fitting. It took some time to feel comfortable with it on my head. But honestly, it has more to do with me being used to using well-broken options than an actual issue with this product’s snug fit.


  • Superior protection with jaw guard and outer ABS thermoplastic
  • Dual-density foam padding promotes reliable shock absorption and comfort
  • Excellent moisture and sweat control via Bio-dri liner
  • Wrapped ear pads prevent wear and tear
  • Convenient sizes suitable for adults and youth players


  • Slightly tight fitting

3. Rawlings ‎R16MS-MBK VELO Baseball Batting Helmet

  • Size: Senior 6 7/8″ – 7 5/8″ (Junior 6 3/8″ – 7 1/8″ available)
  • Type: Open-face helmet
  • Design Materials: ABS outer plastic and cushioned foam
  • Color: Matte Black (10 other choices available)
  • Age Range: Youth and adults
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

The Rawlings ‎R16MS-MBK VELO Baseball Batting Helmet has a long list of impressive features but nothing more eye-opening than its 16 embedded vents. It creates optimal air circulation and airflow to keep the batter’s head cool.

Similarly, the lightweight 1.5-pound construction and moisture-wicking liner further enhance this helmet’s comfortable fit. It’s a far cry away from the unpleasant experience provided by most little league baseball helmets or high school baseball helmets found on today’s market.

This helmet even has fully wrapped jaw paws for extra internal support and comfort. Recently, I had the unfortunate situation of getting hit in my head by a fastball during a game. These jaw pads helped ensure this experience didn’t severely damage my noggin.

Aside from its comfortable fit and support qualities, I love this product’s classic design. It offers the traditional appearance that I look for in these products. Plus, it does provide some color options, like light gold and scarlet, if a buyer wants a little extra flair with their helmets.

One last notable aspect is Rawlings offers senior and junior sizes. So it won’t be too difficult for a buyer to find an appropriate option for whoever needs one of these cool baseball helmets.

However, this Rawlings helmet does suffer from an odd flaw. It comes with excess glue on the foam pads, which can be problematic, especially for people with longer hair. But it’s an issue that resolves itself with repeated uses.


  • Optimal air circulation with 16 embedded vents
  • Lightweight construction and moisture-wicking liner offer a comfortable fit
  • Top-tier internal support vial fully wrapped jaw pads
  • Promotes a traditional appearance with a classic design
  • Available in sizes for adults and youth players


  • Excess glue on foam pads

4. Easton ‎8068536 Alpha Baseball Batting Helmet

  • Size: Large/XLarge 7 1/8 “-7 3/4”
  • Type: Open-face helmet
  • Design Materials: ABS thermoplastic and dual-density padding liner
  • Color: Black (11 other choices available)
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Weight: 1 pound

Affordability gives the Easton ‎8068536 Alpha Baseball Batting Helmet an advantage over other adult or professional batting helmets. It’s not often that I come across one with this low price while still offering some exciting features.

One of these intriguing features is its lightweight yet durable construction. It earns these qualities by having a tough ABS thermoplastic outer shell and comfortable shock-absorbent foam liner. In other words, it’ll provide solid protection without feeling overly heavy on my head.

This protection is increased by its effortless compatibility with jaw guards and face guards. I tested out both processes and didn’t have a single issue attaching them. As a result, I can’t imagine anyone else having trouble with the tasks.

Another feather in this helmet’s cap is its stylish appearance. For instance, Easton put a glossy finish on this product’s design to ensure it stands out from other helmets. It certainly more than met those expectations based on my experience.

Buyers can add more style to the helmet with 12 available color options. So finding a particular color scheme for a batter’s preferences will be effortless. In my case, I went with the standard black coloring as it fits my rather dull taste in baseball gear.

I do caution buyers to be careful of the sizing, though. This adult baseball helmet is known for running smaller than its provided sizing information. So it’s vital to be extra cautious of this issue to ensure it’s a suitable option.


  • Affordable adult-sized baseball helmet
  • Lightweight, durable construction made of tough ABS thermoplastic
  • Effortless jaw guard and face guard compatibility
  • Glossy finish for a more stylish appearance
  • A sizable amount of helmet color options


  • Sizing runs a little small.

5. Marucci ‎MBHDVJG-BK-SR DuraVent Batting Helmet

  • Size: Junior 6½ – 7⅛ (Senior 7⅛ – 7½ available)
  • Type: Jawguard helmet
  • Design Materials: Impact-grade ABS outer plastic and contour comfort foam
  • Color: Black (4 other choices available)
  • Age Range: Youth and adults
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds

Marucci’s ‎MBHDVJG-BK-SR DuraVent Batting Helmet cultivates trust among batters who wear it with its superb protection quality. This attribute isn’t reflected better by any trait than the stellar built-in universal jaw guard, which has no trouble stopping a pitch in its tracks.

This protection quality becomes even more impressive when considering the product’s construction. Marucci infused the helmet with three layers of impact-grade ABS plastic and compression molded foam pads. I haven’t ever felt less fearful of a wild pitch than with this product on my head.

Another impressive feature is its top-tier air circulation and air flow production with its 17-vent system. It may even be the best when it comes to this particular aspect. I certainly haven’t found another helmet capable of matching it.

Meanwhile, the helmet’s moisture control is also unparalleled among top-rated options. The wicking liner and fully wrapped ear pads keep odors/build-ups from being an issue. It’s easy to see why parents seem to love getting them for their kids.

Baseball players don’t have to worry about this helmet breaking any league rules, either. This brand made sure it met NOCASE and SEI certifications. So buyers won’t have any trouble using these in youth or adult leagues.

Sadly, this top-tier batting helmet does have one notable flaw. It’s the most costly option among these seven choices. But based on my experience, this increased price is undoubtedly worth paying.


  • Superb protection with built-in universal jaw guard
  • Ultra-sturdy construction made from three layers of impact-grade ABS plastic
  • Top-tier air flow and circulation via 17 vents
  • Unparalleled moisture control with fully wrapped ear pads and wicking liner
  • Certified for use by NOCSAE and SEI


  • A higher-priced option

6. Under Armour ‎UABH100MM Baseball Batting Helmet

  • Size: 6 ½” – 7 ¾” (youth size available)
  • Type: Open-face helmet
  • Design Materials: Fortified ABS plastic and impact-absorption comfort foam
  • Color: Black (6 other choices available)
  • Age Range: Adult and Youth
  • Weight: 1.15 pounds

The Under Armour ‎UABH100MM Baseball Batting Helmet makes our list by avoiding unnecessarily complicated additions or accessories. Instead, this helmet offers a straightforward, no-nonsense design that produces impressive results.

A solid representation of this straightforward design is its dual-density foam and large venting ports. Both don’t reinvent the wheel but still meet my expectations. In fact, they don’t have any trouble matching the comfort levels produced by top options, such as Easton’s ‎8068396 Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet.

The odor and moisture control are also top-tier with its built-in Aegis liner system. So maintaining the helmet’s condition has been an effortless process. In this regard, I couldn’t be happier with this product.

As for its protection quality, its fortified ABS plastic outer shell will get the job done. Batters can feel confident in the helmet’s ability to keep them safe while not impairing their visibility. It’s a perfect balance to ensure my batting performance remains unaffected.

The product’s versatile sizing options were another appealing trait to me. It has two choices that easily meet the needs of youth and adult baseball players. So it won’t matter if a batter needs a helmet for high school, rec league, or youth league games; this Under Armor product has them covered.

Customers must be aware that the colors often run darker than pictured. Other buyers noted this occurrence a few times, and something I noticed when unboxing mine. Personally, it annoyed me because the color didn’t match my batting gloves like I wanted.


  • Straightforward, no-nonsense design
  • Stellar comfort via dual-density foam and venting system
  • Top-tier odor and moisture control with Aegis liner system
  • Solid protection via fortified ABS plastic outer shell
  • Ideal for adults and youth with versatile sizing options


  • The colors run a bit darker than depicted.

7. EvoShield ‎WB5725606ML XVT™ 2.0 Batting Helmet

  • Size: S/M/L/XL 6 ⅞” – 7 ⅞”
  • Type: Open-face helmet
  • Design Materials: ABS plastic and compression-molded foam padding
  • Color: White
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Weight: 1.57 pounds

Our final option, EvoShield’s ‎WB5725606ML XVT™ 2.0 Batting Helmet, blew me away with its excellent fit quality. It didn’t require any break-in time as its compression-molded foam padding offers a supportive fit from the moment I put it on my head,

EvoShield’s use of this foam padding also helped improve its protection abilities. It’s been tested to protect batters against high-speed pitches with successful results. So I feel confident and safe whenever I enter a batter’s box.

This product does an exceptional job with its ability to maximize breathability, as well. It’s all made possible by its unique top-venting system that even outpaces other top options, such as Rawlings’ Mach Batting Helmet.

Another intriguing trait is the helmet’s dual ear flaps. It’s a crucial component because these flaps protect both righties and lefties. Similarly, it’s an ideal option for switch hitters who regularly utilize both sides of the plate.

This helmet’s sleek, low-profile design was the final positive highlight that caught my eye. Again, EvoShield did a solid job of keeping things simple, which is right up my alley. So I didn’t have much trouble meeting my expectations regarding baseball helmets.

On the downside, this EvoShield batting helmet does lack color options. So anyone who doesn’t want a white helmet must look elsewhere. Thankfully, I was completely fine with the coloring, which made this option a suitable fit.


  • Excellent fit quality with compression-molded foam padding
  • Interior provides equal levels of comfort and protection
  • Top-plate venting system maximizes breathability
  • Usable for righties and lefties with dual ear flaps
  • Sleek, low-profile design


  • Lacks color options

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Helmets


Selecting proper adult or youth helmets requires a significant amount of research. Honestly, several factors can severely impact which option is the right baseball helmet for your needs. But there’s no need to worry; I’ll cover all of them in the section below to ensure this buying process becomes effortless.

Type of Helmet

Contrary to popular belief, baseball helmets aren’t all the same. These products come in three types (open-face, jaw guard, and fastpitch). So each baseball player must have a general understanding of all three to make a responsible decision.

  • Open-face helmet

An excellent place to start is with open-face helmets. After all, these helmets are the most common type within this marketplace. You’ll identify them by their lack of faceguard and a singular cover for the head.

In other words, they offer a batter complete visibility at the plate. But this design isn’t what we’d consider the safest. For instance, your face is entirely unprotected from an incoming high heater.

You’re better off using these helmets for baserunning purposes or T-ball—any baseball or softball situation where the ball isn’t pitched to you in the batter’s box. Of course, most of them are compatible with jaw guards or face mask accessories.

  • Jaw guard

Jaw guard helmets offer a much safer design than your standard open-face option. It’s achieved by having a plastic deflector on your face’s right or left side. So there’s something to stop a fastball from hitting you directly in the face. But picking a jaw guard helmet with this deflector on the correct side is vital.

  • Fastpitch

Similarly, fastpitch or caged helmets also offer extra protection for your lower face. It’ll provide ultimate protection via a reliable metal guard to shield a ball from hitting your teeth or mouth. These options often lend themselves better suited for softball rather than baseball.

Construction Material and Durability

Baseball helmets will only be a quality product if constructed with top-tier materials. So buyers should do in-depth research into what makes up each option’s design. It’s the only way to ensure you’re getting a reliable helmet.

During this process, start by looking for materials capable of resisting high pressure. It’s a crucial piece to protect these helmets from breaking when hit by a pitch. Therefore, it’s one of the few components to increase a helmet’s longevity.

Notable materials with this ability include PVC and ABS plastic. Most brands prefer using ABS plastic because its lightweight while offering excellent durability. It perfectly balances what you’d want in a baseball helmet’s outer material.

As for the inner material, I suggest getting a helmet with EVA foam or dual-density foam liners. These shock-absorbent components will help you feel comfortable inside the batter’s box.

Protective Gear Accessories (Ear guards, Face guards, and Chin Straps)

Several accessories can help improve the protection provided by a helmet. The most common components include ear guards, face guards, and chin straps.

Ear guards are an interesting place to start, as they’re an essential part of all helmets. As you can imagine, their job is to protect your ear from getting hit when at the plate.

Meanwhile, faceguards are put onto helmets to protect our money-makers (faces). It keeps incoming wild pitches from hitting you square in the jaw, mouth, or teeth. Most upper levels don’t use faceguards, but they’re a must for a youth batting helmet.

You can also expect chin straps to protect these lower face areas. They’re a solid alternative to faceguards if you’re worried about preserving these areas. For instance, they cover the chin and mouth area without compromising visibility as faceguards do.


Sizing is a fundamental part of selecting a quality helmet. A wrong-sized helmet can make your life at the plate an absolute nightmare. You’ll end up thinking about how uncomfortable the helmet is while waiting for the next pitch.

So you’ll want to avoid choosing a wrongly-sized helmet by taking some measurements. Start by locating a measuring tape and documenting your head’s circumference. In other words, measure from ear to ear.

You can then use this information and match it with a particular model. A top-tier baseball helmet manufacturer often makes this part easy by providing a size chart. Use them to ensure you don’t waste money on an ill-fitting helmet.


Baseball helmets are available for various prices. Therefore, finding a reasonably priced one for your needs won’t be too difficult. But this process can be much easier with a well-constructed budget.

If you have a budget, limiting the available options down to a more manageable number becomes simple. From there, picking one is a rather straightforward process for buyers.

Are All Baseball Helmets the Same?


As I mentioned earlier, baseball helmets aren’t all the same. These products come in three styles (open-face, fastpitch, and jaw guard) with various accessories available for your helmet.

So buyers shouldn’t settle for the first available one found on online marketplaces. Instead, it’s essential to do some research and find a suitable one for their needs.

Can I Use a Softball Helmet for Baseball?

In most cases, softball helmets will be appropriate for baseball and vice versa. But some youth, adult, and amateur baseball leagues do have parameters about using baseball-specific helmets. So it’s essential to read your league’s standards for athletic equipment to ensure there isn’t an issue.

How Often Should I Replace My Baseball Helmet?

For non-adults or non-Major League Baseball players, most helmets will need replacing every year. It’s a simple matter of growing kids where the old ones may not fit them anymore. Sadly, this issue means parents must shell out money every baseball season for a new helmet.

But if growing wasn’t an issue, helmets often have a lifespan of about ten years. The NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) uses ten years as their recertification guideline. So if you have a helmet over 10 years old, I’d suggest replacing it with a new one.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Baseball Helmets

Cleaning and maintaining a baseball helmet isn’t a challenging task. It’s all about addressing issues when they present themselves with regular cleaning sessions. If you do, these helmets should last a long time.

As for the cleaning sessions, I’ve found soap and warm water is the best option. It’ll easily remove all problematic substances from the helmet, such as mud or dirt. Plus, it won’t cause structural damage like heavy-duty cleaning solutions.

My preferred choice of soap would be any standardized dish soap or baby shampoo. I haven’t any issues cleaning off my helmets using them. But it’s crucial not to scrub the helmets too hard, especially on the inside, so I’d recommend a soft cloth or sponge and then rinse off any residue.

The helmet will remain in good shape if you stay up-to-date with these cleaning sessions. There isn’t much more to maintaining them besides addressing dirt or mud build-ups when they appear.

How Do I Know if My Baseball Helmet Fits Properly?

It’s all about measuring your head’s circumference and matching it to the provided sizing charts. From there, it will be easy to find the right helmet with a proper fit. You could also try some helmets at a local sporting goods store to see what size best suits your head.

Once you know the suitable sizing, buying online becomes much more manageable. It’ll also lessen the number of available options to ensure the process isn’t as daunting.

Ball players can usually customize their helmets with colors or logos. But some leagues frown upon these additions, so knowing your league rules is vital. Obviously, you don’t want to do anything that could make your new helmet unusable in games.



The best baseball helmets offer protection and safety when at the place. So it’s essential to have one ideally suited to your needs. Otherwise, your batting average could take a massive dip if you’re worried about the helmet’s feel and quality.

If you have more questions about baseball helmets, use our comment section. I’d love to continue this conversation and ensure you make the right choice. Thanks for reading!

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